Where to Buy Used Furniture NYC

Uncategorized - September 15, 2023

Have you just moved into a new place? While it may be tempting to go to IKEA to furnish your new apartment, try something different this time around. New York City has great resources for finding unique and stylish furniture. From the curbs of NYC streets, to upscale vintage outposts, to sophisticated used furniture stores, there are many places to go hunting for some eclectic finds. So, without further ado, here are tips from Movers in NYC for buying used furniture in NYC!

Buy Used Furniture NYC

  1. Garbage often covers the streets of NYC, but as the saying goes, one person’s trash can become another person’s treasure! Though much of this can come down to chance, there is some methodology in finding furniture on the street. Typically, furniture piles onto the curb during move-in/move-out season, which hovers around the end or start of the month. Also, stay peeled for big apartment buildings, as they tend to dump loads of good furniture out during this time. Scour the streets and good luck!
  2. Thrift stores like Housing Works, Goodwill, City Opera, Angel Street frequently have good furniture selections. Though this may also come down to chance, some of these stores post their stock online before they become available.
    Inside of a Housing Works Thrift Store
  3. As mentioned in our previous post on sustainable moving, Craigslist, Buy Nothing, Facebook Marketplace and other online resources can also help you find good deals on used furniture, sometimes you can even get furniture for free. Other places to check out include Chairish and Offerup. These websites are great for browsing because, often, people are desperate to get rid of their stuff and can offer you a great discount.
  4. Try vintage furniture stores like Green Village, Dobbins Street Vintage Co-Op, Furnish Green, City Foundry and Home Union in selling a mix of bargains and used but sophisticated mid-century modern designs.
  5. If you have some furniture that needs to be refreshed, Check out Mood Fabrics or B&J Fabrics or New York Elegant Fabrics to find some textiles for re-upholstering your furniture. Or just generally walk around the Fashion District in NYC to find some cool fabric stores.
    Inside Dobbins Street Vintage Co-Op Outpost
  6. Try a Flea Market! Though NYC Flea Markets tend to be heavy on jewelry and clothing, you can always find some cute home accessories to accent your home. Even a set of glasses or a vase can make a huge difference in the appearance of a home. Check out Time Out’s list of Flea Markets in NYC for some good options.
  7. Going upstate is not only for apple picking! Upstate NY has some great Auction houses, where you can find some unique home decor and furnishings left over from old estates.

These are just a few tips for buying used furniture in NYC! Furniture is an important part of the moving process. How you decorate your space can completely alter the experience and ambiance of your home.

Moreover, buying used furniture is a great sustainable alternative to buying new furniture, especially if you are young and not planning to settle down anytime soon. You can never know where you’re going to score some incredible vintage finds. Be patient and Queens Movers wish you good luck!

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