Safety Procedures for COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)

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Most trusted NYC Mover – COVID-19

Dear Customers, 

At JP Urban Moving, we are committed to maintaining the health and safety of our employees, customers, and community.  

Our vaccinated movers are equipped, trained and ready to provide a safe and efficient service. Given the recent changes to the citywide mask mandates, if you would like your movers or anyone on site to wear masks throughout the service, please let us know.

Despite the changes to COVID protocols, we have always required customers to give the team a minimum of 8-feet of space during the job. It is imperative that teams have the space to conduct their work safely and efficiently. If you are getting in the way, that will delay the job and inevitably affect the final cost on the hourly estimate.




Since the offset of the pandemic to the Delta and Omicron mutations, we have been carrying out our full schedule of moves without incident. We closely monitor information related to the COVID-19 daily and want to assure you that we are always prepared and ready to help you relocate safely and efficiently, with peace of mind.

All of our movers are trained in the best up-to-date practices of sanitation and hygiene and follow strict safety protocols for conducting safe moves and avoiding the spread or contraction of the virus.

Our movers are vaccinated and monitored daily. They wear PPE gear on every job and arrive for your move equipped with masks, disposable gloves, booties, sanitizers, and antiviral cleaning agents. Plus, our trucks, blankets, and moving materials are thoroughly and frequently sanitized and cleaned. 

In addition to a vaccinated workforce, the following safety protocols are currently in place:

– We disinfect our trucks thoroughly with commercial-grade sanitizers and keep them fully stocked with all the necessary moving and cleaning supplies.

– We monitor our movers daily –  they are asked to quarantine if they knowingly have been exposed to or have shown symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

– Movers are fully trained in the best up-to-date practices of sanitation and hygiene and follow strict safety protocols.

– Movers wear PPE gear (masks and gloves) provided by our company on every job at all times. If requested, our movers can wear booties and put down masonite for protection and remove it after the job.

– We use disinfectant wipes to clean frequently touched areas throughout the move.

We adhere to the CDC precautions and the guidelines of the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association), of which we are a member.




The following safety procedures for COVID-19 are in place to move you safely and efficiently as possible:

No-Contact Moves: We facilitate no-contact moves, and we take remote move management to another level. You can provide instructions before your move or speak with us on video during the job. Therefore, once you book with us, you can send us photos, floor plans, directions, etc., and we’ll brief the Foreman. If we have any questions during the move, we will contact you via phone or video chat. We’ll go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Extra Precaution: Our movers wear gloves and masks on every job (and booties – optional upon requests). Please let us know at the time of your booking if you would like to include booties ($2 per pair).

We are conducting virtual estimates: However, if you’re unavailable during office hours, you can record a video of your home and send it to us for a quote. Learn more about video estimates, what to expect and how to conduct your own.

Move-in/Move-out Building Procedures: If applicable, please check with your building(s) and confirm their COVID-19 Moving procedures. Let us know if there are guidelines we need to keep in mind. Notably, any restrictions on access to the building elevator, loading/unloading? The more we know, the better we can plan a more efficient move for you. If you need to share a letter with your building management, please this PDF – JP Urban Moving COVID-19 Letter.




Not all NYC moving companies offer the same quality and safety precautions for COVID-19 moving. A trusted and reputable moving company understands that safety is your number one priority and already has a system to ensure a safe moving experience.

Whether you are choosing to move with another NYC moving company or us, it is essential to follow these guidelines: 

  1. Postpone your move if you or members of your household are sick or have shown symptoms. 
  2. On moving day, keep six feet social distance – It might be easier to stage all your boxes in one room and stay in another room during the move.
  3. Please wear masks when being present for the move. We are happy to provide you with masks and other PPE gear upon request.
  4. Before the movers arrive, please clean/disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, especially doorknobs and handles. 
  5. Please open windows and let the air circulate freely and allow movers to wash their hands when necessary.







Moving companies are designated as essential service providers by NYS Executive Order 202.6.

Guidance on NYS Executive Order 202.6 – for determining essential businesses/services 

American Moving & Storage Association – Guidance for Consumers Moving 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

NYS Department of Health – Specific resources and guidance for travelers, households, pregnant women and children, people who are sick, small business owners, schools, businesses, healthcare professionals, health departments, laboratories, emergency management 

We appreciate the trust that you place in us. There are hundreds of NYC Moving Companies to choose from. However, not all moving companies offer the same quality and safety measures for your move. We know your moving matters, and we are confident we can make your moving experience as safe and stress-free as possible. Above all, we will continue to work with strict safety protocols and take actions necessary to continue to keep our workers, customers, and community safe.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 718-962-1925. 



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