How to properly prepare for moving to Brooklyn?

Moving guides - November 29, 2018

In recent years, Brooklyn has become the go-to place for people of all ages. This NYC borough offers countless opportunities for you to thrive both professionally, and privately. That is why if you are considering moving to Brooklyn, know that you are on the threshold of making the best decision. Of course, relocating to Brooklyn does come with a fair share of pre-move duties and tasks. The preparation you do before your moving date decides whether this endeavor will be a complete success or an utter failure. Let Brooklyn Movers teach you all about moving preparation and the tasks you need to take care of prior to the day of your move.

The Brooklyn Bridge.
Are you moving to Brooklyn? Getting ready for this type of move is crucial!

Decide whether you want to rent or buy

Renting a home is completely different than living in the one you bought. People opt for buying a home, instead of renting it, if they meet certain criteria.

  • If you know that you will remain permanently in NYC after moving to Brooklyn, buying is a good choice.
  • If you have a good credit rating and your financial situation allows it, opt for buying a home.
  • In case you want to have the freedom to change and remodel your house whenever you want then buying a home is a better choice.

Of course, both buying and renting come with certain benefits and drawbacks. The only one who can decide which will prevail in the buying vs. renting war is you! And, don`t worry – this is a struggle a lot of people face when relocating to Brooklyn, so you are in good company!

Research the cost of living in Brooklyn

It is a well-known fact that NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. From utilities to groceries and education costs, everything comes at a high price in NYC. And, while not every NYC borough is equally expensive (take Manhattan and the Bronx for example,) the price of living is still high compared to other cities and states. That is why if you plan on moving to Brooklyn, you need to explore whether you can actually afford to live in it.

Now, speaking of which, know that not every Brooklyn neighborhood is the same. The cost of living in DUMBO and Fort Greene cannot be compared. Besides, if you are moving with children, you may find family-neighborhoods such as Bay Ridge and Cobble Hill more appealing and more suitable to your needs and possibilities. There is no right or wrong answer – everything depends solely on you and what you decide.

Rolled up dollar bills
The cost of living in NYC is high.

Find a job before moving to Brooklyn

We know that saying that you should get a job before moving is much easier said than done. After all, you could be living in a far away state and you could completely be unfamiliar with the job market in Brooklyn. But, don`t you worry – the internet has got your back. These days, any information can be found online, and the same goes for the prospect of finding a job. All you need to do is put together an impressive resume and conduct online research. Apply to a few job opening and voila – you will lock in a job before you know it! We are sure you know why getting a job before relocating to Brooklyn is important, so we won`t dwell on that. All we have to say is that you will feel that much more peaceful about your long distance relocation compared to how you would feel if you had no job lined up.

Hire movers to help you when relocating to Brooklyn

We will not assume that you are living in a far away state, as there is a chance you are moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan. All we will say is that reputable movers will be more than necessary. Whether you need long distance or local moving professionals, you need to act in due time. This is not something that should be done a week or so before the move, as reputable movers are busy weeks, if not months in advance. To make sure you don`t cross paths with fraudulent movers, watch out for common red flags.

  • Large deposits
  • An unprofessional manner of speaking
  • The avoidance of face-to-face appointments

Be very careful, as movers can either help you or make your Brooklyn relocation into a living nightmare. It all depends on how careful you are when hiring them!

Pack your home for a Brooklyn relocation

Let`s assume your moving day is two months from now. When is the right time to start packing? Right away is the right answer!

De-clutter your home before moving to Brooklyn

Your Brooklyn relocation represents a fresh start in your life. This is your chance to start over and do all the things you have always wanted to do. Why do them while carrying the items you have collected in the past? That is why you need to de-clutter your house and purge your home from old and unusable items. You will be happy you did it once you don`t have to carry twice as many moving boxes.

First pack the things you don`t use very often

Packing is most successful when done gradually. In order to do it step by step, you need to start with those items you don`t use on a daily basis. Then, as your moving date approaches, continue on to items such as clothes, pots, and pans.

A brown bag next to a chair
Start packing slowly so as to avoid the stress of having to pack your entire home in a matter of days.

Make an essentials-bag

The very day before your move, create what we like to call an essentials-bag. Here, you need to put items that you plan on using the first two days upon your arrival at the new house. It will save you from spending hours digging for your toothbrush, and not even knowing where to begin!

Congratulations! We consider you to be fully prepared for moving to Brooklyn! We hope you are excited about this new period in your life, which you should be!

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