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Connecticut stands out for its conservatism due to being one of the oldest states in America. It was founded in 1788 and has since been considered a very friendly, safe, peaceful, and democratic state. Besides its rich history, it boasts attractive nature, numerous landmarks, and beautiful tourist destinations. Relocating to this state should be well-thought-out, as it is essential to secure housing, employment, and ultimately, a city to settle in. Our moving company would be happy to handle all the hassles related to residential or even commercial moving, and our experienced movers NYC to CT will approach the job with all its specifics in mind.

Movers NYC to CT   

To order a moving service, you need to choose the right company where movers from NY to Connecticut understand and value the essence of their work. It’s worth turning to a reputable company like NYC moving company, which values its reputation and takes good care of it. This is confirmed by positive reviews from clients who have already relocated from New York to Connecticut and were completely satisfied with the high-quality service they received. Before moving to a slightly “fussy” state with charming architecture, it’s essential to hire movers NYC to CT who can handle the processes of packing and transporting your belongings. It’s also advisable to book the date in advance by contacting the managers either by phone or by submitting a request on their website for a callback.

How much does it cost to move from New York to Connecticut?   

The final price for the move can only be calculated after the client decides on the services they wish to order. In any case, qualified NYC to CT movers will do an excellent job, but it is essential to understand what kind of order needs to be fulfilled. To do this, it is important to determine what to order from the long-distance moving company. The final price will be formed based on the number of services required. The services include:

  1. Assessment of the amount of work.
  2. Preparatory work, dismantling, assembly, or disassembly of furniture (if necessary).
  3. Packing of belongings (if necessary).
  4. Carrying boxes to the truck.
  5. Moving belongings up or down a floor.
  6. Loading and securing items in the van.
  7. Transporting belongings from point A to point B.
  8. Door-to-door delivery.
  9. Unloading at the new address.
  10. Removal of trash and unnecessary packaging (if necessary, discussed in advance).
  11. Disposal of unwanted furniture.
  12. Short-term or long-term storage, and much more.

Cities in Connecticut close to NYC        

An interesting fact is that the state has a second name, “New England,” and it is, of course, bordered by the incredibly beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Besides this cool feature, it should be noted that on the southwest side, there are cities that are closest to NYC and are essentially considered parts of this large metropolis. These cities are:

  1. Bridgeport: This city is known for its historical and port significance. It has a relatively large population (about 150,000) and offers everything from entertainment to job opportunities. The city’s industrial sector and many others are well-developed.
  2. New Haven: Located in the northeast near Long Island Sound, this city is loved for its elegant urban museums and charming church houses. It is also home to the popular Yale University, which is a dream school for many American students. With a population of about 130,000, the city has everything needed for living and personal growth.
  3. Stamford: This city offers a wonderful combination of entertainment and attractions. Its residents (around 135,000) enjoy a household income that is, on average, 89 percent higher than in other regions and cities. This is due to the high quality of life, presence of Stanford University, low crime rates, and the proximity to NYC, which also houses major financial centers with renowned global companies.
  4. Waterbury: Situated right on the Naugatuck River, this city is home to approximately 120,000 people. It has industrial potential as more and more companies in various production fields are establishing themselves here. The city is also home to the Post University and other higher education institutions, making it popular among students.

In addition, neighboring regions closest to New York City include Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The capital of CT is Hartford, the largest city in the state.

How far is Connecticut from New York

To order moving services from a moving company, which will also include the distance that movers need to travel movers NYC to CT, it is important to know this measurement. The distance is approximately 155 kilometers and will take about 2 hours of travel time for both passenger and commercial vehicles. In miles, this distance is equal to 100.1 miles, which is exactly 2 hours and 16 minutes of travel time. However, it should be noted that the distance may vary depending on the move’s starting point (from the client) and the destination location (where the belongings need to be delivered). Based on this, the pricing for transportation will be determined.

How to get to Connecticut from NYC

There are only 4 main ways to get from Connecticut to New York today, and they are as follows:

  1. By train. This mode of transportation will take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  2. By bus. It is quite feasible to reach the destination in 1 hour and 55 minutes using this mode of transportation.
  3. By car. If you have your own vehicle, you can get there in 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  4. By plane. Surprisingly, traveling by plane will take the longest time, around 2 hours and 30 minutes for the entire journey.

Cheap places to live in Connecticut     

When planning a move to this state, even if our movers NYC to CT take care of all the concerns, it is essential to prepare at least some things. We are talking about buying or renting a property. The cost of housing depends on the choice of city and the distance of the apartment or house from the city center. On average, purchasing your own property, specifically an apartment, will cost around 700,000 US dollars for 150-200 square meters. If you are considering upscale neighborhoods and apartment options, it may cost over 1 million US dollars. Again, this depends on the distance from the city center and the city you choose.

As for renting, you can find moderately priced accommodation, starting from 1100 US dollars per month without utility bills for a one-bedroom apartment. However, renting a house with its own territory will be more expensive, starting from 2000-2500 US dollars and above.

Things to know before moving to Connecticut  

If you have already booked a moving service, and soon movers NYC to CT will come to load everything onto the cargo transport, you should take into account the following facts that you essentially agree to. Knowing interesting information before moving to the state, you can be sure that you have considered all the nuances:

  1. Connecticut is located in the northeastern part of America.
  2. The state has a small area, covering about 14,360 square kilometers.
  3. It is situated not far from the famous and beloved metropolis, New York.
  4. The state is known for preparing the first hamburger, which later became the most remarkable, popular, and favorite dish among people throughout the country.
  5. This state with beautiful nature is also washed by the waters of one of the most famous bays called Long Island.
  6. Most of the territory consists of forests, as well as sandy or hilly areas.
  7. The state is named after a river that flows through its territory and spans 30,000 kilometers.

New York vs Connecticut   

Why is Connecticut so good that it’s worth moving to this state and forgetting about New York:

  1. Public transportation in Connecticut is poorly developed – it exists, but it’s very limited. In New York, it will be much easier and faster to get where you need to go.
  2. Connecticut lacks many cultural events, whereas in New York, there will be a multitude of them (concerts, celebrations, museums, exhibitions).
  3. Connecticut has a low crime rate, so you can go for a walk with your dog and not even lock the doors, which can’t be said about New York, where thefts and break-ins happen much more frequently.
  4. Car rental prices in Connecticut start at around $50 per day, which is similar to New York, so the prices for this service are reasonable.
  5. Clothing, footwear, and everything else can be bought at democratic and reasonable prices, both in Connecticut and in New York – the prices are approximately the same.
  6. Connecticut is a state with a small population – about 3.6 million people, while New York has a population of 8.5 million, which is much higher.
  7. In Connecticut, you can find both cheap and expensive products – it depends on needs and preferences, similar to New York.
  8. Connecticut is dominated by mountains and forested areas, surrounded by nature and beauty, while in New York, it’s mostly filled with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

Is Connecticut a good state to live in

Living in this state is an excellent choice for those who have been invited to a high-paying position. After all, salary does matter. The state boasts above-average salaries, approximately $88,300 per year, which is significantly higher than even in New York, where average salaries amount to around $71,000 per year. Moreover, every family can find accommodation without much difficulty, as there are plenty of options available for renting or buying – from modest to luxurious and prestigious ones. Additionally, this place will appeal to those who enjoy a quiet and peaceful life without hustle and bustle.

Pros and cons of living in Connecticut

If we talk exclusively about the benefits of moving to this state, they include:

  1. Excellent development of various spheres of human activity (insurance, tourism, industry, education, and so on).
  2. Numerous attractions, including the popular Yale University and other colleges and universities.
  3. Rich and well-developed infrastructure – presence of parks, restaurants, shops, public and cultural centers, and more.
  4. The opportunity to lead a peaceful, moderate life, go to the beaches of Long Island and beyond.
  5. Many entertainment centers and interesting places for both children and adults.
  6. The state has a predominantly continental climate with four seasons, which means that in winter, the temperature can reach minus 6-7 degrees, and in summer, it can reach up to 35 degrees and more, while the average temperatures are maintained in autumn and spring.
  7. The possibility of obtaining a well-paid job by being a skilled specialist, as the state actively develops industrial, manufacturing, and other business sectors.

Reasons not to live in Connecticut               

Naturally, it is impossible to talk only about the advantages; it is also necessary to mention the downsides so that you are prepared for everything. These include:

  1. In winter, a lot of snow falls, and throughout the year, there are very few sunny days. The weather is more cloudy than sunny.
  2. Generally, if a person has not been invited to a position, finding a job independently is very difficult – one must be a true professional in one of the demanded fields.
  3. High taxes prevail, including those on living expenses.
  4. Everyone must have their own car, otherwise getting somewhere will be an almost impossible task.

NYC to CT movers

Moving with a professional moving company is a smart and wise decision. JP Urban Moving also organizes moves on other popular and long routes from New York: moving from NY to Florida, moving from NYC to DC, moving from New York to New Jersey , moving to Manhattan, moving to Philly , moving to Boston .The main thing to remember is that Connecticut is a state with great prospects, as it is home to numerous universities that attract students from all over the world. The state offers opportunities to find well-paid jobs and live a peaceful life. Everything in Connecticut is designed for a moderate lifestyle, which is why movers NYC to CT are ready to assist with the relocation as soon as the client makes such a request.

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