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If you find yourself wanting a night out, trying to figure out where are the best drop-in daycare centers in New York near you, you’re in luck. And if you are moving to New York wondering the same thing in advance, no worries. Your trusted JP Urban Moving team has compiled a list of top drop-in daycare centers in New York. These establishments are a great alternative to traditional babysitting, whether you’re looking to have a night off from the kids or just trying to run some errands and leave the little ones with someone when your favorite neighborhood sitter isn’t available.

Try The Workaround Collective

  • Location: Rough Draft, 402 Hooper St, Brooklyn (workaround.nyc).
  • Desk share/babysitting rotation $150/month;
  • Village Only Option (no desk, just kid sitting) $25/month.

In case you need a tranquil minute to get some work done, but your kids are just too loud, The Workaround Collective has an ingenious solution. At this daycare drop-off, parents participate in babysitting rotation. And while one parent takes care of the kids, others can sit down in the workspace and get work done. Workaround Collective members can take advantage of their desk for a total of 15 hours per week. This may be most convenient for parents on maternity leave or working as freelancers. Parents must all babysit to be full members and have their child part of the child swap. Also, there are a lot of community gatherings where parents get the chance to really get to know each other. However, if you just want to use a desk, or just need to be a part of the babysitting exchange, they offer the option.

On of the top drop-in daycare centers in New York
This company will provide you with not only a workspace but also an opportunity to be a part of an eclectic community. And unlike some other workspaces, this one will, in fact, include your kids.

NY Kids Club Pajama parties + top drop-in daycare centers in New York

  • Various locations (nykidsclub.com).
  • Various prices.
  • Drop-in classes: Ages 3–6;
  • Pajama party Ages 2.5–8.

This company has thirteen locations in the five boroughs which are why it has easily made our top drop-in daycare centers in New York list. They offer seasonal afternoon drop-off classes that are usually 45 minutes long. Parents can sign their kids up without scheduling for a full array of fun offers: from arts & crafts lessons to gymnastics or hip-hop dance. Your little ones will surely be making the most of their time in this daycare while your NYC movers do their work. Or if you need to have some evening free time (finally), your kids can have fun in the very popular NY Kids Club’s Pajama Parties. They are usually organized from 6–8:30 pm and consist of amazing gym activities, art, games, and a disco dance party! Oh, and let’s not forget dinner! Though you should note that the offers vary by location of the drop-in daycare centers in New York, check aberrospecus.

A kindergarten
Looking for even more places to engage your kids in NYC? Visit the coolest indoor playgrounds, exciting kids’ play spaces, and even these sweet children’s museums.

Project Playdate is one of the most fun drop-in daycare centers in New York

  • Various locations: Kidville Park Slope, CitibabesSoho and Kidville UWS.
  • Call 516-807-0447, or visit projectplaydate.org
  • Various prices.
  • Ages vary by playdate/activity.

One of the most unique picks on our drop-in daycare centers in New York list, Project Playdate has created action-packed, on the fly playdate. They curate these fun drop-offs for no more than two or more children for 3–5 hours. You can arrange for your playdate to be with just kids you know, or open to the local community where you’d get a chance to meet someone new. Both your little ones and you! You can never have enough cool people around. Playdate project also arranges pajama parties, usually three-hour playdates scheduled on Friday and Saturday evenings. Here, kids ages 2 to 6 are welcome to enjoy fun pajama playdates. All Project Playdate caregivers have a thorough knowledge and extensive experience in childcare and/or child development. It’s also good to mention that Project Playdate requires sign-ups a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Bright Horizons

  • Various locations (brighthorizons.com).
  • Various prices.
  • Welcomes infants through elementary school-aged children.

There is an incredible amount of Bright Horizons drop-in daycare centers in New York. The number of their location alone often makes them one of the best picks. Just because of their convenience. When you’re in need of emergency or back-up drop-in homey daycare centers in New York, they are a perfect choice. We should mention that this option shouldn’t replace your regular childcare establishment. Bright Horizons offers the local community some very engaging group activities. And they will provide you with watchful childcare experts when you’re in a bind.

Parent-Free Pajama Party, NY City Explorers

  • Location: 110 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn (backpacksandbinoculars.com).
  • Price: $20 per child, additional siblings $10. Ages 2 and up.

From 6–9 pm on most Fridays, parents can leave their children at NY City Explorers for a sleepover and go out for some adult-time alone. The kids can enjoy a pajama adventure that ends with pizza dinner and a movie. They usually watch cute films such as The Land Before Time, Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Jungle Book or Aladdin. The Pajama Party childcare experts are CPR and First Aid-trained, had their references and backgrounds checked. While Queens Movers recommend you register in advance, if possible, however, drop-ins are also welcome.

A child's hands climbing on a slide
There are amazing drop-in centers in New York, ranging from pajama parties to curated playdates for your kids.

Now go out and enjoy the NYC lifestyle!

Well, there you have it! The drop-in daycare centers on this list (which also go by the name of drop-off daycare) will ensure your children some well-expected fun. Maybe they’ll have even more fun than you during your kids-free finally-feeling-like-an-adult-again adventure. Or they could just enjoy a nice, long nap. Either way, we hope that JP Urban Moving team has managed to help you get some work done. Or maybe you can still get to that spa appointment! We hope you enjoyed our article.

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