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Best places to live in - September 13, 2023

Are you planning to move to Brooklyn soon? Or maybe you are already here, but you are looking into some local relocations? If you are also planning to start a family any time soon, or you already have it, knowing what are the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn can be pretty important. That is why we have prepared a little guide for everyone who is moving to Brooklyn in the near future.

We all know who beautiful Brooklyn is. It has all that you need and more. It is close enough to Manhattan and a plethora of events, yet far enough from tourists and enormous crowds. That is why you most certainly are making a good decision about wanting to come here. All you need now is to know what will suit you and your family the best.

Safest Areas in Brooklyn

Well, whether you are planning to live here or start your business, you want to make sure that you and your possessions are going to be as safe as possible. Especially if you are coming with children and family. Wherever you are, your first priority is to place them in a safe environment. What do we mean when we say safe neighborhoods?

What Are The Safest Neighborhoods In Brooklyn - the view of Brooklyn Bridge
Find a peace close to Manhattan

Even if we skip the definitions, safe neighborhoods are the ones where you are not afraid of going out alone. The places where no one is going to endanger you just because you are alone or different from others in any way. Those are the places where you can let your kids ride their bikes around the block, not having to worry about their safety.

Is Brooklyn Safe

That being said, you should know that most parts of Brooklyn are pretty much safe. Although, you can’t expect in the city the size of New York City not to be any problems at all. It is normal that with that kind of density in population, there is bound to be some trouble once in a while. You should, however, avoid the areas which are known for not being very safe, such as Brownsville, for example. But you shouldn’t avoid the whole city because of some problematic parts.

If you are looking at the safest options, you should be looking at the northwestern neighborhoods. Because they are the closest to Manhattan, they are also highly gentrified. And that decreases the possibility of something bad happening to you, your close ones or business. And if you are moving your business as well, you will hear that from many people in whichever industry or sector you are.

Safest Brooklyn neighborhoods

Now that you know what to avoid, let us go through the areas you shouldn’t avoid. Those are the neighborhoods with a lot of prosperity and potential for you, your family and your business. If you are in the area, make sure to contact your Brooklyn movers and schedule a moving date, because you will love these places:

  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Boerum Hill
  • Park Slope
  • Williamsburg

No matter which of these areas you choose, you will have a great time living and working. And the best part is that they are not too far apart, so you can even change the addresses if you need more adventures in your life.

Brooklyn Heights

Once called Brooklyn Village, this has been a prominent area of Brooklyn for a long time. We can safely say that this has been one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn since 1834. You can recognize it for its low-rise architecture and brownstone rowhouses. There are many religious institutions and churches, so you can even get the feeling of safety just by walking the streets.

brownstone rawhouses
This is a beautiful area to live in

Brooklyn Heights is connected to Manhattan by ferry service and subways, so when you’re in the mood for action, it is close enough. On the other side, you can spend a day in a peaceful neighborhood and maybe visit the Brooklyn Arts Gallery with your family.

Boerum Hill

You will love this cozy neighborhood. It has many restaurants and independent boutiques, so you can enjoy your free time casually walking and eating fabulous food. This area is also famous for its brownstone houses in raws, so everywhere you look, you will see the beautiful scenery. Everything is nice, clean and calm, so you can stay carefree in your home while your children play around the block.

There are many art galleries in the neighborhood, so maybe you or your kids can take up a new hobby. Who knows, maybe you even have a hidden talent in your home. This area is also popular for bikers because of the nearby Prospect Park. So, if it turns out you and the kids don’t have a talent for painting, after all, you can always enjoy a good bike ride.

Park Slope

This is definitely one of the not only safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn but also one of the most desirable places to live in Brooklyn. With an abundance of historic buildings, shops, bars, and restaurants, it attracts the wealthier crowd. It is very popular among young professionals, who are choosing it to start their families there. They can’t hire NYC local movers fast enough due to great public schools, green space, dining, but also nightlife and safety. You can visit the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the Central Library on your days off and enjoy your time.


Also known as a “Little Berlin”, this is one of the most desirable areas to live in, as well. Everywhere you turn, you will see parts of the contemporary art scene. Williamsburgh has a very rich nightlife scene and a very strong hipster culture is present here.

girl with a hat
You will meet a lot of interesting people in Williamsburgh

At the beginning of this century, the neighborhood became the center of electroclash and indie rock, so you can tell that only people with positive energy and vibes are around you. The area is very ethnically diverse. Therefore, there is a lot of tolerances among people. And maybe that is the secret of safety, who knows?


This area has been remade into an upscale commercial and residential community in the late 20th century. What were once industrial buildings and warehouses, now are technology startups and luxury lofts for a wealhier crowd. With a beautiful view of the Manhattan Bridge and plenty of firms, restaurants and luxury apartments, it is no wonder why this is one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

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