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If circumstances or the idea of moving to a different location have arisen, then movers Bronx will come to the rescue. They will assist you and take care of all the hassles. New York Moving Company is a leader in the moving services market, so Bronx movers will skillfully handle even the most complex tasks. Moving to another place will never be as easy, fast, and, most importantly, cost-effective as with us. Our moving company will bring a cargo truck right to the entrance, pack the belongings if necessary, and transport them to the new property. Additionally, our movers will handle the items’ descent from the floor, load them onto the truck, transport them to the destination, unload them from the vehicle, and place them in their designated spots. Thanks to our company, you won’t have to worry about anything.
Bronx Movers

What our customers can expect from Bronx Movers

Choosing a Bronx moving company, you make the right decision. Our competent movers Bronx, have been working for a long time and know the intricacies of this field. The extensive experience of our company highlights professionalism, and customers’ reviews once again prove that you are making a wise and considered choice. Moreover, our NYC local movers offers advantages that no one else has:

  • Modern moving services fully adapted to the current market.
  • We handle all items with care – valuable, fragile, large, and so on.
  • Real-time tracking tracker for monitoring the movement of vehicles.
  • 24/7 technical support – no weekends or holidays.
  • Guaranteed pre-agreed pricing for services without any changes during the process.
  • Licensed, insured, and certified services provided.
  • A personal consultant available round the clock to stay in touch with the client.
  • Fully assembled and technically equipped crews with experienced and professional loaders.
  • The option to order flexible special packages for any items, including their further storage.
  • Comprehensive services related to packing items in special eco-containers and delivering them right to the client’s door.
  • Careful handling of fragile, expensive, artistic, and other valuable items.
  • Insurance arrangements before carrying out transportation and other services.
  • Well-maintained and completely safe, new, clean trucks for transportation.

No hidden fees – no surprises later

In our company, movers Bronx receive their salary after completing services ordered by the customers. Bronx moving company formalizes an official contract only after discussing all the nuances, details, and aspects with the clients. We value our excellent reputation, and therefore, we don’t proceed with any work without a signed agreement. We does not charge hidden fees, additional payments, or undisclosed expenses after the service has been provided. You won’t have to pay more than what is stated in the mutually signed contract, as all additional services are included upfront and discussed with the specialist before the service is ordered. Hence, the final cost will always be as specified in the document.
Bronx Moving Company's Clients

Our detailed moving process

You don’t have to worry, our Bronx Movers works regularly and efficiently.

  • First, we receive a request from you through the website, along with the details and descriptions of what you want to order.
  • Then, a company manager calls you back and asks additional questions, providing more information about other services you can order.
  • Next, you book the moving date – you reserve the services for a specific time and place.
  • If nothing changes, our movers come to the destination at your address and start their work.
  • The company’s staff handles all the work themselves, leaving you free to attend to your own tasks.

As usual, we carrie out its activities in several stages. Therefore, our moving company, follows a step-by-step process:

  1. Call us back, inquire about the cost, and reserve a spot.
  2. Order packing services NYC and removal of all belongings.
  3. Arrange for storage of items in a special facility.
  4. We will provide you with a photo inventory of all belongings.
  5. You can order a comprehensive package of all services from us.

What Additional Services We Offer

We have qualified movers who are always ready to assist. Bronx movers handle the entire process from A to Z with the utmost care, precision, and finesse. Our company takes care of all the hassle and problems associated with your move, providing not only loading and unloading services but also the following:

  1. Local and NYC long distance movers. Our staff is well-prepared to securely load the cargo into the vehicle and travel any distance. We ensure a safe transportation process and guarantee the integrity of your belongings.
  2. NYC Office Movers. Don’t worry about broken electronics, office equipment, or scattered documents and stationery. We carefully label valuable items and possessions from commercial spaces, pack them, and transport them following proper labeling regulations.
  3. Furniture assambley/dissambley. Moving furniture and appliances during a relocation requires attention. Sometimes it’s not feasible to transport them fully assembled due to their size. Movers will carefully disassemble furniture, dismantle household appliances, remove lighting fixtures, and curtains, all while ensuring safe packing for transportation.
  4. Fine Art Movers NYC. We also provide an original and unique service for transporting rare, expensive, exclusive, and artistic items, including architecture, painting, and other creative pieces. We take care of packing, storage, transportation, and more.
  5. Furniture disposal NYC. When necessary, movers will collect all unwanted furniture and take it for disposal. Essentially, unnecessary furniture items become trash that often remains after the move.

Neighborhoods served

Bronx Movers are familiar with the entire territory of the neighborhoods and surroundings. That’s why they also possess skills and relevant knowledge. Consequently we understand how to get around faster, when to make a turn, or which street to take to shorten the distance. Additionally, movers Bronx navigate excellently with the GPS systems integrated into every modern moving truck. Our company serves significant areas of New York, which are filled with high-rise buildings, top-notch hotels, office buildings, and other commercial properties. The employees are well-versed in finding the quickest routes to the destination, and among the major and most popular areas we serve, it is worth mentioning: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.
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