How To Understand Your Estimate

We’re so grateful that you are considering us for your moving needs. As you review your estimate, here are a few things to keep in mind to help avoid any confusion or misunderstandings about your moving costs, and make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.


There is a 2-hour minimum. Once the 2-hour minimum is met, we essentially charge for the time it takes to complete the job plus the cost of packing materials used, any applicable surcharge(s).

Your Estimate Includes: Labor (crew), truck(s), blankets for prep/protection of your furniture, dollies, basic disassembly/reassembly, parking tickets and COVID protection. Additionally, a dedicated Moving Consultant and Dispatcher to support you through the entire process of your move, and a team of experienced professionals committed to ensuring that your move is completed with the utmost care and attention.

Your Estimate Does Not Include: The cost of packing materials used for your job, Certificate of Insurance (COI),  Staircase Step Fee (if applicable), parking meter, tolls or gratuities/tips for the crew (unless it was already listed on your quote).

  • The Cost of Materials: When we use materials for your job such as mattress bags, boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap etc., the cost will be added to the final bill on the day of the job. You will be charged only for what we actually use. Please see our website for prices. If you have your own packing materials, we are happy to use them to the extent practical before we use our own. Just let us know.
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) for Building –  (As applicable)
    A Certificate of Insurance (COI) – if needed – is $45 per location. Please contact your building(s) and find out if they require us to issue a certificate in advance of the move.
  • Staircase Step Fee  – (As applicable)
    If you are you moving in or out of a location with stairs, there will be a staircase step fee of $1/per step/ per hour. This fee is charged only for the time it takes to load or unload at your location. For example, when loading or unloading the truck for 2 hours with 17 steps, the additional cost would be $34 (@$17/hr x 2hrs). The actual time and cost will be calculated on the job.

Note: If you did not provide your inventory, or only a partial list, we will cast a standard estimate based on the average move similar to yours. The more information you share about your move including inventory, special preparations, location access, COI requirements, etc., the more precise our estimate will be. However, in the end we will charge for the actual time it takes to complete the job, plus the cost of packing materials used, and any applicable surcharge(s).



Hourly Rate: The hourly rate is based on the number of men and truck(s) required to conduct your job. Rates vary by dates, and during peak dates and season, the rates will be higher. Overall, hourly rate estimates offer more accurate pricing, flexibility and transparency. Learn more about hourly vs. flat rate pricing.

Job Hours: This is the estimated time we project that it takes to complete your move, based on the information you shared with us.

  • For 1 Day Job – The clock starts when the truck arrives at your pick up location, and ends upon completion of the move at the final location when all the materials have been put back on the truck.
  • For 2 Day Job – The clock starts when the truck arrives at your pick up location, and stops when we finish working on day 1. The clock starts again on day 2 when we arrive back at your pick up location and stops upon the completion of the move when all when all the materials and dollies have been put back on the truck at the final location.
  • For 2 Day Job (with overnight storage) – The clock starts on day 1 when the truck arrives at the first location, and ends when the truck arrives at our facility for overnight storage. The clock starts again on day 2 when the truck leaves our facility and ends upon the completion of the move when all the materials and dollies have been put back on the truck at the final location.
  • For Multiple Days – On each day, the clock starts when we arrive at the first location and stops when we finish the scope of work for the day. The clock starts again when we arrive back at the pick up location and stops upon the completion of the move when all the materials and dollies have been put back on the truck at the final location.



Fixed Travel Time (All Jobs)
The travel time is a fixed fee that all movers charge. Travel time compensates us for the time it takes to travel from our facility in Brooklyn, NY, to your pick-up location, and back to our facility from the final location.

Overnight Surcharge – (As applicable)
Overnight surcharge apply to moves (usually long distant jobs), when we pack/prep and load your items on the truck & store overnight on day 1, then complete the move on day 2. For example, moving from NYC to DC would usually be a two day job.

Local Surcharge – (As applicable)
The (Brooklyn/Manhattan/Queens/Bronx) surcharge was put in place to defray the cost of parking tickets rather than passing it on the customer. It is difficult to find legal parking for a 22’ truck in NYC.

Long Distance Surcharge – (As applicable)
As a Brooklyn-based moving company, when we leave our base to move you, the long distance surcharge helps to defray certain traveling costs like gas.

Tolls Surcharge – (As applicable)
The tolls incurred during the move, particularly if the move involves crossing state lines or traveling on toll roads. The charge will be added to the final bill on the day of the job.



The Unexpected
Things that were NOT disclosed at the time of your booking, or things on the day of the job like: Unexpected packing, repacking, unpacking, major disassembly and reassembly, rearranging furniture beyond one-time placement, special handling (of large and fragile items), narrow staircases, no freight elevator, slow elevator, construction, traffic, and no parking, and extra stops will all impact the final cost. Additionally, the following will greatly impact the bill so please let us know if any of the below apply when submitting your request, so that we can plan and adjust your estimate accordingly:

Long Haul
While we will park the truck as close as possible to the entrance to the building, sometimes there is no parking available nearby and we must park farther away. Long haul also applies to moves with large interconnected building complexes. Please be aware that the greater the distance from the truck to the apartment, the longer the move will take and the more it will cost.

Special Handling
If you have things that require special handling or large/heavy items that were NOT disclosed by the time of you booking, you may incur a special handling fee or heavy item surcharge on the day of the job.

Labor/Scheduling: JP Urban Moving reserves the right to send more or less workers depending on need and availability. If the number of men assigned changes, the price will be reflected accordingly.



We are committed to providing quality, professional and friendly service, and ensuring that your move is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

  • We are a licensed, fully insured, and reputable moving company meeting all NYDOT, US DOT & MC regulatory requirements and standards. We are held to the highest standard and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have a track record of providing excellent service and support from beginning to end. See what our customers have to say on YELPGoogle, and Park Slope Parents
  • We give personalized attention to your move and oversee all the necessary details for your job. Our team takes the time to get to know your needs and provide you with a customized quote for the most cost-effective, efficient, and stress-free moving experience. Best of all you are assigned a personal Moving Consultant and a dedicated dispatcher who supports you throughout the process. 
  • Our highly trained movers are experts at packing, disassembly/reassembly, and special handling of piano, art, antiques and fragile items. Unlike other moving companies, we don’t outsource any of our workers, or pick up day laborers—we highly vet and train our workforce. Our teams have been working together for many years so you can have a peace of mind knowing that your move is in safe and good hands. 
  • We have strong partnerships and established relationships with other professionals in the industry to help compliment and streamline your move. From Extra Space Storage, Box-up eco-bins, New Beginning Cleaners, professional organizers, painters, furniture and couch doctors, our vetted partners help to make your entire moving process easy and more efficient. Check out our partners page for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your move.


Looking for a fixed or more predictable moving cost?
Ask your Moving Consultant about a CAP on your estimate.