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Routes - December 4, 2023

Movers NY to FL: How many New Yorkers are moving to Florida?

When it comes to who is moving to Florida, New Yorkers are currently in 1st place.

In 2023 alone, 65,000 New Yorkers relocated to the Sunshine state. Besides the zero income tax, warmer weather, gorgeous beaches and lower cost of living, there are many other reasons why life in Florida may entice New Yorkers.


Moving from NY To FL: The Expert Guide

As a top rated NYC moving company, we’ve helped hundreds of our clients with moving to Florida from NY. To better help prepare you for this relocation, we’ve compiled some facts about life in Florida and made a list of pros and cons about this move.


Cost of Moving to Florida from New York

The cost of moving from NYC to Florida can vary between $850-$9000 depending on the requirements and nature of your move. Typically the cost of your move will be based on several factors:

  1. The size of your home/apartment (a studio apartment will be cheaper than a 3 bedroom house).
  2. The time of year you plan to move (moving has a peak season and a slow season).
  3. Whether you choose to book professional New York to Florida movers or decide to do the heavy lifting yourself.

If you don’t have a large moving budget, consider renting a moving container or van and driving your belongings down to Florida yourself. A PODS container and U-Haul can be a more affordable option, but will require more heavy lifting and moving prep. If you haven’t moved before, you may also incur the risk of damaging your belongings.


How much does hiring a professional moving company from New York to Florida typically cost?

Professional movers from New York to Florida can cost anywhere between $3000-$9000. The price can increase if you book additional packing services and/or need short or long term storage solutions. Be sure to request a quote from several moving companies to better understand the estimated price point for your move.

Moving tip if you are on a budget: Moving companies are not as busy between November and April, which means you can often score a better deal on your move!


The best New York City moving companies from New York to Florida

Rated one of NYC’s best moving companies by New York Magazine, JP Urban Moving is a local and long distance moving company based in NYC that offers long distance moves to Florida.

One of the benefits of using a licensed and insured moving company like JP Urban Moving is the assurance that your belongings will be well-protected and transported safely. Moreover, JP Urban specializes in moving delicate and fragile items like pianos, art and antiques.


Benefits of hiring professional NYC to Florida Movers

  • Movers will disassemble furniture and securely wrap it for safe transportation over long distances;
  • Movers will professionally pack and protect household items including artwork, electronics, TV’s, and other delicate/fragile items prone to damage;
  • Movers will perform loading and unloading tasks and other related duties;
  • Movers will reassemble furniture as required and place all items in appropriate places in your new location

If requested, we can provide you with all necessary packing supplies and materials so that you can focus on other aspects of the move (like finding a new school for your kids, or a new pediatrician). We also do full-service packing and unpacking if needed.


Cost of living: New York City vs Florida

The cost of living will largely vary based on what city in Florida you are moving to. As of 2023, the most expensive city in Florida is Tampa while the most affordable city in Florida is Jacksonville. Other more expensive cities in Florida include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Palm Beach

However, in terms of the statewide average, below you’d find a brief comparison of the cost of living differences between NYC and Florida.


GROCERIES (Per person, per month) $468.71 $324
AVERAGE HOME PRICE $799,000 $392,000


In terms of groceries, tax rate, rent and real estate, life in Florida is significantly more affordable than NYC.


How is life different in New York City compared to Florida?

Lack of public transportation

Unlike NYC, life in Florida is very car centric. While there are walkable areas within cities, most people get around by car. In recent years there have been developments in public transportation such as the Brightline high-speed rail, however, public transit throughout the state is still not as robust as in NYC.

Slower paced life

Another major difference between NYC and Florida is that life in Florida tends to be more slow paced. While there are big cities in Florida like Miami, most people in Florida tend to live in houses in the suburbs with front lawns and backyards instead of in giant apartment buildings.

Tropical Nature

The subtropical climate of Florida offers a bounty of beautiful flora and fauna. In addition to Florida’s iconic palm trees, there are also plenty of mangroves, swamps and springs. In Florida, there are many attractions that involve nature such as going fishing, going to the beach, going for a bike ride and enjoying the national parks like the Everglades. With no real winter in Florida, you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

Higher crime rates

When it comes to crime rates, New York has a lower homicide rate, incarceration rate as well as violent and property crime rate. However, Florida’s crime rates remain close to the national average.

Crime rates in New York and Florida (2023)

Violent Crime Rate (per 100k residents) 358.6 378.4
Property Crime Rate (per 100k residents) 1,373.3 2,145.7
Homicide (per 100k residents) 2.9 5.2
Incarceration (per 100k residents) 420 870

Source: Stanford University

However, the actual risk of crime will differ depending on what part of NYC or Florida you are moving to or from.


Considerations for moving from NY to Florida (pros vs. cons)

Pros of moving from NYC to Florida

No Income Tax

Florida is a zero income tax state, which means that you’ll likely get a nice tax break if you move from NYC to Florida.

Warm weather

The average winters in Florida are quite mild. You will rarely have to wear a heavy jacket and can even enjoy the beach in January.

Low unemployment rate

Florida has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country at 2.7%. Meanwhile the unemployment rate in NYC hovers around 5.4%

Cons of moving from NYC to Florida

High humidity

Summers in Florida can be absolutely brutal. The high humidity can damage homes and lead to mold and other animal infestations. However, for some, hot summers and high humidity may be preferable to New York winters.

Lower salaries

The average salary in NYC is $71,000, compared to the average salary in Florida which is around $56,000. In general, wages in Florida tend to be lower, however, with remote working you can potentially keep your NYC wage and still relocate in Florida.

Hurricane season

Florida experiences an annual hurricane season along with heavy rain. Every June to October, the coastal areas of Florida experience strong winds and rain, and sometimes, even category 5 hurricanes.


FAQs about moving from New York to Florida

How far in advance should I book my move?

For long distance moves like NYC to Florida, we recommend booking our moving services 6 to 8 weeks in advance.  During peak moving seasons (spring and summer), we recommend booking your move as early as possible to secure your desired move date and ensure availability on our schedule. Feel free to contact us in advance, or check our availability page for more information.

Will you provide moving boxes?

We can provide a range of packing supplies including boxes, packing materials and even reusable moving bins. The additional cost of this service will be included in the moving estimate.

How long does the move from New York to Florida take?

The move from NYC to Florida takes approximately 2 days with door to door service (excluding additional time for packing and unpacking). Due to the long distance nature of the move, be sure to pack a suitcase with emergency supplies since you won’t have the bulk of your stuff on hand.


Ready to move to Florida from NY?

JP Urban Moving is a NY based moving company that specializes in local and long distance movers. With over 10 years of moving experience, we can help relocate you to Florida safely. Be sure to request a free estimate from our team. We also offer various deals and discounts for first time and repeat clients.

JP Urban Moving also organizes several long distance routes from New York including NY to DC, NYC to Connecticut, New York to New Jersey , NYC to Philly and NYC to Boston.

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