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Dear Job Seekers,

It has come to our attention that scammers are currently impersonating our moving company. These fraudulent actors are making promises of data entry or customer service positions with a pay rate of $37 -$45 per hour. See examples of Job Scams Alerts here, examples of Fraudulent Offer letters here, and example of Fraud Check they send to people with promise of “sign-on bonus” to help purchase equipment and software for the fake job.

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who have taken the time to report the fake job offers to us! We sincerely, appreciate your support to prevent further instances of scams.

Be on alert if you have been contacted by anyone using the following names:

  • Brown Mark (or Mark Brown)
  • Jerry Bardon
  • Mike Hernandez
  • Brittany Murphy
  • Larry Friedman
  • James Carter
  • Tom Corrick

Be on alert if you have been contacted from any of the following phone or emails:

  • Text/calls from (657) 502-9290
  • **
  • **
  • ***

*** Please note: our domain or email addresses does not have  “NY” in the name. The scammers set up a fraudulent website that was redirected to ours, and used email addresses with the extension “” to fool you. We have taken action to remove the fake domain. However, the scammers may set a different extension, so please be aware. OUR REAL DOMAIN will have just our name JP Urban Moving,  and emails will have just

WARNING: The scammers our company name and logo in their communications, and link to our official website. They may include a link for downloading Microsoft Teams or sometimes a link to join a “Live Teams Meeting“. They will inevitably attempt to plant malicious spyware to compromise information on your computer, and later demand a ransom payment. In other cases, they will make you a false offer of employment and send you a fake Job Offer Letter.  Following this, they will promise that you will be given your own computer, software and equipment for work and then they send you a fraudulent check with the excuse of a “sign-on bonus” to deposit in your bank account. DO NOT DEPOSIT THE CHECK INTO YOUR ACCOUNT! The Affiliated Bank on the check has been notified and is taking action on the account.

Protect Yourself From Job Scams – Important Steps to Take:

1) Do not open any links in your email or download any programs: If you made this mistake PLEASE UNINSTALL immediately.

2) Report/flag the email as spam: Directly from your account, flag the email you receive as spam so the email provider whether gmail or other is aware of the malicious activity and will take steps to shut down their e-mail account. NOTE: If the scammer contacted you from a GMAIL account, you can also report this directly to Google’s Gmail Abuse Here 

3) Check for job openings directly with the hiring company: Please go to the company’s official website, find the companies official contact number, and get in touch with them directly to verify. Scammers will reach out to individuals after obtaining their information on job sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Flexjobs, and others sources where people may list their resume or contact info in search for work. If you are contacted by someone for a job and you are uncertain about the authenticity of the job offer, always contact the company directly. Be cautious about calling or texting any numbers given to you in the email that you originally received.

Inform Us About New Scammers:

If you have been contacted with a fraudulent job offer by someone that is not already on the list above, please report the incident to us immediately through our official contact form. We will add the scammers’ name and contact info to the list to help warn others.

For those who may have unfortunately fallen victim to this scam:

We empathize with the distress this situation may have caused. We urge you to take the following steps:

Monitor your accounts: Uninstall anything that you downloaded from the fake job emails. If you have shared any personal information, consider taking measures to monitor and secure your info and accounts to prevent further unauthorized access.

Contact authorities: If you have unfortunately deposited the checks into your bank, your finances have already been compromised. Please contact your bank immediately and take appropriate action. Report the incident to your local law enforcement agency or relevant authorities as necessary.

Official Employment Communications With Us:

Please be aware that our company will never solicit job applications or personal information through unsolicited emails. We do not use ATS job board or ATS systems on other sites. Legitimate job opportunities with our company will always be posted on our website job page – this page you are currently reading from – with a link to our branded job applications form. If any jobs are posted on external sites, such as craigslist, it will be linked back to this jobs page where you can fill out the application on our website.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Currently, we do not have any job openings at our company. We hire seasonally ONLY for Packer and Movers during the busy season (Summers), and will post the job application on this page when we are recruiting.


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