Best Things To Do in Brooklyn in the Winter

NYC Living - November 12, 2021

Have you recently finished moving to Brooklyn? As you can see, Brooklyn is an exciting borough with tons of things ...

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Best Workout & Fitness Classes in Brooklyn

NYC Living - November 9, 2021

Moving is stressful! The planning, the organization, the packing and the deadlines can make us all go a little stir ...

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Where To Eat in Brooklyn After The Move

After the move - November 5, 2021

So, you’ve just moved to Brooklyn! Congratulations! Moving to Brooklyn is an exciting adventure full of opportunities and new experiences. ...

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Best Things to do in Brooklyn for the Holidays

What to do in Brooklyn - November 3, 2021

Winter is approaching us, which means that it’s time to get into the holiday spirit! From the iconic scenes of ...

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Reasons for moving to Brooklyn

Best places to live in - March 10, 2020

Are all of your friends moving to Brooklyn?  Are you trying to decide if Brooklyn life is for you? For ...

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How to find a Sublet in NYC

Moving guides - February 24, 2020

Thinking about moving to New York City but not sure if you can make the commitment? Or looking to work ...

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Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Singles

Best places to live in - February 13, 2020

Brooklyn is a hot place to live these days, especially if you are young and single. Traditionally, Brooklyn was seen ...

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How to deal with noisy neighbors in NYC

After the move - February 4, 2020

Living in NYC can be rather noisy. With the endless construction, the sirens, the bars bustling outside, it can be ...

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Is it safe to move to Midwood, Brooklyn?

Best places to live in - January 29, 2020

MIDWOOD HISTORY  The name ‘Midwood’ comes from the dutch settlers that arrived in 1652, noting how wooded the area was ...

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Best Charter Schools in Brooklyn

Raising Kids In NYC - January 7, 2020

Charter Schools come in all shapes and sizes. Some Charter Schools are parts of large Education Networks and others are ...

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