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Top Rated Moving Reviews - October 17, 2019

How challenging can it be to find the best movers in NYC?

Finding a good moving company in NYC can be a very tedious process. Here is one customer’s story posted on Yelp with a 5-star review. It includes a checklist on how to find the best movers in NYC. We appreciate the thoroughness and sense of humor!

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Marie S.

To find a good moving company in NYC, here is what I did 

1) Yelp – checked the reviews for the top-rated companies 

2) Better Business Bureau – searched online for any negative reviews about the moving companies I found on Yelp 

3) Checked private websites, such as – they have a “blacklist” of moving companies as well as recommended movers and reviews. 

4) Checked other online resources- google reviews, Angie’s list etc 

5) Made a list of the top moving companies & narrowed it down to three, of which one was Brooklyn Movers.

Next, I contacted each business by phone and/or submitted an online quote request through Yelp. Due to the busy time of year and a limited schedule, it was difficult to arrange. Also, some movers were more flexible with their online quote system, while others could confirm more easily via phone.

So when I called on the phone, I was able to arrange a moving date with JP Urban. The online quote was rejected, probably due to me – not being specific enough about the actual job. The initial phone conversation was a bit of a challenge. The company rep kept saying “to be honest with you… in reality….” Finally, I just lost my “stuff” and started saying “well to be honest with you… I really need this to be as stress-free as can be, I got too many other things to deal with…And in reality, I really need a break, so help me out here please…” And I swear I thought I was going to lose it but the guy on the phone was good & we got the moving time scheduled!

The move went flawlessly. We negotiated a price beforehand, time, date, and location. The crew arrived on time, packed & wrapped the delicate items, were super professional and organized. Communication was excellent! The items arrived at the location exactly when agreed upon. I always tip movers – the going rate is between 10- 20% of the job’s total cost and it’s worth it. 

Finally, the bill was actually BELOW the price quoted. JP Urban is one of the honest/ethical moving companies out there. They tell you that the quote is only an estimate, the final bill depends upon the amount of work required. If it’s more, the bill will be higher. But if it’s less, they will actually charge you only for the time & materials required. Other companies had lower price quotes but probably would have charged the same (or more) and not had been as easy to deal with. Very happy.  JP Urban saved me time, money and stress. Outstanding experience!

Update ** Last week (10/10/19) I moved again. JP Urban was perfect! Everything ran smoothly, start to finish. Very impressed!


Moving is a hard business, and finding the best Manhattan Movers can be just as challenging. Customers’ responses like this make it all worth it. We are happy to be of service!

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