Fine Art Movers NYC

We appreciate the nuances of moving Fine Art in NYC

If moving household goods requires a Master’s Degree, moving Fine Art requires a Doctorate. But worry not, the Doctor is in the house! Our crews have studied all facets of Fine Arts moving, including Pencil & Ink Drawings; Pastel, Acrylic & Oil Paintings; Sculpture and Photography & Film. We have moved every medium conceivable for Artists, Actors &a Film Directors and Musicians as well as for Museums, Theaters, and Conservatories.
We will use the right packing materials to preserve the integrity of your Art. For example, glassine paper must be used for oil paintings so nothing sticks and custom built corrugated cardboard crates must be used for sculptures and other fragile works.

And finally, we will use the proper equipment to move the Art such dollies, pallet jacks and trucks with both ramps and lift gates.

  • We’ve studied and trained under certified art movers
  • We’ve moved artists
  • Museum quality glass
  • Marble Tables
  • Antiques

What is considered as fine art?

If you’re looking for art movers NY, then you’ll probably an aficionado, artist or perhaps gallery manager. Regardless of that, we should start from the very basics. So, what is fine art anyway? Basically, that’s all art that doesn’t serve another practical purpose apart from its aesthetics. This is the most precious kind of art – one that exists solely for its beauty and meaning. As the French would say – l’art pour l’art – art, for art’s sake. Understanding all of this is the foundation of offering quality fine art moving services. And you’ll be happy to find no shortage of art lovers here at JP Urban Moving!

What You Should Know About Art Moving NYC:

Our movers are well-equipped for moving all types of Art

  • Don’t pack it yourself – leave it up to trained, experienced Fine Art movers NYC unless you know what you’re doing
  • Take it off the wall and leave it off the wall
  • If you are going to do it yourself, you will need to use specialized materials.

Do I need fine art movers NYC?

Of course, if you know your way around art, the question is – do you really need art movers NYC? It’s a fair question, especially for someone who’s knowledgeable on the subject. But if you ask us, it’s definitely something that we recommend leaving to professionals. To put it simply – creating and fostering art, and managing its relocation, are two completely separate skills. And just as we wouldn’t hang most of what our fine art movers paint in a gallery – we recommend leaving the relocation to true masters of the craft.

First of all, fine art is, well, just that – fine. It’s generally quite gentle and fragile, so the pieces aren’t moved around that often. Let’s just say that simple plastic wrapping won’t be enough here – so instead of risking enormous lost value, just leave your pieces in the care of true professionals.

Our NYC Art Movers are well-equipped for moving all types of Art

Whether you’re dealing with a public exhibit or a private collection – fine art moving is tough. Not to state the obvious, but it’s one of the hardest moving services to perform. And it’s not difficult to see why really. Fine art pieces are one of the most fragile things to relocate – while simultaneously being the most expensive. That’s why you don’t want any old moving company doing this job – instead, leave this to the care of the best fine art movers NYC from NYC moving company!

Why should you give JP Urban Moving a chance?

As we’ve just said, this isn’t something you should just pick anyone for. But on the other hand, if that’s the case – then why should you pick us? Even in such a special kind of moving service, our fine art movers NYC aren’t the only ones available. Still, we’ve got a set of qualities that showcase us as the best choice for any owner of fine art pieces in New York City. The people of JP Urban Moving know what they’re dealing with when it comes to fine art – and with us, you’ll see:

  • Our fine art movers NYC are skilled
  • We’ve got all the right equipment
  • We care about your art piece

Here you can also check our wide range of our moving services in addition to fine art moving:

We’ve got the most professional art movers NYC

Naturally, when you’re dealing with the relocation of something as valuable as fine art – you won’t just let anybody do it. But our fine art movers NYC aren’t anybody, and far from it. We’ve got the most experienced moving team in the business. Over our time in the moving industry, fine art moving NY has become our most prized niche – and we’re happy to show you why we’re the best at what we do. Just contact JP Urban Moving, and we’ll handle the rest of your art relocation from there. And if you need any other kind of moving services – don’t hesitate to call us up!

Our art movers NY are well-equipped for this situation

Of course, it’s not all about theory – the practice is what counts. And our fine art movers NY know that well! Which is why they’ve always got the most advanced equipment for packing and transporting fine art in the safest manner possible. We’ve worked with everything from museum-quality glass to big marble tables, and we know our way around an art exhibit as well as any critic or gallery owner.
We’ve relocated countless artists with not a scratch on any kind of art piece because we’ve used all the needed equipment. And more importantly, we obey every safety precaution while packing and unpacking. Our NY art movers know that one tiny mistake is all it takes. And that is why they’re completely focused and alert until the job is done. So contact JP Urban Moving for all of your art moving needs – your valuable pieces are quite safe with us!

We love art ourselves

At the end of the day, the most care and attention does not come from wanting to complete a job. It comes from true passion. And here at JP Urban Moving, we’ve fostered a sincere appreciation for fine art for years. Actually, it’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to offer these services, to begin with. So if you’re looking for a local or long distance moving company that will treat your art pieces with care no less attentive than your own – you’re safe with JP Urban Moving!


We hope we’ve convinced you that, when it comes to fine art movers NYC – you won’t find a better match than JP Urban Moving. And if you need any other moving services, we’re also happy to oblige. Our art movers NY have all kinds of relocations under their belts, across all distances. So whatever it is that you may need during a move – give us a call! And you’ll see what a work of art a relocation can be.

What Happy Customers Say

Absolutely first-class! The guys are punctual, considerate and polite. They worked fast and hard, paying special attention to protect every piece of furniture and art. Highly recommended.

-Johnny G. Brooklyn, NY

Fantastic, professional, courteous, no-nonsense movers. I moved a lot of art and china and everything came out perfectly intact. Very quick and high-quality. Pleased with the service and well-priced. Thanks, JP movers - I will use you again!

-Terry C. Manhattan, NY

I cannot find the words to fully express how pleased I am with this moving experience. I was moving art studios. John spent time with me on the phone, going over everything. In all the moving experiences I've had in my lifetime, this was hands-down the best, calmest, most professional, and most affordable. Use them, there's a reason all the reviews have five stars.

-Anne m. Queens, NY

After 20 years in a studio, I was to move my belongings into storage. It could have been a nightmare had the mover I hired was anyone else than JP Urban. I asked them to combine my artwork from another unit. This was a nearly impossible task as there was just too much stuff. But the foreman on my job was a genius in spatial reasoning. I am still in awe of how he organized the new unit so the EVERYTHING FIT.

-Lola R. Southern California, CA

The men were already familiar with moving artwork and knew how to stagger the oil paintings (long to short edge) so the canvas wouldn't puncture. I am so grateful to JP Urban! It is clear they care about doing the job well and fairly.

-Lola R. Southern California, CA