Insurance/Valuation for Customers

Below are the levels of coverage we offer. Basic valuation is included in the hourly rate and provides for coverage of lost or damaged items at $0.30 per pound per article.  Additional valuation does not provide for coverage of lost or damaged items at full replacement value, but at full replacement value less depreciation (based on life expectancy) and deductible.  If you choose additional valuation coverage, we reserve the right to photograph each item, to test electronics and to inspect and repack all boxes as needed, all at the prevailing hourly rate. Kindly let us know what level of protection you want and we’ll have the paperwork reflect it accordingly.


Basic Valuation $.30/lb/article $0/Negligible Coverage $0
Additional Valuation $1,000 $0 $30
  $2,000 $0 $50
  $5,000 $250 $125
  $5,000 $500 $100
  $5,000 $1,000 $65
  $10,000 $250 $200
  $10,000 $500 $175
  $10,000 $1,000 $105
3rd Party Insurance > $10,000 Deductibles Apply / Replacement Value Varies



Third Party Insurance

For coverage over $10,000 insurance can be purchased from any third party provider or from our affiliate Typically called Replacement Value Insurance, this should cover you for the full true replacement value of your goods. If you have homeowners or Renters Insurance, then you can check with your company to see if they can insure your move.

High Value Items

All items in your shipment which are considered to be of extraordinary value must be identified. You must advise us in writing that they are in your shipment. These items are defined as items having a value greater than $100.00 per pound per article. Failure to notify us of such articles will limit our liability to a maximum of $100 per pound for each article lost or damaged not to exceed the released or declared value of the shipment, or the full cost of repair to the damaged property.

Insurance for Buildings

Liability Insurance

We hold two million dollars worth of General Liability insurance, as well as Worker's Compensation & Disability insurance coverage. Many buildings in New York City require insurance certificates prior to work being executed at the location.  This insurance does not provide coverage for lost or damaged items; for that type of coverage, see Additional Valuation and Third Partry Insurance above.

Certificate of Insurance Sample



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