Donations NYC

Where to Donate in Brooklyn and NYC 

Looking for places to donate your unwanted items in NYC? Space is the biggest commodity in NYC, whether you are in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens. If you are moving, refreshing your space, or some items no longer feel like part of your home, check out our list below for places to consider donating your unwanted items. New York movers noted a few; however, if you have any local stores or businesses you love, drop us a note on our contact form and let us know!

If you’re moving with us, we can add a donation delivery stop to move schedule. We suggest that you contact the Donation Center well in advance to make the appropriate arrangements:

  • Confirm donation of large items: When donating large items, furniture, appliances etc., some donation centers would have to give a clearance approval to receive it. If the store has limited space sometimes they are unable to take in larger inventory. Also, some donation centers may be able to offer free pick up of your inventory for larger quantity and furniture items.
  • Confirm drop/off delivery days/times: Especially for large furniture, appliances, items etc., some centers have specific drop of days, windows and times. Keep this in mind when scheduling your move date.

Furniture Donations NYC 

furniture donation

The Big Reuse (Brooklyn) aims to reduce the waste of reusable materials going to landfills and create a cycle for items that should not be single-use. The Big Reuse accepts donations of appliances, not-so-common items like lumber, and many more. Like many donation sites in NYC, check their site for an extended list of items or fill out their form to see if pick-up is available for larger items in your area. 

Bushwick Ayuda Mutua (Brooklyn) motto is neighbor helping neighbor, donations received by them are then given out to those who need them. Their item acceptance varies from dinnerware, furniture, appliances, and clothing.  Since they have limited capacity, like many donation sites, Bushwick Ayuda Mutua requests a form be filled out to confirm if they can accept or pick up the item (Pickups are only available in the Bushwick area).

Housing Works (Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens) Donations with the power to save a life. Housing Works splits donations into two options thrift shop drop-offs and furniture pick-ups. Funds made from donations sold are then used to help those in need within our NYC community, whether it be through services like funding housing, healthcare, or warm meals. 

Salvation Army (NYC) Donations can give your items a second life and create second chances. They accept items large and small, from your car to a teaspoon. Reselling to the communities to collect funds and offer emergency relief, assistance services, and family programs. Schedule a pickup or find a drop-off in a location near you.

Goodwill NY/NJ (NYC) Over 100 years creating jobs and repurposing unwanted goods. Receiving items from various rooms of your home like blue rays DVDs, sunglasses, or sewing machines. Review their donation guidelines and confirm what they can and can’t receive. 

Ruth’s Refuge provides home furnishings and essentials to refugees, asylees and asylum seekers in New York City. They accept a wide variety of quality new and used furniture and household goods: table and chair sets, couches (small), dressers, TV stands, desks, coffee tables, side table, lamps, TVs, microwaves, rugs, air conditioners, rice cookers (8 cup or larger), complete dishes Sets. For detailed information on donation guidelines, acceptable items, and items we cannot accept, please visit their website. If you wish to make a donation, kindly complete their donation approval form and include photos of each item you intend to contribute. This allows them to evaluate the condition and suitability of the items for their clients.

Book Donations NYC

Book donations in brooklyn

Brooklyn Bodega (Brooklyn) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to take those long-forgotten children’s books and find a small set of hands ready to explore the world between those pages. Brooklyn Bodega accepts books for children up to 18 years of age and organizes community events to gift the joys of literacy one book at a time.


Clothing Donations Brooklyn 

clothing donations in Brooklyn

Out of the Closet (Brooklyn) A thrift shop with a cause!  Out of the Closet accepts donations of clothing and furniture; they donate large amounts of the profits toward offering assistance to people affected by HIV/AIDS and homelessness. Out of the Closet offers a pick-up service if you have larger pieces you wish to donate; for smaller donation items, you can stop by their shops. Remember to check out their acceptable donations list on their site.

St Mary’s Clothing Drive (Brooklyn) On Classon and around the corner of Willoughby Avenue, you can find St Mary’s. They receive clothing donations for adults and children, linens, and purses. St Mary’s Clothing Drive joins efforts with local NYC shelters and works on getting donations to those who need them most. 

All of Us Clothing (Brooklyn) No matter how little, All of Us Clothing is open to collecting donations and getting them to those who need them. They collaborate with different NYC charities and assist with a pick-up in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. 

Room to Grow  (Brooklyn) Children can grow fast, occasionally even leaving new clothes in their path. Not every piece can be saved in a memory box, and throwing them away can be wasteful. Room to Grow gathers clothes, toys, books, and baby essentials to share with those in the community that needs them. You can stop by to drop off items or even mail them in, make sure to check out their donation checklist

Wearable Collection (Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens) Recycling doesn’t need to stop on glass, cardboard, and aluminum cans. That shirt in the back of your closet or the sneakers you just don’t wear, give your clothes a second life. Wearable Collection collects clothing to reuse, repurpose and redirect away from landfills. You can drop off or request a pick up in all five boroughs.

The Church of Gethsemane is a congregation of The Presbyterian Church (USA) created by and for incarcerated persons, formerly incarcerated persons, their families, neighborhood persons, and people who feel called into ministry with the poor. They are actively seeking donations to support those in need, specifically in the form of large-sized men’s and women’s warm clothing (L, X Large, 2X, 3X). Items such as sweaters, jackets, gloves, shirts, and dress clothes for job interviews are especially appreciated. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please consider reaching out to the organization through the provided contact information available on their website.

Food Donations NYC

food donation

Chips (Brooklyn) Donations can continue to help them end hunger through Chips NYC. They accept drop-offs for non-perishable pantry items for their soup kitchen. A  few items are needed for the shelter, Chips also offers housing through Frances Residence, including diapers (sizes 4, 5, and 6), food containers, or snacks. 

The Bowery Mission (Manhattan) helps those of all ages! They prioritize providing aid to those who need extra support. The Bowery Missions donations are focused on three categories, Clothing, Food, and Other items such as linens or towels. They also welcome a donation of something very precious, Time. Volunteering options are listed on their site.

The Church of Gethsemane is currently accepting donations of essential items to support those in need. Specifically, they are seeking high-protein canned goods such as tuna, mackerel, sardines, stews, soups, chili, and beans. Additionally, donations of canned fruits and vegetables are highly appreciated. If you would like to contribute to The Church of Gethsemane, please reach out to them using the contact information available on their website. Your support in providing these nutritious food items will make a significant difference in helping to address food insecurity within the community.


Children’s Clothing and Supply Donations


Little Essentials offers at-risk families living in poverty urgently needed children’s supplies and parenting education to promote the health, well-being, and safety of their children under five years of age. Little Essentials gratefully accepts open-pack diapers, fall and winter clothing and shoes (size newborn to 5 years), unopened wipes, diaper cream, and baby body wash, pack ‘n plays, bassinets, sanitized car seats (infant, toddler, booster with a car seat waiver), baby carriers and slings, receiving blankets, sleep sacks, swaddles, single and double strollers (no jogging strollers; sanitized/no crumbs or stains; snap and go strollers must come with a car seat), books (appropriate for ages newborn to 5 years), toys (up to one bag ONLY, no stuffed animals, no large items, fresh batteries please), Ikea and Fresh Direct bags (new/used), PPE/Masks for adults and children (new only), unopened hand sanitizer, disinfecting cleaning wipes, disposable gloves, and unopened paper towels.

For items they do not accept and to support their operations through purchases, please visit their website. To view their high-need supply wish list on Amazon, you can find it on their dedicated Amazon page.

If you would like to make a donation drop-off, please reserve a Donation Drop-off Appointment through this link. Your contributions will directly impact and support families in need, and Little Essentials appreciates your generosity.

Donation NYC

donate brooklyn

FreeCycle (NYC-Online) connects communities looking to rehome all types of items. Simply post the item, and members in your hometown can give it a second life. Everything posted on the site is free, free to give, and free to get. Reducing trash going to the landfills by giving it a broader spotlight than friends or family that may not be able to use the item.

Buy Nothing Project (NYC – Online) Sustainability on the tips of your fingers. Have an item or service you wish to give away? You may not have time to coordinate with a local donation site, or it may not fall into a specific category, the Buy Nothing Project is an app that offers an opportunity to share your items with your neighbors. If someone is interested in your item, you can coordinate with them directly to come to pick up the item. 

Donate NYC (NYC) Don’t see a facility near you? The Donate NYC database allows you to search the type of items and borough you are in. If you are interested in having pick up service, you can sort the results. The Donate NYC is the perfect tool to make donating easier for every New Yorker!

The Church of Gethsemane warmly welcomes contributions to their hygiene and support program. Consider filling a shoebox or plastic bag with essential items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, soap, shaving cream, razors, and calendars/date books. These items are particularly valuable for individuals recently released from prison or jail, aiding in their reintegration into the community. Moreover, the church is actively accepting donations of weekly Metro Cards, which can greatly assist individuals in their efforts to attend job interviews and housing appointments. Your support in providing these practical necessities will make a meaningful impact on the lives of those seeking a fresh start.

New Neighbors Partnership welcomes refugees, asylee, and asylum seeking families by helping them forge positive social connections with local families who can provide emotional, informational, and concrete support as they resettle.

You can play a crucial role in welcoming these families to their new homes by contributing items from their wish list. Purchasing items directly from the wish list ensures that they are gifted directly to a newly-arrived family, making a meaningful impact on their transition and fostering a sense of community and support.

To contribute or learn more about their initiatives, please visit their website or contact them directly for additional information. Your generosity can make a significant difference in helping these families feel welcomed and supported as they start anew.

NYC is full of resources and programs where you can find local donation centers for anything from larger items like furniture to smaller items like those boots that just don’t fit the same.