Certificate of Insurance Moving

Do you need a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for your move? 

NYC Movers provide certificate of insurance (COI) at $45 each. A COI is a document that verifies insurance coverage for your moving company and specifies the condition that the insurance will be used. Most buildings with move-in/move-out deadlines, elevator deadlines, doorman, and/or concierge services require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) before moving day. Especially NYC luxury/high-rise buildings. They may only allow you to hire the mover or use their services when you provide the movers COI. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to consult with your building(s) to see if a COI is needed for your move. 


If you need a COI for your building(s), here’s what we need from you:

1. Ask your building/management for a Sample COI (usually a PDF). However, if they do not have a Sample COI, ask them to provide a list of COI requirements. The list should specify the Certificate Holder’s name and any Additional Insured information. 

2. Please make sure the apartment number# is clearly listed for the building(s).

3. Also include the contact information (email and phone) for the building(s)/management where possible. 

We make it super easy to obtain a COI. After you gather all the information above, just send it to us. We will process the COI, email it to your building/management, and copy you on the correspondence.

Note: COI’s if needed, is $45 per location.


Many New York City buildings require insurance certificates before work is executed at the location. We hold General Liability insurance, Worker’s Compensation & Disability insurance coverage. If you require your resident to obtain a COI for their move, please provide them with a Sample Certificate or a list of requirements that specify the certificate holder and additional insured information. Click here to view the Certificate of Insurance Sample.


Certificate of Insurance for your move


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