Moving from New York to New Jersey

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Moving from NY to NJ can turn into a real challenge if you decide to do it on your own. For instance, movers from NY to NJ should be supported with pre-arranged financial expenses from other family members. It is also essential to consider booking the services of a transportation company well in advance. Furthermore, you should plan the moving date so that the movers NY to NJ arrive at the designated time and location to commence their duties. By contacting the managers of the transportation company, you can negotiate terms, get answers to your questions, and arrange for the service, find out about the cost, and feel confident about the relocation process ahead.

Moving from New York to New Jersey

Movers NYC to NJ                                               

If you have made the decision and are certain about moving, make sure that experienced NY to NJ movers will assist you. It’s better to order service from professionals who won’t let you down. By turning to a transportation company that has been on the modern market for a long time, you can be confident that everything will go smoothly. We’re talking about, which stands out for providing many advantages in this field. Their movers nj to nyc will be able to accomplish all tasks quickly, skillfully, and taking into account the client’s personal preferences. This company is also worth choosing if you want to be satisfied with the provided service.

How much does it cost to move from New York to New Jersey?                

When NYC to NJ movers, long-distance movers provide top-notch services just as they would if you were moving to any other place. Regardless of the destination, hiring a moving company is a smart decision with many advantages. Thus, moving from NYC to NJ with the help of professionals will save you time, energy, and, of course, nerves.

The main question that most customers ask is: “How much does moving to NJ from NYC cost?”. Most often, the final estimate is provided by the company’s employees at the very end, or more precisely, after all the details have been agreed upon. Once this is done, movers from NYC to NJ start performing their duties. The moving company calculates the cost of the work and includes it in the contract. In general, the approximate amount can be anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000 USD. The sum includes the following services:

  1. Loading and unloading of belongings.
  2. Assembly and disassembly of furniture items.
  3. Packing of valuable, fragile, and any other items.
  4. Moving property from one floor to another.
  5. Transportation of goods in serviced trucks, storage of belongings, and so on.

Since the moving company NYC to NJ takes on a comprehensive range of services, clients can choose the ones they cannot handle on their own. It’s worth noting that not all moving companies NYC to NJ offer such an extensive service. Therefore, it’s essential to turn to the best in order to ensure that moving from New York to New Jersey goes smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises.

Cities in NJ close to NYC                                           

Before moving, it’s important to consider the following question: What are the closest New Jersey cities to New York city? Why? Because having minimal information about cool and necessary places will help you settle into your new location more quickly. So, th best places to live in New Jersey close to NYC are:

  1. Frenchtown. Currently, it is a beautiful city that offers attractive views of the Delaware River and the state of Delaware, which includes a national park of unreal beauty.
  2. Spring Lake. This city offers a relatively calm life and has a beach for sunbathing and swimming enthusiasts.
  3. Allentown. Considered the most charming city in New Jersey, it features historical sites and rural landscapes, with an atmosphere of old English architectural style.
  4. Clinton. A small town with a population of around 3,000 people, renowned for its landmarks that young people love to share on their social networks as photos.
  5. Collingswood. Now considered the oldest city in New Jersey, it showcases original estates built in the 1800s and offers plenty of modern entertainment options.

If you’re planning on moving from NJ to NY, it’s important to take into account that there are other desirable, beautiful, and very popular neighborhoods near New York City, such as Chester, Lambertville, Cape May, and others.

Movers from New York to New Jersey

Most expensive cities in New Jersey    

Not all moving companies NJ to NYC provide such important information. Our moving company is happy to share the “perfect spots” to live in New Jersey that are truly worth considering. The list includes the most expensive cities: Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, Atlantic City, and Princeton.

Cheap cities to live in New Jersey

As New Jersey is considered one of the most densely populated and expensive states, there are, in principle, no cheap cities within it. However, there are two cities where the cost of living, education, rental fees, housing prices, and even crime rates are indeed low. These cities are Parsippany-Troy Hills, located in Morris County, which boasts excellent educational institutions, recreational areas, and more. The other city is Union, where a more relaxed suburban lifestyle prevails, with all the urban amenities like shops, etc.

Average cost of living in New Jersey

As New Jersey ranks fourth among the smallest states in the USA, covering only 8,700 square miles, it is important to highlight its population density. Approximately 9 million people reside in the state. The majority of people are interested in the current question of whether New Jersey is expensive to live! So, after being interested in a question that is quite reasonable for most people, “i is it expensive to live in New Jersey?!”, the only thing left is to find an equally reasonable answer. It is well known that life in the USA, in general, differs in profitability, high incomes, and great opportunities. The main thing is to move forward, and that’s what the majority of the population believes. And in order to fully understand whether you need to relocate, let’s break down how much does it cost to live in New Jersey:

  1. The median household income is around $70,000, but the market also offers higher-paying job opportunities depending on one’s specialization.
  2. New Jersey is among the top 10 most expensive and wealthiest states.
  3. For a family of four, a minimum of $7,100 per month is required to cover the average cost of living in New Jersey.

New York vs New Jersey 

Comparing NY vs NJ, every individual must precisely determine what will be the best and correct choice for them – New York or New Jersey, as the difference between the cities is truly colossal. The comparative list will help you make up your mind:

  1. In New Jersey, people’s incomes are around $71,000 and higher per year, while in New York, this figure is approximately $75,000 per year.
  2. Utility costs in New Jersey can be quite high, ranging from $200 to $250 per month. New York’s utility costs are similar and can also fall within the $200-250 range.
  3. Rental prices for housing in New Jersey start from $1,600 per month, whereas in New York, you can find offers near the city center starting at $2,000 per month.
  4. Daily car rental rates in New Jersey are around $50 per day, which is comparable to rental rates for transportation in New York.
  5. Sales tax in New Jersey is 6.875%, while in New York, it is 4.5%.
  6. The average weekly grocery bill for a family of four in New Jersey ranges from $250 to $500, depending on the shopping list. In New York, it could be around $300 to $600.
  7. Buying a property in New Jersey requires a minimum of $2 million, whereas in New York, similar real estate could cost $3 million or more.

Therefore, relocating from New York to New Jersey should be a well-considered decision, as you will need to prepare for slightly lower expenses compared to living in New York, but the quality of life in terms of safety will differ significantly.

Moving to New Jersey

Living in Jersey city vs NYC

Before moving to a new state, it is essential to learn more valuable information about it. Only after that, should one make a decision, as New Jersey is the most densely populated state. Approximately 9 million people live here. It is also worth remembering that the state is among the top 10 most expensive and wealthiest, and it houses a wide variety of businesses that are thriving confidently and rapidly.

Benefits of living in New Jersey

Here are the advantages of living in New Jersey that are worth highlighting:

  1. New Jersey is one of the safest, healthiest, and best places to live in the country.
  2. The state includes school districts with excellent public programs, universities, childcare centers, business centers, and everything else needed for a stable life.
  3. People have the opportunity to choose from various lifestyles – New Jersey takes pride in being the 4th most diverse state in the country.
  4. New Jersey has a highly developed business infrastructure, making it the best state in the country for conducting business.
  5. There is a possibility to rent/buy/choose a spacious apartment or house at a reasonable and acceptable cost.
  6. The state receives high marks for health, with numerous restaurants serving healthy food, plenty of parks, and other attractions, and so on.
  7. New Jersey has a great climate, with only 3 months of potentially bad weather out of the 12 months in a year.

The moving company also suggests that this state is perfect for those who enjoy a slow and measured pace of life.

Reasons not to move to New Jersey                

There are also several downsides that should be taken into account if you are determined to move to this state:

  1. Expensive cost of living.
  2. Rarely hosts interesting social events.
  3. Heavy burden of income tax.
  4. High property taxes.
  5. Owning a car is mandatory.

Furthermore, the moving company advises considering that New Jersey, despite some peculiarities, is a pleasant state to live in and is an excellent choice for getting acquainted with the USA. For instance, if you have recently relocated from another country or from a different area far from New Jersey.

Moving from NYC to NJ  

If a final decision to move to New Jersey has been made, our moving company will be delighted to assist. JP Urban Moving also organizes moves on other popular and long routes from New York: moving from NY to Florida, moving from NYC to Connecticut, moving from New York to DC. After all, this state is considered one of the best places in the country to live, work, and relax. It is often referred to as the “mentally and physically healthiest state.” It boasts green parks, historical sites and landmarks, vibrant centers, commercial hubs, restaurants offering delicious natural food, and even breweries. Additionally, it’s worth noting the convenient location of the state, as it is close to New York, Manhattan, Philadelphia, and many other popular cities.

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