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Living in New York comes with a few challenges. One of those challenges is surviving the New York heat. A lot of people complain about the summers in NY and they desperately try to escape the city during this time. Wherever you live, it’s really nice to be able to go swimming on a hot day. You can make a day of it and spend the entire day at the pool or beach with your friends or family. If you have a place to swim, you should definitely give it a go. Not only is swimming good for your body but your mind as well. So, if you’re moving to Brooklyn or you’ve already moved, Brooklyn Movers prepared the list where you can swim in Brooklyn this summer.

Brooklyn Public pools

Now that you’re done with NYC packing services and you’re all moved in, you can relax. There are many summer activities you can do, including going for a swim. There’s more than one public pool in Brooklyn. If you don’t know how to deal with the heat and you just want to cool down, you should really consider going to a pool. Those who aren’t going on a beach holiday should still be able to go swimming. Luckily, you can go swimming in Brooklyn. All the pools are open from 11 am to 7 pm with a break for cleaning from 3 pm to 4 pm. Here are some places to check out.

Woman in a hat sunbathing in the pool.
Take your sunblock, hat, and towel and go have fun at one of Brooklyn’s public pools.

The Floating Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park Beach

The Floating Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park Beach is a public pool that many people like for swimming in Brooklyn. You can take your kids to this pool, teach them how to swim or just have a pleasant family day out. There’s a little fake beach area with sand on the ground, so you get the illusion of being at the actual beach. This pool overlooks Manhattan so you’re swimming in Brooklyn with a great view. A good thing about this pool is that it can’t get overcrowded. Its capacity is 60 people and that’s the maximum of people they let in at a time. So, you don’t have to worry about there being too many people.

Betsy Head

Betsy Head is another free pool in Brooklyn where you can swim. Just like the previous one, there are some rules you need to follow if you want to spend your day at this pool. Again, you can’t bring in food, newspapers, electronic devices, and glass bottles. They are looking out for the safety of your electronic devices with this rule. Other than that, they are trying to avoid litter and mess.

Underwater photo of a swimming pool. Public pools are the perfect places to swim in Brooklyn.
Research all the public pools and take your pick. There are many places to go swimming in Brooklyn.

As for the kids, they recommend staying in the shallow part of the pool if they’re not good at swimming or leaving them at home. However, they do also offer free swimming lessons, which is great. This is an Olympic-size pool, so you’ll be able to swim to your heart’s content. So, if you’re moving to New York, you can look forward to swimming during the summer.

Check out Double D Pool if you want to swim in Brooklyn

Double D Pool is located in Caroll Gardens. It’s another public pool where you get to swim for free and get a nice tan. The staff is friendly, the sun is always there and it doesn’t get too crowded. There are actually two pools here. The first pool is a kiddie one that’s one foot deep and there’s one for adults that’s three foot deep. This pool has some pretty strict rules. You can’t bring anything inside apart from a towel and sunscreen, you have to shower before entering the pool area and if you want to wear a shirt in the pool, it has to be white read more. There are a few other rules you can research before you go swimming in Brooklyn. Grab your friends and family and enjoy the sun!

These are just some of the pools where you can go swimming in Brooklyn. Just like you can find affordable movers Brooklyn, this neighborhood offers many free swimming options. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun.

Beaches in Brooklyn

If you are not a fan of public pools, that is understandable. Many people prefer to swim at the beach and feel like they’re on holiday. Fortunately, there are a few beaches you could check out if you’d like to take a swim in Brooklyn. So, another tip for cooling down in the summer is going to the beach.

  1. Coney Island Beach is open from 10 am to 6 pm and it offers free parking. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and just enjoy the sun and walk in the sand, look no further. This is the perfect place to swim in Brooklyn, but you’ll also find beach volleyball, handball and basketball courts. You can also find playgrounds and amusement rides, so you’ll never be bored here.

    Coney Island Beach. This is a great place to swim in Brooklyn.
    Coney Island Beach is the perfect place to swim in Brooklyn.
  2. Brighton Beach is another place you can go swimming in Brooklyn to survive the heat. This beach is often less crowded than Coney Island even though the two are neighbors. You can take a swim along the boardwalk or swim and sunbathe.
  3.  Yet another beach to check out it Manhattan Beach. This beach is even calmer and it is small and family-friendly. Get your kids, pack your picnic basket and go down to the beach. In breaks from swimming, you can even barbecue and make some lunch for you and your family.

Swimming in Brooklyn

So, as you can see, you are definitely not lacking places to swim in Brooklyn. Explore your options before you make a choice howell’s heating & air. You can decide whether you prefer to spend your time at the pool or the beach. Either way, you’ll have fun and enjoy a day in the sun.

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