Moving to Manhattan as a single parent

Family Guides - September 11, 2023

Moving to Manhattan as a single parent is a big commitment. It can come with difficult moving chores to get the job done and added stress. Still, as a parent raising your children on your own, you know no task is impossible. In the city of opportunities, New York provides a lot of amenities for single parents. Especially the borough of Manhattan, which offers so many services that can make life much easier. Like any borough, Manhattan has some cons, but also some tremendous advantages that are great for raising the kids.

The first step is to get ahead of your moving tasks

Moving to Manhattan as a single parent has its own responsibilities with the added obligation of handling all the moving tasks on your own. However, with Brooklyn Movers and organizing, your relocation doesn’t have to be so hard.

Moving to Manhattan as a single parent: Pros & Cons
Both you and your children will love NYC with its ever-changing seasons!

Since there is a lot to be done, an alternative could be to hire a reliable moving company to help you with your relocation. The extra help can give you the time needed to concentrate on the finer details and provide the opportunity to take care of your child’s needs.  

When you are a single parent, you will have to pull double the weight, so the moving company can help you immensely.  It will save you a lot of stress and so much time. You will be able to focus on other things that need your attention. Like preparing your children and making moving fun for them.

Cons of moving to Manhattan as a single parent

Let’s start with the cons of moving to Manhattan as single parents since there are fewer of them than the pros. Most of them aren’t only the struggles for the single parents, but for all that are moving to Manhattan. Living in this city sometimes can be chaotic, but it’s outweighed by the benefits.

  • High living costs – It’s a common fact that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yet each year more people are choosing it for their new home, so it can’t be that unmanageable to live here. Moving to Manhattan as a single parent it’s important to make sure that the living costs fit your budget, it can help you narrow down what neighborhoods work best for your family.
  • Traffic jams – Since it is a metropolis with so many residents, NYC is crowded. Driving in this city can be a bit of a drag due to big traffic jams. NYC has an excellent public transportation system and subway lines that connect every borough. You really don’t have to own a car, especially if you’re planning to move to Manhattan. 
  • Tourists – When you are moving to Manhattan you have to realize that you will be living in the most popular borough. That means running into a lot of tourists on a daily basis. With time, you will stop to notice the crowd and get used to it. You and your family can join the fun since NYC has many beautiful spots to explore!
  • Fast pace – Everything in New York happen fast. That pace of life isn’t suitable for everyone. However, as a  single parent, your day is probably always in the third gear. Which will allow you to adapt to the New York lifestyle much easier.
NYC traffic
Traffic jams are the regular thing in New York. That is why it’s so great things are just a walk or subway ride away!

Pros of moving to Manhattan as a single parent

The city is costly, competitive, and crowded, but these bad points can’t even compare to the amazing opportunities that it provides. Many of them can make your single-parent days much easier and more fulfilling. If you’re moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you will notice that Manhattan is more convenient for single parents.

Daycare options

As a single parent,  you probably have the need for daycare services. If you do, Manhattan is the absolute right place for that.  There are high-quality daycare places in every corner, no matter what neighborhood you choose for your new home.  Since New York is the home to many major companies, you might not even have the need for daycare. Larger companies usually offer child care services, which is a significant amenity. You can schedule an interview with a childcare agency and explore the option of a nanny/babysitter.

Central Park in all its glory

Sometimes the concrete jungle can seem endless, but right in the middle of the island of Manhattan is the gorgeous Central Park. A small getaway that spans fifty blocks and three avenues lined with an array of ever-changing trees. 

Fall in love with NYC
Central Park is one of the most beautiful parks of Big Apple!

It’s the place where you can enjoy yourself with your kid every day since it has great child-friendly activities. It is a perfect place for your child to make some friends, but also for you to meet your neighbors after the move. Each season the park transforms itself and new activities are available year-round, take a summer boat ride on The Lake or ice skating in the winter on the Wollman Rink.

The culinary experiences are almost endless

While nothing can beat a home-cooked meal, it is totally understandable to take a night off from cooking for your family. There’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty, Manhattan has thousands of restaurant options available both healthy and delicious.  

The busy lifestyle of NYC sometimes leaves no time for cooking, there are plentiful restaurants, even multiple on a single block. And even more takeaway places that deliver any type of food directly to your doorstep. Your kids can have nutritious meals every day, without you slaving in the kitchen after the long work hours.

Daughter and Father sharing a joke
A family outing to a local restaurant is a great chance to bond with your kids and introduce different cuisine to them.

You’re in the best school district

Some of the best public schools are located in the borough of Manhattan. As well as some of the most prestigious private schools. From kindergartens to colleges, the educational opportunities are vast in this part of NYC. From elementary to middle school, schools are assigned by districts. During your home search, if you are stuck picking between two neighborhoods checking the school district. This can be an important part of the decision process.

All those wonderful museums

Living in proximity to so many museums will help your kids to learn more about history, art, and life in general. Taking your kids once a month to a museum will open their horizons. It is a great way to spend some time with your little ones. As a resident of NYC, many museums offer low-cost or pay-as-you-wish ticket options. The city offers ranges from museums for young children to your older kids who need to work on a school project. 

Moving to Manhattan as a single parent opens a lot of carrier options

Finding a great job in NYC is much easier than in other cities. Since many people are flocking to it, the new workplaces are opening on a daily basis. All of the industries are present in New York, so you won’t have to change your work field. Job opportunities in New York are larger than in any other city in the USA.

Still, it is important to state that competition is fierce. You won’t have a problem finding the employment that will pay your bills as you apply to jobs that interest you more. Whether you find an opportunity in the city or in the neighboring boroughs, Manhattan is the center of the public transit system. The ability to commute to other boroughs saves a bunch of time.


No matter in what phase of the moving process, whether you are moving within new york city or coming to new york city from another state feel free to contact us with any questions. If you are interested in a free estimate you can fill out our moving request form. Our consultants take the time to review your details and provide a personalized breakdown for your move.

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