Moving FAQs


You’ve got questions? We’ve got some answers. Based on our years of experience with NYC moving for residential and commercial jobs, NYC moving company has compiled a list of FAQs for your review. If an answer to your question doesn’t appear below, let us know. We’re friendly and accessible by email and phone. Please visit our Safety Procedures for COVID-19 for more information, our NYC Forward Plan, and answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19 NYC moving.


Why move with JP Urban Moving?
At JP Urban Moving, we give personalized attention to your move and oversee all the necessary details for your job with excellent service and care. Our team takes the time to get to know your needs and provide you with a customized quote for the most cost-effective, efficient, and stress-free moving experience. Our contactless moves take remote move management to a whole new level.

We have fully stocked & GPS-equipped trucks and offer $5M COI coverage. Whether you’re moving to a new home or office, moving into storage, or moving in or out of NYC, our team is here to help.

See why so many customers choose us time and time again:
Park Slope Parents (Brooklyn)

What kind of moves and services do you provide?
We’re a Brooklyn-based full-service moving company conducting residential and office/commercial moves in NYC and beyond. We can help you with packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly/reassembly, and furniture disposal as needed. We can also handle all types of piano moving and fine arts moving. Whatever your needs, we’ve got your covered! And if you need additional services to compliment your move, check out our vetted and recommended list of partners and referrals.

Are you licensed?
We are a licensed, insured, and fully accredited moving company – meeting all NYDOT, US DOT & MC regulatory requirements and standards. We are held to the highest standard and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Do you provide Liability Insurance for Buildings? 
Yes, we can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI’s) for your move. We hold two million dollars worth of General Liability insurance, as well as Worker’s Compensation & Disability insurance coverage. Many buildings in New York City require insurance certificates prior to work being executed at the location. Please contact your building(s) and find out if they require us to issue a certificate in advance. COI’s – if needed are $45 per location. Link to Certificate of Insurance Sample.

What are your safety precautions for COVID-19 moving?
Our workers are monitored daily, wear PPE gear on every job, and use disinfectant wipes to clean frequently touched surfaces. Our trucks, blankets, and moving materials are thoroughly and frequently sanitized and cleaned. We perform virtual home estimates by zoom, and the majority of our communication with customers and our workers is digital.

We want you to know that our top priority is your safety, as well as the safety of our workers. We actively communicate with our teams and ensure they are aware of, and employ the best sanitation practices and protocols outlined by the CDC and WHO. For more information please visit our Safety Procedures for COVID-19 page.

What method of payment do you accept?
We accept all major debit and credit cards, Paypal, Zelle/Chase, and Venmo. A debit/credit card is required to reserve your move, and the balance can be paid with any of the above methods, including cash. We also offer a 5% discount for cash payment off your balance after deposit.

Do you provide hourly or flat rate estimates?
We provide hourly-based estimates with a 2-hour minimum charge. Flat rate pricing is also provided with limited availability, subject to seasonal conditions. Contact us for more information.

How do I contact you for an estimate?
The best way is to get an estimate is to complete our short estimate form with your move information and preferred move date(s). Once your information is submitted, we’ll respond with an estimate within 24 hrs.

How far in advance should I contact you to book my move?
While we are sometimes available for last-minute requests and can handle any size jobs, we get booked very quickly. It’s better to contact us as early as possible, especially to book for prime moving dates like the end of the month, beginning of the month, or the 15th. Prime moving dates are often booked a 3 – 4 weeks in advance. See our current schedule of availability updated daily.

What if I don’t know my exact move date?
Perhaps you’re waiting on a closing date, lease signing or still shopping around for a new place? No worries. Complete the estimate request form and let us know a time frame as rates vary by dates. Once you have a better idea of timing, just let us know and we’ll update your quote.

What if my destination is not yet confirmed?
You can still complete the estimate request form and enter the zip code for the destination/drop-off location where you are looking to move. Once you have a better idea, or you’d like to change your destination, just send us an email and we’ll update your job.

Do you offer free on-site estimates?
Before the pandemic, we conducted on-site estimates for large jobs within a certain radius from our base in Brooklyn, NY. One of the critical steps we’ve taken in response to COVID-19 is replacing all traditional on-site/in-home visits with video walk-throughs. We have a comprehensive estimate request form, that allows you to enter all the details and information for a quote. For large moves or 2+bedroom with packing requested, we may conduct a video walkthrough to better estimate the amount of labor and hours needed for your job.

Tip: If you’ve done video walkthroughs with other movers and received quotes with your Cubic Feet (cu ft) or list of inventory, please let us know. Sharing the Cubic Feet (cu ft) or Inventory list for your move will help us to get you an estimate faster.

What size are your trucks?
Our trucks range in size from 16 FT to 26 FT Box trucks. We can accommodate any size move, residential and commercial and we will bring as many trucks as needed to complete your job.


Can I get a quick estimate/quote over the phone?
We do not provide quotes over the phone. Based on the information you submit on the estimate request form, we’ll prepare your quote and send it by email. Once you receive your estimate, we’re happy to review it with you further and answer any questions you may have.

How do I get a more precise estimate/quote for my move?
The more detailed information you share about your move, the more accurate your estimate will be. What items/furniture are you moving? Any disassembly/reassembly needed? How many boxes do you anticipate? Do you need help packing? We consider all the aspects of your job to determine the crew size, the number of truck(s), and the estimated time it would take to complete the move. We will always recommend the most cost-effective and efficient approach for your job.

What is included in my hourly estimate? 
Your estimate includes labor, truck(s), blankets for prep/protection of your furniture, dollies, basic disassembly/reassembly, and parking tickets. Our workers come equipped with all the tools necessary for the job.

What is NOT included in my hourly estimate?
Your estimate does not include the cost of packing materials used for your job (see our supplies page for pricing), Certificate of Insurance – $45 each building (if applicable), Staircase fee (if applicable), parking meter, tolls or gratuities/tips for the crew.

If you’re charging by the hour, does that incentivize the workers to go slowly?
This is a question of integrity. We generally have an excellent track record of accurate estimates. A top-notch foreman and a dedicated dispatcher for each job ensure that every move concludes as quickly as reasonably possible. Additionally, our workers are highly trained, skillful, and efficient, and work methodically to complete the job.  

We promise that the moves are conducted as quickly as reasonably possible. A quick look at our online reviews on Yelp! or Google, and you’ll see that efficient and quality moves are among the top things customers like about us. 

Can I help on move day? 
For your safety and insurance purposes, we do not allow customers or other people to be involved in the moving process or to ride on the truck. JP Urban Moving cannot be responsible for damages or injuries that occur due to, or on behalf of a customer’s participation on the move.

Other companies are quoting less:
Please keep in mind that the quotes you are receiving are just estimates. Our workers are very efficient and will get the job done at least as quickly as anyone else. With our hourly-based model, if the job takes less time, you’ll be charged less than the estimated quote.

What’s the difference between Hourly estimates vs. Flatrate price? 
Hourly-based estimates are non-binding. They offer New Yorkers and families so much flexibility. Each move is different. There is so much flexibility. You are essentially charged for the time it takes to complete the job + the cost of packing materials, + any applicable surcharge(s). If you end up having less stuff on the day of the move, and the job takes less time, you’ll pay less. If you end up having more stuff, and the job takes longer, you’ll pay at the hourly rate. Hourly-based estimates work well for large or complicated jobs, or someone managing work, home, and family, or just uncertain what you will want to move, or how much help you’ll need packing. You’ll have the satisfaction of having an hourly rate tailored for your move which can easily be managed by job time.

Flat rate quotes are binding. They provide a set price for your move based on your list of inventory, accessibility and distance to travel. However, you’ll have to spend the time detailing all your items and be sure of what you want to move at the time you request your quote. If you underestimate your things or have more items to move than you disclosed, the guaranteed pricing is no longer valid. There are often high penalties and charges for moving things outside of the flat rate agreement. No one likes surprises on the day of the job. This model is good for circumstances where you are certain of the items and boxes to move, and your job is pretty simple, and not too complicated.

Why choose an hourly estimate?
With hourly-based estimates, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. You’ll have transparency on how many men, truck(s), and estimated job hours to complete your move. Building move-in/move-out deadlines? Elevator deadlines? – We’ve got your covered … Because it’s an hourly estimate, you are given a specific start time for the job to begin, so you can easily manage your day with certainty. You are also charged the balance on the day of the job for the time it takes to conduct your move.

With a Flatrate,  your job is based on a set price, and the company can assign any amount of workers or trucks based their discretion. Start time may also vary, and often you’ll have just a window of arrival with no hard expectations of a start time. You are charged in full for the move in advance. If you’ve downsized, purged, or have less things to move on the day of the job, depending on the company you signed a a binding contract with, the price to move is a sealed deal.



What is Prepping/Prep for the move?
Prepping/Prep is when we prepare and protect your furniture for transit. Our movers will provide basic disassembly and reassembly, and wrap your furniture with blankets, padding and tape. If necessary, they may use cardboard box corners, shrink wrap, and bubble wrap to reinforce protection.

Will the weather affect my move? What happens if it rains or snows?
Inclement weather generally adds more obstacles for the movers to navigate while moving in NYC. Our movers are experienced, trained, and equipped to move during rain, snow, or storm. In any event, we’ve got you’ve covered! We will come prepared, take all the necessary precautions, and protect your items.

How early can I start my move?
Morning jobs are booked at specific start times between 8 am-9 am. Let us know your preferred start time when booking your move.

Tip: If your building does not allow access to the elevator or moves to begin until 9am, the crew can still arrive earlier to start prepping. There will be time spent on disassembly, wrapping/protecting your furniture, and staging boxes and items before executing the move.

Can I start my move in the afternoon?  
On some days, we have opportunities to conduct afternoon jobs. Afternoon jobs are suitable for small local (Brooklyn-based) moves that do not have an elevator or building deadlines.

Please note: If you are booked for an afternoon job, the arrival time is based on when the crew complete the day’s morning job. We cannot guarantee the exact arrival time to afternoon jobs, but we would have a better idea of timing that day and would keep you updated.

What if I have more items than what I disclosed for a quote?
We don’t charge by the number of items or boxes you need to move. However, we do want to know if your inventory is significantly more than expected. Especially if there are items in your list that may need special care and handling. This may impact the estimated job hours and, in some cases, the size truck or the number of trucks we may need for your job. Please let us know. Advance communication helps our crew to come prepared and plan for your move accordingly.

Do you bring/have moving/packing supplies with you? 
Yes, our trucks come fully stocked with moving & packing supplies in case you need a little extra help on the day of. We will only charge for the supplies used on your job. You can view our price list here.

Can you move jewelry and other valuables? 
You are responsible for personally moving your cash, jewelry, and any other valuable items and documents. We also recommend customers set aside other personal things you will need quick access to like toothbrushes, phones, chargers, ipads, etc.

Can you take down/hang our artwork, TV, AC’s? 
At the pickup/load location, we can generally remove artwork, TVs, and AC’s; but at the move-in/destination location, we cannot make holes in the wall, hang artwork, install AC’s, hang TVs, etc.

What about appliances, chandeliers etc.?
We won’t disconnect and reconnect any major appliance or hardwire electrical wiring fixtures.

What about food and items in my refrigerator? 
We can assist with moving food (both perishable and nonperishable) and alcohol (closed containers). We recommend the day before the move to go over your items and discard any open unsealed container that may spill in transit. While we do assist with transporting food we do not have container to regulate specific temperatures. If you have a cooler or insulated container we can load and move it with your items on truck.

Can you disassemble and reassemble my couch? 
Yes, if it is simple (e.g., unscrew legs, remove the arms that are bolted on like IKEA). If the couch requires the removal of upholstery, etc., we cannot. But we can recommend a company who can do it and help coordinate.

Do you charge extra for furniture disassemble and reassemble? 
No – our rates already include standard disassembly and reassembly for your move. We handle furniture that other companies will charge you extra for including cribs, china cabinets, IKEA units, storage beds, storage units, bookshelves, media centers, entertainment centers and dinning tables. We also don’t charge extra for handling your items with Marble or Glass.

Can you move house plants?
Yes, but we will not be responsible for delicate plants that are not meant to be moved.

Note: If you have a large plant that is too heavy to move, we may remove some of the soil (bag it up) to lessen the weight.

Can you move pets? 
We love them, but we cannot move them.

Are there items that cannot be moved?
“Non-allowables” is an industry term for hazardous items professional movers will not transport and are generally considered explosive, flammable, or corrosive. See our Guide To Packing Like a Pro for more details on things that can and cannot be moved.

How will my furniture be protected?
For moves between homes and offices – the furniture will be protected with blankets included in the rate. Other materials like tape, which is used to secure the blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and cardboard, are not included in the rate and will be charged separately.

For moves into storage – we use 3-ply paper pads instead of blankets. They are charged for separately. The price list can be found here.

How do you protect oil paintings/canvas?
We use glassine paper and paper pads. We charge $2 per FT for glassine paper.

We have antique furniture and precious things that require extra attention: 
Please let us know in advance of your move so that we can include the information on your job notes and the crew can arrive with the right materials needed to protect your belongings. Additionally, please inform the foreman of your job before the crew begins to work. It is important to do a walkthrough with the foreman to point out all the items for special preparations and considerations.


I’m not as prepared as I’d hoped. What if the move takes longer than expected?
No problem, we’ve got you covered! With our hourly rate pricing model, if your move takes longer than expected you’ll pay for the time it takes at the hourly rate you booked. Once the two hour minimum is met, we essentially bill in increments of 15 minutes. If you need extra help packing up on move day, let us know. We will do as much or as little as you like.

Can movers arrange my furniture in my new apartment?
Yes, one-time furniture arrangement is part of the service we provide, and our team will gladly help. Keep in mind, if you need to rearrange furniture multiple times, it will take longer and cost more.

Do the movers take breaks or stop for lunch?
Our teams usually do not take breaks. They arrive fully fueled for the job and will have water/drink to stay hydrated, or they’ll eat on the truck while commuting between locations or at the end of the job. PLEASE NOTE: If the crew stops to pick up food while on the job, you will be credited for the time that they stopped along the way.

If there is an issue during the move, who do I contact?
In addition to the Foreman on your job, you will have a dedicated dispatcher assigned to your move to contact with any questions or concerns.

Can the movers take care of furniture disposal?
We can dispose of many furniture items that you do not want at the cost of $50/per cubic yard. Based on the items for disposal, your Foreman will give you the final price on the job site. If not pre-arranged, in most cases will take it away immediately after the move. We can also help you take things to the curb to leave for recycling. There is no extra charge to place items on the curb/street side, and it will just be a part of the hourly time.

What about donations?
We can donate many items that you do not want to a donation center or location of your choice. Please contact the donation center in advance to ensure they are accepting deliveries and let us know. There is no extra charge to drop off donations. It will just be a part of the job time.

Can the movers take care of garbage & trash disposal?
No, we have no facility for disposing of trash. Upon completion of the move, we will bag the trash (paper, tape, boxes, etc.) and place it within the building as directed.


How much to tip the movers?
Gratuities/tipping is completely discretionary, but very much appreciated by the crew. If you are satisfied with your move, we suggest gratuity of 15- 20% of the total cost of the move.

What if something was damaged?
Our team works hard to provide a smooth move, but mistakes happen, and unfortunately, damage or loss can be part of the nature of moving. In the event something gets damaged or missing from your move, please contact us asap to complete a Claim Forms to file your claim.

Depending on the level of move protection you have, the first approach is to repair any damaged items. If the item cannot be repaired, other resolutions are considered. Basic valuation coverage is included for free with every move. This covers damaged/missing items at the liability of 30 cents per pound. If you purchased full valuation coverage/protection for your move, we are liable to repair or replace damaged/missing items up to the level of protection less any deductibles and depreciation.

Note: We are a COD (cash on delivery company) and job balance must be paid in full before any claims can be processed.

What if something is missing?
If you think that item(s) are missing, wait until you unpack all of your items before reporting items missing. Nine out of ten times – things show up. If you have unpacked all your items and you find something is still missing, please let us know.

Note: Customers are required to check and confirm that all their belongings were moved and that nothing was left behind at either location(s) or on the truck. Please check your space after moving out and the truck after moving in, to ensure nothing has been left behind. Ideally, customers stay until the movers are finished to ensure that everything has been moved and nothing is missing.

How long do I have to file a claim for a damage/missing item?
If your move resulted in a loss or damage, be sure to notify your mover in writing as soon as possible. Movers are required to respond to written claims within 30 days and resolve the claim in writing within 120 days. A reported claim 30 days past your move may no longer be valid. See the NYS DOT page on Consumer Moving information and the Summary of Information Booklet which describes your rights as a shipper and moving companies responsibilities.


If we are packing for you:
We will box up the contents from your drawers, cabinets, shelves, and closets, room by room. Our experienced team has helped many people with packing effeciently for local and long distance moving.

If we are Unpacking for you:
We will empty the contents of your boxes/bins and leave them on top of surface areas in designated rooms for you to arrange and organize at your desired level. If you want us to dispose of materials after unpacking, please let the Foreman know where the trash and recycling areas are at your destination. If there are no areas to leave the trash and recycling, we can take it to the disposal facility for a fee.

I’m doing all the packing, how many boxes do I need? 
The following guidelines are only general suggestions. On average:

  1. Studios may use between 10 to 20 boxes
  2. 1 Bedroom (small) may use between 20 to 40 boxes
  3. 1 Bedroom (large) may use between 40 – 60 boxes
  4. 2 Bedrooms may use between 80 to 120 boxes
  5. 3 Bedrooms + may use between 100 or more boxes

Keep in mind that you may have more or less things based on your space and quantity of items you own. For more guidelines on boxes, visit our Packing Tips Page.

Are there tips on how to pack, what to pack or things not pack for the move?
For all tips on packing and guidance on the number of boxes, materials and supplies you may need, see our Packing Tips Page.

What do you use to wrap a marble coffee/table top?
We use Bubble wrap, cardboard, shrink wrap and blankets. Sometimes we may use paper pads as well. It is just about putting as much padding as possible to make sure your marble top is well protected for the move.

What is the advantage of using Eco-Bins for packing?
Eco-bins are a great way to save on cost and time while moving more sustainably. For local moves within the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, you may consider eco-friendly packing bins from our local partner at Box-up Rental. For moves outside of the boroughs, you may consider Eco-bins from our tri-state partner at iCanstorage.

Why do I need 2 days to pack and move?
If you have a large one-bedroom plus that requires packing and moving out of area/state, based on our years of experience –we recommend this job occur over two days. Also, given the distance (for non-local moves) and to comply with elevator and building deadlines (at load and unload), we’d ensure your move is executed more successfully.

What can be left in drawers?
Unless we are packing for you, we recommend emptying your drawers before the move. The furniture will be lifted, making the piece unwieldy and cumbersome if it has an excessive amount of things. Occasionally, the furniture may need to be flipped on its side or upside-down, or the drawers may need to be removed. You would not want contents left inside that may get rattled around or fall out. For more tips on what to pack, see our Guide To Packing Like A Pro.

Can I just leave small items in the drawers? 
On occasions it might be fine to leave a few pieces of clothes, towels, or lines, as long as you don’t jam-pack them. As a general rule of thumb, anything that is breakable or heavy should be removed from the drawers and carefully packed away. Especially

  • Anything with glass
  • Any jewelry (it can be moved around and get stuck underneath drawers or fall out completely)
  • Books, CDs, DVDs, etc. These items can add too more weight and can cause damage to the furniture or to themselves and other items in the drawer.

If there are items left in drawers that pose a risk to the move, the foreman will likely remove the contents and back them in boxes. This will add more time to your hourly estimate.


Liability Insurance for Buildings: We hold two million dollars worth of General Liability insurance, as well as Worker’s Compensation & Disability insurance coverage. Many buildings in New York City require insurance certificates prior to work being executed at the location.

What is a COI? 
A Certificate of Insurance is a document that verifies that the moving company is insured and specifies the condition that the insurance will be used. It is required by many buildings for a move to occur. Please contact your building(s) and find out if they require us to issue a certificate in advance (COI). COI’s – if needed are $45 per location. Link to Certificate of Insurance Sample.

Are COI’s included with my move?
COI’s – if needed are $45 per location. Please contact your building(s) and find out if they require us to issue a certificate in advance.

Why don’t I see COI charge on other companies’ estimates?
You may not see other companies charge for COI’s because they integrate it into their rate.

How can I get a COI?
Once you have booked your move, please contact your building/ management to request a sample COI and send it to us. Alternatively, they can provide a list of COI requirements that specify the Certificate Holder and Additional Insured information. When you have all the info, please send it to us with contact info for the building, and make sure the apt.# is clear. Be sure to include the management’s email address, where they would like the COI to be sent once issued. Our COI department will follow up and send the certificate to the building and copy you on the email.

Tip: If your building has a move-in/move-out or elevator deadline, it’s a good idea to ask your building/management if a COI is needed for the move, even if you don’t think you actually need one.


What kind of protection is included with my move?
Each move comes with free Basic Valuation coverage. This covers damaged/missing items at the liability of 30 cents per pound. If a 20-pound item were to sustain damage during the move, your claims process will only pay out $6 total (@20 pounds x 0.30 cents)—regardless of the item’s value.

How can I have greater protection for my household goods?
We also offer Additional Valuation for household goods that can easily be repaired or replaced. There are several levels of protection to choose from ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, with different deductibles. For protection levels over $10,000, we recommend third-party insurance, with whom we are registered.

How can I protect irreplaceable/special household goods or inventory?
If you have goods like custom-built furniture, antiques, fine art, sculptures, high end equipments, irreplaceable goods and high value items—you may want to consider moving insurance options. You can purchase Moving Insurance from a third party like with whom we are registered, or another third party provider like E-moving Otherwise, if you have Homeowners, Renters or Business Insurance, you can check with your insurance provider to see if they can ensure your move.

Is JP Urban Moving liable to replace damaged/missing items?
If you purchased Additional Valuation, we are liable to repair or replace damaged/missing items up to the level of protection less any deductibles and depreciation. Whether you move with us or another NYC moving company, it is important to understand is movers liability and coverage for household goods. 

Are there items that moving companies are not liable for under any circumstance?
There are certain items that moving companies are not liable for under any circumstance, these include:

1. High Value Items and items which are considered to be of “extraordinary value,” including jewelry, paper currency, and valuable personal documents such as birth certificates and passports—which must be transported by the customer themselves.

2. Furniture made of press-boardparticle-board, or engineered wood (like Ikea style furniture) because there is an inherent risk of damage when disassembling and reassembling, or when moving without disassembling.

3. Damage to things in boxes the customer packed themselves—unless there is clear evidence of mishandling from the mover, i.e. visible damage/dent to the outside of the box.

4. Connection parts, screws, nuts, etc., from furniture that your mover did not disassemble.



We provide the most flexible estimates for moving – hourly based estimates. Each move is different, and surcharges will apply only as applicable for your move.


The following surcharges vary depending on the nature of your move

Staircase Surcharge

If you are moving from/to a walk-up or home, we charge a staircase fee which provides additional compensation to our workers. The fee of $1/per step/ per hour is charged only for the time it takes to load or unload your things. For example if you are loading or unloading at a walkup with 30 steps and it takes 2hrs, the staircase surcharge would be $60. If you are moving in or out of a home with multiple levels, the surcharge would be based on the number of floors divided by the steps for an average count. This cost will be calculated and added to your bill on the day of the job – based on the time to load or unload.
Note: Moving boxes and furniture up and down stairs increases the time and difficulty of the move. Naturally movers will charge you a fee to navigate these obstacles. Even if you have a Flatrate estimate, the fee is already accounted for in the flat price you get from the mover.

Appliance Surcharge
Surcharges are applied for washers, dryers, refrigerators, and other large appliances that are moved.

Special Handling & Heavy-items Surcharge
Surcharges are applied for things things that require special handling & care such as safes, pianos, grandfather clocks, items with mechanical devices, specialised machinery/equipments, *motorcycles, and a broad range of items weighing over 200 lbs.
Note*Motorcycles – customers must drain gas before we can move – Here’s a How-To on Youtube.

Overnight Surcharge
The overnight surcharge is a fee we charge for storing the inventory at our secure facility.


The following surcharges are fixed based on location/distance traveled from our base in Brooklyn, NY.

Local Surcharge
The (Brooklyn/Manhattan/Queens/Bronx) surcharge was put in place to defray the cost of parking tickets rather than passing it on the customer. It is difficult to find legal parking for a 22’ truck in NYC.

Long Distance Surcharge
As a Brooklyn-based moving company, when we leave our base to move you, the long distance surcharge helps to defray certain traveling costs. 

Travel Time Surcharge.
Travel time is fixed. It compensates us for the time it takes to travel from our facility (Brooklyn, NY) to the pick up location and back to the facility from the final location.


Do you provide labor only services? 
We do not provide labor only services. If you just need a guy or two to help move an item or few, you may want to consider a smaller mover, or services like or for labor only assistance.

If you are moving me from the same-location to a different floor/unit, why do you need to bring your truck?
We bring our truck to transport both the crew and supplies that we may need and items such as dollies and moving blankets to protect your furniture.

If you are loading my rental truck, why do you need to bring your truck? 
We bring our truck to transport both the crew and supplies that we may need and items such as dollies. If you looking for a labor only service, or just need a guy or two to help you move, you may want to consider a smaller mover or a labor service provider like


Do you offer Storage?
We do not offer our own storage facility, but we’ll help you with the right storage solution when you need it.

For local storage – we recommend Extra Space Storage in Park Slope where we garage our trucks – conveniently located at 312 Third Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215. And because this is where our work days begin and end, drive time and expense – whether picking up or delivering to storage – are greatly reduced.

For portable storage – we recommend iCanstorage if you need a space to park your things and don’t need immediate access to them. They will deliver your portable storage unit, and pick it up, or you can keep your portable storage container right on your premises so that you can access your belongings anytime. However, we are happy to move you to any storage facility of your choice.

What about Overnight Storage?
If it’s a 2-day move, we can pack, load and store overnight in our truck in the secure, gated facility, so you can rest assured that your stuff will be safe.

How do you prepare furniture for moves into storage or pods? 
Before placing furniture in storage, we carefully prepare them using proper materials such as paper pads (instead of blankets), bubble wrap and cardboard. If it is expected that certain items will need to be retrieved while in storage, we will be sure to load them last so that they are accessible.