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Best places to live in - September 10, 2023

NYC is a pretty amazing place, that we can all agree. Across the five New York boroughs, there is a place where everyone can feel comfortable to live in. However, without a doubt, the two most prominent boroughs are Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Brooklyn has been on the rise recently, and it just keeps on growing in popularity among the NYC newcomers. Manhattan, on the other hand, has been considered as the heart and soul of the city for decades, so it is no wonder people often choose it as their home. Therefore, if you are considering changing your surroundings and moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, know that you are not alone. You are embarking on a well-paved path a lot of people have crossed before you!

A view of the Chrysler Building in New York
There is a place for everyone in a city as great as New York.

The pros of moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

So, the decision has been made to make a move to Manhattan. Good choice! We here at Brooklyn Movers give you some advantages of such a move.

Manhattan is the epicenter of everything

Just like previously mentioned, nothing is more iconic for the Big Apple than Manhattan. This borough is what dreams are made of, and it can make your NYC life pretty wondrous. Whether it is fun, nightclubs or restaurant outings you are looking for, Manhattan has it all!

Everything is within your reach

The beauty of living in Manhattan is that everything is within your reach. The stores are open 24/7, there are many of them and they seem to be at every corner. Besides, if you are living in Manhattan, you are already close to all the amenities and facilities typical for the Big Apple, so getting to them will be a piece of cake!

After moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you will be close to Central Park

Located right in the middle of the bustling and crowded Manhattan, Central Park is arguably the most recognizable NYC landmark, right after the Statue of Liberty. If you move to Manhattan, that means that you will be able to harvest all the possibilities of being close to Central Park. Picnics, early-morning jogs, afternoon strolls – your options are limitless!

An aerial view of Central Park.
Central Park is good to visit all year round and it is definitely a big reason for moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

You get to participate in the development of Manhattan

Manhattan is constantly changing, and for the better. Besides, everyone here is so preoccupied with their own lives, that you have the freedom to do whatever you like. You already know you will not be criticized, as unless you tell it, there is a chance no one will notice it. So, if you have any hobby you were too shy of pursuing, the time has come for you to do it. After moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you will gain a certain dose of independence and courage you can only get here!

Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan – the cons

As with everything else in life, there are two sides to this story, as well. There are some drawbacks of relocating to Manhattan from Brooklyn, and here you find out what they are!

The cost of living is higher

We start with the most obvious one. Everyone knows that Manhattan is the most expensive NYC borough. If you were in a delusion that you will save money while making this move, you were wrong. Everything in Manhattan costs more, including:

  • Food
  • Restaurant meals
  • Housing prices
  • Utilities 

The only responsible thing to do before making this move would be to research the prices. Sit down and think whether this move is really something you can afford. You wouldn`t want to make a mistake and get yourself in a lot of debt, would you?

A gold piggy bank.
When moving to Manhattan from Brooklyn, you might need to dig into your piggy bank!

Brooklyn is better for families than Manhattan

If you plan on moving with children to Manhattan, you might want to give it a second thought. In general, Brooklyn is a much better place for families than Manhattan. This is due to the fact that life in Manhattan is fast-paced and crowded, which does not paint a picture perfect for family life. Staying in family-friendly Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Flatbush and Green Point might not be a bad idea.

The difference in the size of homes

In case you were living in a three-bedroom home in Brooklyn, be ready to downsize. In Manhattan, condo life is the predominant one. Besides, the prices are much higher, so for the sum of money you were paying for an average-sized home in Brooklyn, you will be able to get a one to a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. If you have a big family, moving to Manhattan might not be doable.

You become dependent on public transport

If you move from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you can say goodbye to your vehicle. Driving in Manhattan is next to impossible. And, while you were riding your car or bike to work in Brooklyn, in Manhattan you will have to depend on the subway schedule. However, the good thing is that the subway system is punctual and affordable, so not all is lost!

A yellow cab on the street.
Yellow cabs are all the vehicles you need when moving to Manhattan.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

This is something only you can decide! Whether making a residential or commercial move to Manhattan, you need to carefully take both the pros and cons into consideration. What you need right now is to make an informed decision, which you can only do after a thorough analysis. And, lighten up – if nothing else, moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan will be an adventure. Who knows what good this new lifestyle can bring in your life? At the end of the day, you will get to live in one of the greatest places in the world, which is an accomplishment by itself. What we can do is wish you good luck and tell you that we are here should you need us!

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