Moving from New York to Florida

Routes - July 13, 2023

Moving from New York to Florida involves several important considerations.

  1. First, you’ll need to establish a budget for the move to Florida to NY.
  2. Second, decide whether you’ll hire a moving company to help you move to Florida to NY or handle it yourself.
  3. Finally, be clear about the dates for your move to Florida to NY.

Once you’ve taken care of the initial details for moving from New York to Florida, you’ll need to consider that hiring professional movers could still result in higher costs. Find out more about this in the article.

Moving to Florida

Movers from NY to Florida

For a comfortable and high-quality experience moving from NY to Florida, it’s best to choose a reliable and a “point-to-point” delivery service like JP Urban Moving. For long distance moving, most companies will consolidate your belongings with other customers’ shipment, or the mover will hand off your items to a 3rd party for delivery. What customers like most about moving from NY to Florida with JP Urban Moving, is that you’ll have a dedicated truck, and your items will be delivered directly by JP Urban Moving to your final destination.

Cost of moving from NY to Florida

Hiring a moving company is a significant decision, and will cost more than moving by yourself. However, the benefits of hiring professional movers will help you save on time, effort, and reduce stress from the overall moving process. For all New Yorkers moving to Florida, it is essential that you know and prepare for the estimated cost of the service. Typically, the price can vary at the low end from $5,000 and can reach $10,000 or higher depending on the size, nature and complexity of your move.

It is important to note that NYC to Florida movers will be required to do the following tasks, including:

  • disassemble furniture and securely wrap it for safe transportation over long distances;
  • professionally pack and protect household items including artwork, electronics, TV’s, and other delicate/fragile items prone to damage
  • perform loading and unloading tasks and other related duties;
  • reassemble furniture as required and place all items in appropriate places in your new location

In simple terms, movers from NY to Florida handle all the work, heavy lifting, and sometimes even double as truck drivers for transportation. The total cost will depend on the size of your home and the items you need to move, whether it’s a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom or more. Additionally, if you require the mover to pack for you, the cost of materials and service will also be factored into the overall price.

Things to know before moving to Florida

When it comes to Florida vs New York, some facts must be taken into account. For example,

  • Florida is the only state where every citizen, regardless of citizenship, is exempt from payroll taxes.
  • No tax or interest is levied on dividends or income received from private professional activities.
  • The lack of taxes and such loyal laws make this state in the eastern United States one of the most attractive places to live permanently.
  • The base interest rate on sales is also very low, at 6 percent of sales.
  • The federal fee is the same for all districts. Depending on the annual profit of the company, its legal form and other factors, its size ranges from 15 to 35% (the percentage is taxed only on the net profit of businesses).
  • Property tax is paid annually by property owners in the amount of 1.1% of the liquid value of housing.
  • There is a telephone tax of 6.65% and a satellite (quota) tax of 10.8%.
  • Fuel Tax (for each gallon purchased, the consumer pays about 36.50 cents to the state).

As we can see, New York vs Florida is really more expensive to live in because taxes are higher there, so people should look at the general facts and decide where they are more comfortable to live.

Moving from NY to Florida

New York vs Florida

Any moving from NY to FL should be thought through to the last detail. Even in the case movers NY to FL will do all the work, it is important to be aware of other important factors. So, the cheapest way to move from NY to FL – is to be aware of some of the details and basic attributes. Things to know before moving to Florida are described below.

  1. Renting in Florida will cost about $1,200, while in New York it will be higher, from $1,300 and up.
  2. Buying a quality home in Florida will cost about $360,000, but in New York it will cost about $382,000 or more for a similarly sized house.
  3. The average income (per person) in Florida is considered a figure of 58 thousand dollars, while in New York the figure is much higher – 72 thousand U.S. dollars and above.
  4. The cost of living indices are also very different. Florida is 98, but New York is 100.
  5. As for the unemployment rate, the percentage is much lower in Florida at 3.5, but in New York the figure is much higher at 5.3%.
  6. The various sales taxes (we are talking about the average) are also noticeable, because in Florida it is 7.08 percent, but in New York the figure is higher – 8.52 percent.
  7. State income taxes also differ from state to state, for example, in Florida it is 0.0 percent, while in New York it is 10.9 percent.

Thus, moving from NYC to Florida is much more advantageous in almost all basic indicators, which affect a comfortable, moderate and even to some extent happy life.

Pros and cons of moving to Florida from New York

Before carrying out moving to Florida from New York it is necessary to understand what are the advantages of living in Florida and how it differs from the life of people in New York. The advantages are really quite a few:

  1. Florida is one of the warmest places on the North American continent, where you can not only find affordable housing, but also find lucrative jobs. New York, on the other hand, can be too cold in the winter and sometimes, though rarely, it snows.
  2. The state offers a wide range of water activities for all tastes. New York is dominated by the natural beauty of high-rise buildings, populated streets, and the presence of lots of traffic.
  3. Florida, thanks to its loyal laws and low taxes, offers many economic prospects. In New York, the range of economic opportunities is also great, but you have to pay a lot of taxes.
  4. The state features some of the world’s leading and world-renowned entertainment options. New York City is dominated by mostly outdoor recreation.
  5. Florida has amazing flora and fauna, world-class beaches, and a very mild winter climate. New York has many tourist and commercial destinations.

If we talk about the disadvantages of living in Florida, then moving company NY to Florida offers to get acquainted with them as well:

  1. Florida is very hot and humid, especially in the summer, but New York has very cold winters.
  2. The weather tends to change quickly, and sometimes thunderstorms lead to power outages (although services are working hard and dealing with problems at that time).
  3. There are a lot of bugs and lizards in Florida, which you have to be mentally prepared for.
  4. Some parts of the state are overly touristy, so you can find large groups of walking tourists.
  5. Also Florida has a high crime rate, which can not be said about crowded New York, where the police at every turn and monitor the law.

In addition, moving company New York to Florida suggest to note that the cost of living in New York City is quite high.

Things to do in Florida

There are many subtleties to consider when moving to a new state. So, even moving company from New York to Florida will take care of everything, and movers NY to Florida will do the job perfectly, but it’s still important to be aware of places to have fun at your leisure after you move. Some such places in your new state that will delight you with a variety of activities and even something interesting, cool, and memorable include the following:

  1. Walt Disney World Recreation Center.
  2. South beach.
  3. Kennedy Space Center.
  4. Universal Studios Orlando.
  5. Everglades National Park.
No. Name Brief description Entry fee Work schedule Contact details
1. Walt Disney World Recreation Center Walt Disney Park is not only the largest in size, but also the most visited in the world. From $50 and up (depending on the program you choose). Round the clock Telephone:+1 407-939-5277.
2. South beach. Mentioned as one of the best world beaches. Paid parking for cars. Round the clock Address: Ocean Drive, FL 33139, Miami Beach.
3. Kennedy Space Center. It is an entire complex of facilities where spacecraft are launched and missions are controlled. The complex belongs to NASA. From $50 and up (prices may vary). Open from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM. Telephone: +1 321-867-5000.
4. Universal Studios Orlando. The park, which was founded by Steven Spielberg, so that every visitor could become a hero of his favorite blockbuster (Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Marvel villains, etc.). From $50 and up. Daytime hours from morning to evening. Address: 6000 Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando
5. Everglades National Park. Florida’s Everglades National Park contains rare fauna and rich flora, a unique neighborhood of alligators and crocodiles. Different prices – depending on the chosen tour and program. Visiting during daytime hours.


Moving from NY to Florida

Florida is quite realistic to consider as a chic option for living. By ordering moving company from NY to Florida you can save yourself the hassle of moving. JP Urban Moving also organizes moves on other popular and long routes from New York: moving from NY to DC, moving from NYC to Connecticut, moving from New York to New Jersey. The state will not only offer prospects for different businesses or start-ups, but it will also be a pleasant and affordable place to live comfortably. Knowing all of pros and cons of moving to Florida from New York, you will definitely be able to prepare for any situation and take advantage of the state’s economic advantages, its stable economy, loyal laws and other useful and effective tools to start your own business in Florida.

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