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Moving from NYC to NJ: Reasons for moving to New Jersey

Life in New Jersey can appeal to a range of young professionals, families and those looking to retire. Thanks to New Jersey’s gorgeous coastlines, vibrant suburbs, excellent public schools and tons of family-friendly activities, it’s no wonder why so many New Yorkers choose NJ as their next home.

In terms of sheer mileage, New York is around 6 times larger than New Jersey. However, despite being a fraction of the size, many New Yorkers who flock to Jersey often do so for the extra square footage and greater outdoor space.  Furthermore, New Yorkers who move to New Jersey may enjoy a tax break and a lower cost of living.

As a top-rated NYC moving company, we’ve moved hundreds of our clients to New Jersey and have prepared a guide for those looking to make the move.

Moving from NYC to New Jersey: How many New Yorkers move to New Jersey each year?

Though New Yorkers love to make fun of Jersey, around 75,000 New Yorkers moved to The Garden State between 2021 and 2022. In fact, New Jersey is the most popular relocation destination for New Yorkers looking to leave their state.


How much does it cost to move from New York City to NJ?

The cost of moving NYC to NJ will vary depending on several details about the move. In general, the cost of a move from NYC to NJ can start as low as $400, if you use a moving container, and go all the way up to $4000, with professional movers.

Typically, the cost of a move between NYC and NJ will vary according to several criteria:

  1. The size of your home/apartment (a studio apartment will be cheaper to move than a 3-bedroom house)
  2. The time of year you plan to move (moving has a peak season and a slow season)
  3. Whether you choose to book professional New York to NJ movers or decide to do the heavy lifting yourself

Moving tip: Moving in the winter will likely be cheaper than moving in the summer

Renting a U-Haul or a moving container can be a more budget-friendly option for an out-of-state move. But there are some safety risks involved if you have never moved by yourself.


How much are professional moving companies when moving from New York City to NJ?

For an out-of-state move between NYC and NJ, you can expect to pay anywhere between $800 to $4000 when hiring a professional moving company. If hiring an expert moving company NYC to NJ, you can request a moving estimate to better understand how much your moving job will cost.

When calculating the cost of a move between NYC and NJ, the price will depend on the following:

  1. Whether you choose to book professional movers NY to NJ or decide to do the heavy lifting yourself
  2. The size of your home/apartment (a studio apartment will be cheaper than a 3-bedroom house)
  3. The time of year you plan to move (moving has a peak season and a slow season)
  4. The number of movers required for the job and the number of hours the job will take.
  5. The distance of the move.
  6. Special circumstances of the move (like if there is an elevator in the building or if it is a 5-floor walkup).

Though some parts of New Jersey are just a short drive away, there are regions of Jersey that can take a few hours to get to. Keep this in mind when requesting a moving quote.

The price of the move will likely increase if you opt for special services like packing and storage. Some moving companies will also provide eco-friendly moving bins upon request. It can also be more expensive if you book the move last minute.


The best New York City moving companies from New York to New Jersey

Rated one of NYC’s best moving companies by New York Magazine, JP Urban Moving is a local and long-distance moving company based in NYC. JP Urban Moving offers local moving services and out-of-state moves to New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and D.C.

One of the benefits of using a licensed and insured moving company like JP Urban Moving is the assurance that your belongings will be well-protected and transported safely. Moreover, JP Urban specializes in moving delicate and fragile items like grand pianos, art and antiques.

Because we love both NYC and going to new places, we don’t outsource any part of our long distance move operations. Your belongings will be loaded and unloaded just once. The same team that packs you for the move will be there with you in the end to unpack. Best of all, you will have a dedicated door to door service and dispatcher overseeing all aspects of your move. This also ensures you will be in better control and can expect the delivery of your belongings on time.

Many out-of-state movers will outsource or consolidate your long distance move with other parties, and you will often have a larger window and sometimes unreliable time frame for your delivery. This may also put your items at more risk for damage, having gone through multiple loads, or different parties’ hands.


Reasons for hiring professional movers NYC to NJ

We can’t speak for other movers, but here is what is included in our moving services at JP Urban Moving:

  • Our movers from NY to NJ will disassemble furniture and securely wrap it for safe transportation over long distances;
  • Our movers will professionally pack and protect household items including artwork, electronics, TVs, and other delicate/fragile items prone to damage;
  • Our movers will perform loading and unloading tasks and other related duties;
  • Our movers will reassemble furniture as required and place all items in appropriate places in your new location

If requested, we can provide you with all necessary packing supplies and materials so that you can focus on other aspects of the move (like finding a new school for your kids, a new vet, or a new pediatrician). We also do full-service packing and unpacking if needed, and arrange your furniture in your new place to your liking.


Cost of living: New York City vs New Jersey

The cost of living within the state of New Jersey can vary based on the county. The most expensive counties in New Jersey include Mercer County, Bergen County and Ocean Country, while the least expensive are Salem County and Cumberland County.

That being said, the cost of living in NYC is generally higher than in NJ. Below is a table comparing the cost of living between the two places. When comparing the cost of groceries, sales tax, rent and real estate, life in New Jersey can be more affordable.


GROCERIES (Per person, per month) $486.71 $343.67
AVERAGE HOME PRICE $799,000 $492,000


With the exception of groceries (which are around the same price), your purchasing power in New Jersey will likely be higher than in NYC. Keep in mind, however, that getting around in NJ often requires a car which can add to your monthly expenses.


How does life in New Jersey compare to New York City?

Despite being just a short drive away from NYC, there are certain features about life in NJ that stand out.


New Jersey is famously home to Atlantic City, one of the nation’s top gambling destinations. The gambling laws in NJ are some of the least restrictive in the country and permit activities like online and sports betting.


Good news for families! New Jersey has been ranked the best public school system in the nation. This is largely due to the increased amount of funding the state provides for its schools. The best public-school districts are the Northern Valley regional high school district, Millburn Township School District, Northern Valley and Princeton Public Schools.


New Jersey is famous for its cheap gas. But, another fun fact about gas in NJ is that you can’t pump your own. No matter what time of day or night, an attendant will pump your gas for you, thanks to a law from 1949. As of 2023, New Jersey is the only state in the country with this law.


Compared to NYC, where residents have an annual average salary of 80,751. Meanwhile, the annual average salary in New Jersey is quite a bit lower at 50,346. That being said, NJ has a

lower unemployment rate at 4.6% and tons of job opportunities in Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Tech & Energy.


New Jersey is an incredibly safe place to live. Even though NYC is one of the safest big cities in the USA, New Jersey still beats NYC in terms of safety.


Crime Rate NYC NJ
Violent Crime (per 1000 residents) 3.13 1.68
Property Crime (per 1000 residents) 13.52 11.20


Of course, safety largely depends on where you live and work. Thus, it is important to note that the safest regions of NJ are in Essex County, Bergen County and Passaic Country while the most dangerous cities in New Jersey are Camden, Trenton and Paterson.



In addition to being the native land of Tony Soprano, New Jersey is home to tons of interesting history and phenomena.

Home of the Salt Water Taffy

In 1898, William Shriver invented Salt Water Taffy in Ocean City, NJ. While some people may not like the taste, it is something you just have to try if you are visiting the Jersey Shore.

Home to the Tallest Roller Coaster in North America

The tallest roller coaster in the USA is located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Opened in 2005, The Kingda Ka stands at 456 feet high. In just 28 seconds, you can climb up and down 45 stories.

Home to the Stone Pony

New Jersey is a state that has contributed loads to the music industry. Bruce Springseen, Jon Bon Jovi and Steve Van Zandt started their fruitful music careers at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

Home to the Most Diners in the World

With over 400 diners spanning throughout the state, New Jersey is the diner capital of the world. Why? There are a few reasons, including the rural and suburban makeup of the state (where diner food is crowned king) and the dozens of factories across the state that used to manufacture prefab diners that could be transported anywhere.


Where to live in New Jersey?

Unlike New York City, which is home to a population of 8.46 million, most of Jersey’s population is concentrated in suburban or semi-rural areas. In fact, Newark, the biggest city in the state, only has a population of 311,000 residents.

Depending on what you are looking for, there is a city (or a town) for you in Jersey:

If you are a young professional commuting to NYC…

If you are a young professional, the best places to live in NJ are in the cities just across NYC. For example, Hoboken and Jersey City, which offer gorgeous views on the New York skyline. Both Hoboken and Jersey City are comparable in terms of their vibrancy, walkability, and connection via public transit. Moreover, if you need to commute, Manhattan is a short ride away thanks to the PATH train.

If you are a young family….

Northern NJ is one of the most desirable areas for young families. Not only are there excellent public schools and low crime rates, but your kids will get to experience the best of both worlds: comfortable suburban life and independence, due to the proximity to NYC.

If you are retiring…

Unlike NYC, most retirement income in NJ is not taxable. This means that if you retire in NJ you can maximize your retirement funds. The most tranquil retirement destinations are along the Jersey Shore and include the towns of Cape May, Sea Girt, Avalon and Surf City. While of course, there are inland retirement homes in the state, who wouldn’t want to grow old looking at the ocean?


FAQs about moving from New York to New Jersey with professional NY to NJ Movers

Below you can find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding moving from NY to NJ If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. How far in advance should I book my move?

For out-of-state moves like NYC to NJ, we recommend booking our moving services 6 to 8 weeks in advance.  During peak moving seasons (spring and summer), we recommend booking your move as early as possible to secure your desired move date and ensure availability on our schedule.

  1. Will you provide moving boxes?

We can provide a range of packing supplies including boxes, packing materials and even reusable crates. The additional cost of this service will be included in the moving estimate.

  1. How long does the move from New York to NJ take?

The move from NYC to NJ takes several hours with door-to-door service (excluding additional time for packing and unpacking). Due to the out-of-state nature of the move, be sure to pack a suitcase with emergency supplies since you won’t have the bulk of your stuff on hand.


Ready to move to New Jersey from NYC?

JP Urban Moving is a NY based moving company that specializes in local and long distance movers. With over 10 years of moving experience, we can help relocate you to NJ safely. If you are looking to hire NY to NJ movers, be sure to request a free estimate from our team and check our moving availability. We also offer various deals and discounts for first time and repeat clients.

JP Urban Moving also organizes several long distance moving routes from New York including NY to Florida, NYC to Connecticut, New York to Washington D.C , NYC to Philly and NYC to Boston.

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