What to Expect Before the Move: A Guide to a Seamless Transition

Choosing a moving partner is no small feat. As you gear up for the big day, it’s important to know what you can expect before the move to ensure a smooth and stress-free day. From transparent estimates to specialized services, learn what makes your experience exceptional with JP Urban Moving right from the start. 

Fair and Accurate Estimates

Our estimate process guarantees that you receive a fair and accurate quote tailored to your unique requirements, and helps to avoid unexpected costs and surprises on move day. We offer virtual walkthroughs, or options to share your inventory list, video or photos of your items, in addition to your move preferences, to ensure that every aspect of your move is accounted for. 

Transparent Communications

Discover the ease of working with a dedicated move consultant, a genuine human ready to discuss and review any questions you may have. Our friendly and professional team is always at your fingertips, available through phone, text, and email, ensuring a personalized experience. While evaluating estimates, whether from us or other moving companies, remember to communicate key details in advance. This proactive approach can significantly influence your quote, estimated labor, and the overall timeline for your move. Some key things include:

Moving in or out of a building?

  • Check if your desired move date is available. Some buildings won’t allow NYC moves on weekends. 
  • Are there any building or elevator deadlines that could impact your move?  
  • and are there any access restrictions to the building location(s) that may affect your move?

Do you need a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for your move?

  • A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document validating your moving company’s insurance coverage and outlining its applicable conditions. 
  • Many buildings, including coops, condos, and luxury/high-rise in NYC, mandate a COI before moving day. It may also be a prerequisite for hiring movers or utilizing their services.

Scheduling a move for the afternoon or PM time slot?

Afternoon/PM time slots are most suitable for small or flexible moves with no restrictions or deadlines. Note that with booking an afternoon slot, the crew’s arrival time to your location is dependent on the completion of the morning job. Therefore, if your buildings have move in/out or elevator deadlines, we suggest booking a day with an available morning slot so as to avoid issues. 

Specialized Services

As the countdown to moving day begins, the choices you make about your belongings play a crucial role. Deciding whether to pack, donate, or dispose of items becomes a thoughtful process. 

Packing Support

We understand that packing needs can change, so we provide flexible packing solutions to suit your preferences. For an eco-friendly approach, consider renting our Reusable Moving Bins. If you initially plan to handle packing yourself but find yourself short on time as the move day approaches, just inform us. We can easily add partial or full packing services to your job. We bring all the necessary packing supplies, eliminating the need for you to shop for materials. If you already have supplies, we’re happy to use them to a reasonable extent for added convenience. And don’t worry if you’re without supplies on move day; we’ve got it covered. Our crews always come prepared, ensuring we’re fully equipped for any moving job.

Specialized Handling

If you have items requiring extra care, special handling, or unique packaging—whether it be fragile items, glassware, artwork, or valuable antiques—please let us know during your estimate process. In cases when you are moving valuable possessions, it is strongly advisable to purchase Additional Valuation or Moving Insurance which is required 48hrs in advance of the move. Even the most careful moving companies can encounter unexpected circumstances and accidents can happen. However, we go above and beyond to ensure that your prized possessions are well protected and receive the personalized attention and care they deserve. Our dedicated team will handle your belongings with the utmost attention to detail.

Do you intend to recycle, donate, or dispose of any items?

Once you have assessed what truly belongs in your new chapter, we can help you with a smooth and efficient transition—whether donating or properly disposing of things you no longer need. In general, it’s helpful to communicate clearly and earlier on with your mover about your requirements.  

Recycle: If you have items suitable for recycling, our movers can transport them to the designated recycling area in your location. Alternatively, they can be left for curbside pick-up. If you’re doing an NYC move, Please check your curbside pick-up schedule for your location to avoid incurring fines.

Donation Service: We can assist you with donating items to the facility of your choice at no extra cost. We’ll add it as a stop on your moving contract. However, it is advisable to contact the donation site in advance to avoid any issues—you’ll need to verify that your items are acceptable and confirm their hours of operation for drop-offs. If you’re looking for places to donate your unwanted items, check out our guide for Donations NYC page. 

Disposal Service: There is an additional cost for furniture and other items that require disposal service. Please inform your mover in advance when booking to avoid any surprises or unexpected cost on moving day.  

Be sure to ask your mover about any additional services that you may need and the associated fees. Having a clear understanding of all the services offered and their costs will enable you to make an informed decision, and can help avoid misunderstandings in the end. 


Your journey with JP Urban Moving is more than just a move; it’s an experience marked by reliability, transparency, and a service that goes above and beyond. We are more than a moving company; we are your partners in transition, dedicated to making your move a memorable and positive experience.

Get a Free Quote Here, or contact us at (718) 965-1925 and speak to one of our friendly staff. As moving day approaches, learn more about What To Expect During The Move and After the Move