Reusable Moving Bins NYC

Transforming the way New Yorkers pack and move.

Rent Eco-Friendly Moving Bins NYC

JP Urban Moving Customer Specials  (valid until May 31, 2024)

🌟Get free reusable moving bins NYC if we are packing for you (partial packing or full service). Delivery and pick up fees may apply. Ask our Moving Consultant for more details.

🌟Get discounted moving bins rental NYC at $2 per bin, if you are packing independently and we move you. Delivery and pick up fees may apply. Ask our Moving Consultant for more details.

Ready to tackle your move but feeling overwhelmed by the packing process? We’ve got your back! Our moving bins NYC are here to simplify your moving journey, and positively impact your wallet and the environment. 

Moving Bin Rental NYC Fees: $4 per bin + delivery and pick up fees. Subject to availability and delivery locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. If you are outside of the delivery area and we are packing for you, we will bring the bins with us and take them back at the end of the move. 

Bins Interior Size: 23.5″L x 13.9″W x 12.1″H

Here’s why using the bins NYC is a top pick for your next move:

🌍 Planet-Friendly: We all cherish our beautiful planet and can be a part of the solution. Say farewell to disposable cardboard boxes. Our reusable moving boxes NYC help you move sustainably and reduce waste without breaking a sweat.

💰 Budget-Friendly: Say goodbye to hidden costs. The bins NYC not only help the environment but also your wallet. No more splurging on endless cardboard boxes and tape. Our rental bins are an affordable, stress-free solution.

🏆 So Easy to Use: Moving bins are designed to stack neatly and have handles to make carrying a piece of cake. You’ll save time compared to messing with regular boxes and tape.

💪 Built to Last: These bins are built tough! Crafted from high-quality, recyclable materials, they ensure your belongings stay safe and sound during the move. No more worrying about flimsy boxes or damaged treasures.

🏡 No Hassle: If we are packing for you, we’ll bring bins and packing supplies and take them back at the end of your move. No more last-minute runs to the store or struggling to find enough boxes. 

🏡 Convenience, Delivered: If you are packing independently, we can deliver the bins to your doorstep (Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan locations) and pick them up after your move. No more stress about sourcing boxes or making endless trips to the store. 

Your Happiness Matters: New York movers care about making your move smooth and sustainable. Lots of happy customers have already discovered how awesome reusable moving boxes NYC are. Reach out today and get an estimate to secure your bins and embrace a new, stress-free way to move! 🌎📦🏠

What Happy Customers Say

JP urban moving made moving a breeze, even though moving can also be so stressful. In the yelp photos I also saw they were using these great crates. So I ordered them from Box Up, including wardrobe boxes. Just call JP urban moving and Box Up for your supplies. No cardboard boxes and tape and no worries for your move. Such a great price too!

Liza B. Brooklyn, NY

We have moved a bunch of times around NYC and it's always a chore, but JP Urban + BoxUp made it almost easy. Also highly recommend using the BoxUp system which I also first read about in one of the JP Urban reviews on Yelp and I think JP Urban gets you a discount on -- it saved us a ton of time and on material costs and was completely hassle-free. Would recommend to anyone.

It's Me, G. New York, NY

These guys are the best. Don't waste your time with other movers. From the accurate quote, to the care the movers took with our items, I highly recommend this company and the team. In a city full of choices and not-so-honest movers, you can trust this crew. Also use BoxUp rather than spending a ton of $$ on cardboard boxes. If using JP, they'll give you a discount code.

Ellie R. New York, NY