Apartment Moving Checklist

Organizing domestic moves to any destination and across various regions of the country is your personal right. And our company offers to provide you with a moving into an apartment checklist that will come in handy. We understand how challenging it can be to prepare for packing belongings, organizing loading and unloading processes, and handling the property’s packaging and other activities associated with moving into a new apartment. By hiring NYC movers, you can free yourself from these worries, and by referring to the checklist for checklist for moving into a new apartment, you have a chance of not forgetting anything important. Moreover, in the future, you can always refer to the list and understand what else needs to be gathered, packed, or what items are better to let go of (discarding unnecessary belongings, disposing of furniture, getting rid of old junk, and so on).

Apartment Moving Checklist

Apartment moving checklist printable

Each individual home moving to a new apartment checklist is an event that usually deserves to be celebrated with a glass of champagne and a sweet cake on the table (unless the move is related to important and unavoidable circumstances). Since our company, JP Urban Moving, has prepared a special yet simplified checklist for moving into an apartment for its clients, you can ensure that the celebration will still take place, as you won’t forget a single item on the list. So, our good, structured, and improved in every aspect moving into new apartment checklist is your savior. And here’s what is essential to pay attention to first – everything is described below.

What needs to be done 2 months before moving?

To ensure that your moving to new apartment checklist is as effective as possible, you need to take some important initial steps a few months in advance. These steps include:

  • Prepare a budget range for the amount you can afford to spend and make sure you have enough money for all the services, including the move, with some extra left after the arrival. Prioritize this matter accordingly.
  • Call our long-distance moving company, JP Urban Moving, and book the necessary services for a specific date and time, or submit a request for callback on the company’s website.
  • Confirm the cost of services with the managers, ask for the final price list for the apartment move, and reserve the date. It’s best to do this around 2 months before the move to be well-prepared for the process.
  • Once that’s done, pay attention to the moving apartment checklist, which details everything starting from packing household items.
  • Conduct a thorough review. This is an important part of the process and a great way to get rid of accumulated clutter.
  • Sort belongings. First, sort the necessary and unnecessary items, think about what you’ll definitely throw away, and what might still be useful in your new place, and so on.
  • Donate items. Things that are no longer needed can be given to relatives, neighbors, or simply discarded (just be sure they won’t be needed in the new apartment). Give away your clothes, shoes, or toys to an orphanage, and old carpets, blankets, and pillows can be donated to an animal shelter, where such household items are highly appreciated.
  • Gather household items for the move. This involves finding and preparing/buying/renting containers (preferably eco-friendly containers) or boxes for packing your belongings. You’ll also need tape, soft fabrics, bubble wrap, large bags, suitcases, and other items designed to pack your household items (electronics, clothes, shoes, accessories, dishes, and much more).

Also, two months before moving out of the old place, you should take care of arranging the disposal of furniture items that are no longer needed. Additionally, make sure to keep this moving in apartment checklist, as it will help you remember what you need to change officially, such as your home address, so that your mail gets delivered to the new address. Take care of canceling your internet subscription, which you won’t need to pay for anymore due to the move, and so on. Moreover, the moving from house to apartment checklist will prepare you for remembering the small details, which we will discuss further.

What should you do 1.5 months before moving?

Around 1.5 months before your move, you should remember to follow the moving in new apartment checklist. If nothing has changed, continue with your active preparations. Here are the next steps you should take as soon as possible:

  • Secure your new place of residence. It’s time to find a rental or purchase property and make arrangements with a realtor.
  • Start packing the first boxes with important documents. Gather valuable papers that you’ll need to take with you during the move. It’s best to organize the documents into folders, label them, and place them in one box.
  • Prepare a box of “essential items.” Also, make sure to label this box. Include items like a first aid kit, toothbrushes, toilet paper, wet wipes, one or two sets of spare clothes for each family member, and towels.
  • Make preparations for your beloved pet. It’s best to buy a special pet carrier in advance and pack all the pet’s belongings in a large travel bag.
  • Get your personal vehicle serviced. Even if you’re using our local moving company, JP Urban Moving, to transport your belongings, you’ll still need your car to reach your new location. Ensure that it’s in good working condition.
  • If you don’t have a personal vehicle, arrange tickets for public transportation such as a plane, train, or bus. It’s best to do this in advance, as tickets can sell out quickly.
  • Pack a box with your valuable possessions. This box should include jewelry, accessories, sets with precious gemstones, and other small luxury items that you don’t want to entrust to anyone during the move.
  • Handle other fragile or valuable items. The key here is to pack them carefully and make sure you can transport them yourself without damage. If not, trust our experienced and skilled movers to handle them safely.

This moving to apartment checklist also reminds you not to buy new household items, clothing, or shoes within the next 1.5 months, as it will add to the load and may result in unnecessary financial expenses before the trip.

moving into an apartment checklist

What to do 2 weeks before the move?

Since an apartment moving in checklist makes things much easier and simpler, we have prepared a guide that covers everything. If you have just two weeks left before your upcoming move, it’s time to create a more specific plan of action. So, here’s what you shouldn’t forget:

  1. Set aside a designated area in your current home where you can calmly gather and temporarily store packed household items. Once this area is designated, you can move on to the next steps.
  2. Gather information about your new place of residence. For instance, make sure you know the emergency service numbers and contact information for government agencies that might come in handy.
  3. Arrange for timely utility service termination. This means you need to notify the utility companies that you are moving out, so you won’t be billed for services from a certain date onwards.
  4. It’s crucial to change your address, and you can do this easily with the well-known USPS, where all requests are made remotely and so on.
  5. Make sure to take your beloved pet to a veterinary clinic for a check-up. This is necessary at the very least to ensure your pet’s safety during the household move.
  6. Be sure to give our moving company, JP Urban Moving, a call to confirm that your reservation for the moving date is still valid and nothing has changed. Make this clarification not just for us but for your peace of mind.
  7. It’s important to read more news, interesting information, and data about the region you are moving to. For example, find out about the crime rate, landmarks, nearby shopping centers close to your new home, and entertainment options.
  8. Call your realtor who handles the property purchase or rental matters and check if everything is ready for your move-in, or if all arrangements are still in place, or if anything has changed.

You should also consider carrying out minor repair work around the house or apartment from which you will be moving out. The thing is, the property needs to be prepared for new tenants – you can do some touch-up painting on the walls and check to ensure that everything is intact (door handles, window handles, etc.). This is a clear and structured checklist when moving to a new apartment – your real guide and assistant, as it will help you be confident that you haven’t forgotten anything. Additionally, you can always review the items to make sure you’ve completed everything.

What needs to be done one day before the move?

No matter how you spin it, this new and well-thought-out checklist for moving into new apartment includes items about what you need to do on the last day before your household move. And yes, this day will be the most challenging, busy, and nerve-wracking. But if you’ve followed everything on the list, there’s only a little left to do since this short but precise moving out of apartment checklist is your best find. So, here’s what you need:

  1. Ensure that non-perishable food items, personal belongings, household items, and electronics are packed and gathered in one place in the apartment.
  2. Review and check if nothing has been forgotten in the corners—look carefully in bedside tables, cabinets, storage areas, garage, and every nook and cranny in the apartment.
  3. Call our company, JP Urban Moving, and double-check if the movers will arrive at the scheduled time the next day (if the company’s manager hasn’t called first to confirm all the details). Also, get in touch with the realtor to coordinate the move-in time to the new apartment.
  4. Check if all the documents needed for the moving in checklist apartment are ready, and make sure nothing has been missed, ensuring they are all in one place (making sure nothing has been lost).
  5. Dispose of perishable food items in the trash bin, even if they still have a good shelf life—there’s no need to take them to the new apartment.
  6. Completely take out all the trash from the apartment or house and place it in the designated outdoor garbage container.
  7. Tidy up the room or house—vacuum, dust thoroughly, and do a quick but high-quality cleaning.
  8. Spend the last night at the current place, and in the morning, pack the bedding separately and hand it over to the movers or take it with you in the car.

When the day of the move arrives, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about this moving out apartment checklist, as it will still be useful to you in the future. We are confident about it.
moving in apartment checklist

What is important to consider on the day of the move?

This moving checklist for the apartment is the first thing to pay attention to. Thanks to all the listed and clearly described items, you will be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. On the moving day, it’s enough to settle into the new apartment, wait for our movers to bring in all the belongings, fully pay for the services (if you haven’t done so before), and leave a nice review about our company. It will make us happy, and it won’t be difficult for you.