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After the move - September 19, 2023

So, you’ve just moved to Brooklyn! Congratulations! Moving to Brooklyn is an exciting adventure full of opportunities and new experiences. After you move in, you’ll probably want to get a bite to eat. Good news, the food in Brooklyn is delicious! As a newly minted Brooklyn-ite, you’ll have access to hundreds of delicious and diverse dining options.

Brooklyn moving
Congrats on moving to Brooklyn!

With over 38% of the Brooklyn population being foreign-born, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of cuisines to choose from when dining in Brooklyn. With cuisines ranging from Italian to Ethiopian to Thai, to Uzbek-Korean-Russian, to Caribbean, there isn’t be a shortage of delicious food to try in Brooklyn. Trying local restaurants is the best way to get to know your neighborhood.

Best Food in Brooklyn

After moving in, you probably be able to find any of your kitchen appliances to cook dinner that first night. So, it’s probably best you go out to eat! Finding a place to get dinner can be stressful, especially in NYC, where there are thousands of options to choose from.  To help you make a decision, Time Out Magazine has got your back. Earlier this month, they updated their list of 100 Best Restaurants in New York City. Though their selections are located all throughout the five boroughs, a bunch of their picks are located in Brooklyn!

We’ve done you a favor and consolidated Time Out’s selections to help you decide where to eat in Brooklyn.


 Best Restaurants Brooklyn

Fish dish at Ugly Baby (Photo courtesy of Bon Appetit)
  1. Ugly Baby in Carroll Gardens is a hip Thai restaurant that earned the number one spot on Time Out’s list. Notable for serving dishes that you may not find at your typical neighborhood Thai spot. But fair warning– the food here is notoriously spicy!
  2. Check out A&A Bake and Doubles in Bed-Stuy for some affordable Trinidadian food. Menu offerings range from Curries, Roti’s and Doubles (a snack made of fried dough). Though they are cash only, their prices are super affordable.
  3. Paulie Gee’s is a retro pizza place located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Personally, we love the Hellboy slice, topped with their sweet and spicy Hot Honey sauce. Paulie Gee’s can get super crowded, so we suggest picking up a slice and enjoying it by the river instead.
  4. Red Hook is not just a place to go for furniture! Next time you’re headed to Ikea, skip the meatballs and check out Hometown Bar-B-Que instead. This BBQ joint in located in a converted warehouse in Red Hook, and serves delicious BBQ, craft beer and live music.
  5. L&B Spumoni Gardens is an iconic Brooklyn institution! This Pizza joint opened in 1939 and has been serving slices ever since. Be sure to order the Grandam Sicilian Style pizza and bring some friends to help you guess what’s in their secret sauce recipe! Read up about the scandalous sauce trial here.
  6. Bunna Cafe in East Williamsburg is an entirely vegan Ethiopian restaurant. Located near the L-Train Vintage shops, it’s a great place to eat and re-charge after a long day of thrifting.

Where to eat in Brooklyn

  1. Lilia is a chic Italian joint in Williamsburg that Time Out awarded 5 stars! Run by renowned chef Missy Robbins, Lilia serves hand-made pasta, fresh garden-grown veggies and wood-fired Seafood.
  2. Llama Inn is a Peruvian restaurant in Williamsburg. If you haven’t heard much about Peruvian cuisine — just know that Peru has been named the “Best Culinary Destination” for 7 consecutive years. Time Out recommends ordering the Ceviche and Rotisserie Chicken, with a Pisco Sour to drink.
  3. Oxomoco is a sexy and modern Mexican restaurant in Greenpoint that has recently earned a Michelin star! Time Out recommends ordering their Branzino dish alongside a range of Mezcal and Tequila cocktails.
  4. Maison Yaki is a French Yakitori place in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. This French-Japanese restaurant offers no main courses, but a wide range of skewed meat options– all for $9 each.
The Llama Inn Interior


Other Things to do After The Move To Brooklyn

After your movers have dropped off your belongings, you’re probably going to want to relax. Moving is exhausting and unfortunately it can take weeks to unpack. Enjoy the accomplishment and head to some exciting places in the neighborhood as a reward for your hard work. There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Brooklyn like going to Prospect Park, or the Brooklyn Museum or Coney Island. If you want total relaxation be sure to check out many of the spas in Brooklyn like Mermaid Spa or Bathhouse.

Ready to move?

So, if you’re planning a move to Brooklyn, or even just a visit, be sure to check these restaurants out to get your culinary fix! Contact Brooklyn movers in your area for a free moving quote.

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