Moving During the Holidays

Moving guides - September 30, 2023

As you’ve probably realized by now, moving is not an easy task! Moving is a major life change, and, let’s be honest here – it’s not one that is simple to plan. When you are planning a move, there is an endless list of things to do. Your organization needs to be impeccable. And if you’re moving during the holidays, it may be even more challenging! You’ll need all the help you can get. Don’t worry though – Brooklyn Movers have decided to offer some advice for you on this very subject. Follow our tips, while you are packing clothes for moving and you’ll have a much easier time with your holiday relocation.

Pros & Cons of Moving During The Holidays

Moving at Christmas Time

Good timing is essential for a good relocation. That’s why choosing the right moving date can be a really crucial decision. It’s one you don’t want to make lightly! But how to choose the right time? It’s tough, we get it. If you’re choosing to move when you’ve got a lot of work on your plate, you’ll be constantly stressed out. But on the other hand, if you are moving during the holidays – you may be sacrificing your invaluable free time. But maybe you’re moving because of some new job opportunities. In that case, you need to pick the right day for relocation. As with most tough decisions in life – there are plenty of pros and cons on either side.

A wreath hanging on a blue door.
Be certain you want to do this, before you start relocating in the winter.

The weather may not be the best

Let’s face it – if you’re moving during the holidays, the weather won’t exactly be your buddy. Yeah, this may be obvious. But, you won’t exactly be having an easy time moving during the winter holiday months. Think about how annoying and dangerous driving through icy and snowy roads can be. And that’s even if you’re going to the grocery store. That’s why the whole transport industry hits many snags this time of year. There are snowstorms and other inclement weather events that you need to prepare for. Though movers can typically do their jobs in any weather, there may be some hold ups. 

You may want to prepare yourself in case there needs to be some rescheduling. Moving trucks and moving crews may be face delays. Try to keep a flexible schedule in case the move takes longer than you anticipated. You never know what kind of problems you could run into.

Also, if you’re moving in the cold, make sure you’ve got plenty of warm clothes and food. You can also keep some warm beverages around for the Bronx Movers.  You may be in a situation where you’re moving away from a warm climate. If you’re going somewhere with harsher winters, we advise you to buy some winter supplies like boots and warm clothes before you relocate. 

A country road covered with a thin sheet of ice and snow.
Icy winter roads are treacherous!

The holidays can cause additional stress

Holiday stress is a real thing. Finding the perfect gifts,  putting up decorations making plans and setting up for big holiday events can be exhausting. Moreover, the holidays can often trigger some introspection that can result in additional stress. Regardless of moving, some people may deal with more anxiety and stress during the holiday season.

Relocation can add insult to injury when it comes to introspection. It can be one of the most stressful periods in anyone’s life. Moving is quite literally the process of uprooting your entire life, and planting it somewhere else. In order to mitigate unnecessary stress, we recommend that you start planning well in advance. For example – if you start planning your relocation before the holidays, you’ll be dealing with much less stress when moving time comes around. And if you hire long distance movers in NY, you’ll be doing much less of the grunt work yourself.

A person carrying a snow-globe through the snow.
Friends and family will be more likely to help you out!

But, at least holiday decorating won’t be your main focus!

Of course, there’s a flip side to everything – moving during the holidays that you’ll be going into the holiday season with much smaller expectations. So while moving stress will be something you’ll have to deal with, on the other hand, your holiday stress may be toned down. How so? Well, let’s just say you won’t be worrying about having the best home decorations in your neighborhood while you’re packing everything up into moving bins.

Moving can also be a great excuse to avoid any holiday gatherings you don’t want to attend. While some of them are really fun, you may want to avoid some of them. Well, now you’ve got the perfect alibi! No-one judge you for not attending the office Christmas party if you’re busy relocating!

And, your family & friends will be around to help!

While the holiday season means everyone is taking a good hard look at their lives, the holiday seasons means that people have some time off work. Moreover, people are in the giving spirit. People can be more festive and pleasant this time of year! During the holidays, you’ll be able to ask for more help from your friends and family members than usual. Once the Christmas decorations light up, people get into the jolly spirit. If you are lucky, you can ask for help or ask for NYC packing services, unpacking or collecting moving supplies.  And that’s a good thing because you’ll need a lot of help if you’re moving during the holidays!

Another good thing about moving during the holidays is that no one will expect you to carry the brunt of the festivities. You won’t be tasked with the most baking, cleaning, supply runs, or anything else that needs to be done.

You can score a better price?

You can potentially score a better deal if you move in the colder months. Typically, the summer is the hot season for moving and real estate. From memorial day to labor day, prices go up and competition soars. However, once summer ends and the fall rolls around, it can be easier to find a good deal on movers. It can also be easier to negotiate rent during the winter months as there is typically less demand, at least in NYC.

So, what are the Pros & Cons of Moving During The Holidays?

There are a number of advantages to moving during the holiday season. If you plan to move to Brooklyn, it is worth reading the article about Best things to do in Brooklyn in the winter. There are also a number of disadvantages of moving during the holidays. However, often we can’t choose our fate when it comes to moving. Sometimes, we have to pick up and move on short notice. But, if you do have additional time, make sure to plan the relocation well in advance! 

If you are planning a move during the holiday season, be sure to contact us for a free quote! JP Urban is an experienced NYC Moving company that can help ease the stress of your holiday move.

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