Manhattan lifestyle

Brooklyn vs Manhattan

Best places to live in - October 12, 2023

Whether you are moving to NYC from another city or are looking for the best borough to relocate to within ...

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Interesting art galleries to visit after you move to NYC

NYC Living - October 15, 2021

There are dozens of reasons to move to New York City, especially if you are interested in art. New York ...

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The best ideas for housewarming gifts

Home Improvements - August 9, 2019

Moving to a new home often signifies a change for the better. A kind of a fresh start, and a ...

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How to spend summer in Brooklyn

Best places to live in - July 19, 2019

While getting your tan in the Hamptons is the dream of many New Yorkers, we believe it is not the ...

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How to make your home appear bigger

Home Improvements - June 13, 2019

A spacious home that does not overflow with things is what many people desire. However, the reality of the economy ...

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Moving from Jersey City to Manhattan

Routes - May 29, 2019

Being part of the New York City lifestyle is a unique experience. Keep in mind, though, that moving to the ...

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Ideas to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween

Home Improvements - March 11, 2019

The festive season has officially begun with Halloween preparations taking over the Google search engine. It’s only reasonable that you ...

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