What To Expect

An easy, stress-free, moving experience

Moving Day

The big day is finally here! Learn what to expect for a smooth moving experience, and how to avoid some common mistakes on the day of the move.

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Generally, we expect to arrive on time. There are times we may have to account for traffic and sometimes it require a lot of time to find parking. We may not always arrive in your home at the estimated time but we will keep you updated along the way.


We’ll provide real time updates on the go. We communicate with you the day before, during and after the move by phone. If there are any issues with the move, expect us to resolve them to 100% satisfaction.


Mark and set aside items you want loaded and items you don’t want loaded in the truck. When our movers examine your space, it would be helpful if they know where things are so we can take the corresponding items to each room in the new location.

  • Unless we are packing, please empty all furniture prior to your move. If you pack your boxes yourself, make sure you pack your boxes well. Please see our Packing Tips Page for more information.
  • Once all the paperwork is complete, our movers will first remove all the boxes to create space, then the big furnitures gets wrapped, protected and loaded on the truck
  • There is a lot of prep work and strategy involved - we don’t just put things on the truck randomly


We use recycled packing paper and environmental friendly materials. We also encourage our customers to use BOXUP MOVING BINS , a local green moving supply company.

On The Move

Don’t expect all the movers to be at the same spot at the same time. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they are not working. One guy may be on the stairs, one working in the apt, one on the truck moving things in etc.

  • There will be a lot of wrapping, protecting and padding of your furniture regardless of the distance of the moves - whether you are moving down the block, to a different borough, or across state lines
  • Expect it to be noisy from the symphony of plastic shrink wrap, tape and boxes
  • Don’t be surprised that a lot of furniture needs to be wrapped and a lot of tape will be used
  • Mattresses will be wrapped in a Mattress bag and you can purchase one from us - see our great prices on packing and moving supplies
  • Expect us to take pictures of any pre-existing damages of your belongings and building
  • Stay out of the way when you work with professional movers - allow the movers to work with minimal involvement and chatter

It may be hard not to help and get involved. Our movers are professional and know what they are doing.

Special Materials & Handling

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We are very equipped to move special materials ensuring all your items are well protected and transported to your destination safely.

  • If you have Artwork, paintings, TV’s, AC’s etc., please bring it to the attention of the movers
  • We are able to take these items down, but we do not install them back at the destination
  • We won’t disconnect and reconnect any major appliance or hardwire electrical wiring fixtures

Be present to answer questions, direct the movers and do a final walkthrough of the apartment/home or office. Ideally, customers stay till the end when the movers are finished to ensure that everything has been unpacked and nothing is missing.

Often, they will get to the destination faster than us due to the limitations of speed and truck routes (as trucks can’t take parkways etc). Overall, expect a positive Upbeat Attitude, and Stress-Free Moving Experience!

What do we bring with us?

Packing tape


Best movers Brooklyn Mattress bags


Packing supplies

Boxes, plastic wrap


Friendly can-do attitude