How to search for affordable movers in Brooklyn?

Moving guides - December 2, 2018

If you’re starting to plan your move, get ready – because your expenses during this period will just keep piling up. Yeah, a relocation isn’t a cheap undertaking – that’s why people don’t do it very often. And even if you’re just moving around New York – you’ll still have to come up with some money to spend on this. That’s everyone tries to save as much money while they’re moving as they can. But it’s not an easy thing to do – because skimping on important things may have you spending even more money down the road. Don’t worry though – that’s why we are here to give you tips on movers Brooklyn!

Should I just do it myself?

Once you start looking for ways to cut down on moving costs, one thing is certain. Eventually, you will come to the idea of doing the relocation on your own. After all, how hard can it be? Get a couple of friends over, put a few six-packs in the cooler, and just start packing and loading everything onto a rented van. And it’s much cheaper than hiring even the most affordable movers Brooklyn, right?

Well, not necessarily. The issue with a DIY relocation is simple – it’s really cheap if it works out well. But if it doesn’t it can become quite expensive. How so? Well, you’re handling all of your personal property here – so you’ll end up paying for any damages. And trust us – if you’re not working with professionals, there are countless things that can go wrong. That’s why the moving industry thrives in the first place – it’s just one of the stuff people leave to masters of the trade. So in the end, it’s a matter of making a cost risk assessment for your move.

A person doing a cost-risk assessment with graphs and a calculator.
You’ll need to strike a balance between cost and risk!

Other cheap alternatives

Don’t worry though – there are quite a few ways to relocate cheaply, and quite a few different deals you can make with affordable movers Brooklyn. If you have all of the information, you’ll have no trouble at all with navigating yourself into an agreeable deal. For example, you can:

  • Going with a large moving company – There are a couple of industry giants out there that work with fleets of huge trucks. So while you may be able to find some cheaper options there, bear this in mind. You’ll probably be sharing truck space with someone else who’s relocating. And because these trucks do numerous country-wide relocations in one go, the wait times can be up to a few weeks!
  • Just loading the van – You can always hire affordable movers Brooklyn to simply drive their van from your old home to your new one. In this scenario, of course, you would pack up your household and load the stuff onto the truck yourself. It may not be the easiest solution, but it is less expensive.
  • Just driving the van – This kind of deal is the mirror image of the previous one. It all depends on what you find preferable – doing the heavy lifting or driving a truck to the streets of New York City. Whichever one of these you pick, it’s a bigger hassle than just hiring a moving company outright. But, you may be able to save money on moving.
A fleet of moving trucks from affordable movers Brooklyn on a highway.
There are plenty of huge moving companies out there – but they also have drawbacks.

Find enough references for affordable movers Brooklyn

So sure, we’ve shown you some ways to save cash – but if you actually wanted to hire full-fledged affordable movers in Brooklyn, how would you go about doing it? It’s not that difficult, really – the trick is just knowing where to start. And that’s one simple thing – getting as many reviews as you can. Also, we don’t mean online references, not at this stage anyway. When you’re looking for cheaper moving companies, it’s important to maintain that balance between quality and affordability. So while you don’t want to break the bank, you also don’t want to hire bad, or even worse – fraudulent movers. Which is why you should stick to word-of-mouth from friends and family for now. And then once you’re down to a few choices – look them up online and see what other people say.

The moving estimate is a telltale sign

Once you’re down to a few affordable movers Brooklyn, it’s time to contact them. And then, when you’ve received their offers, you can proceed to choose one and discard the others. But you should know – at this stage, you should pay attention to more than just the offers themselves. In fact – the way that your potential movers behave while presenting their estimate will tell you a lot about them.

A woman making a phone-call in front of a laptop.
You’ll know if your affordable movers Brooklyn are professionals from the very first call!

Pay close attention

For example – if the first thing they ask you about is your moving budget, it’s already a reason to be suspicious. That means they’ll just tailor their moving estimate to fit your price range. But why is that bad, you ask? Well, it means they’re probably not getting much work, and have to fight tooth and nail for every customer. True, respectable movers will focus on your actual household, and the moving services you need. And plus, they will definitely not make a final estimate before doing a walk-through of your home, to see everything for themselves.

Simply put, serious moving companies take their work seriously, and would never give an off-handed estimate. When you see that the movers are dedicated to your relocation from the moment they’ve picked up the phone – that’s a much safer bet.

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