How to pack liquids for moving

Moving guides - October 11, 2023

When you want to successfully pack for a move, it is all about staying organized. You have to pay attention not to overstuff your boxes. You have to learn how to wrap fragile items. And let’s not forget the issue of finding the best way to safely pack liquids for moving. Learning how to pack liquids for moving can be an especially tricky task, depending on what kinds we’re talking about. Why mention this? Well, you should know straight away that many liquids prohibited to transport in any form or way since they’re combustible. But there are other reasons as well. Long-distance movers Brooklyn would recommend you not pack liquids for moving. Or at the very least, ask someone to supervise this process. We’re going to share some official lists of what you can and can’t move, so keep on reading.

Prohibited liquids

Liquids that you can’t load on a moving truck include flammable gases, poisons, toxic substances, and more. If you’re thinking that you don’t own any of these things in your house, you’d be wrong! You’d be surprised what everyday items fulfill these parameters.

Two cans with Caution signs
If you really need to move your liquids, consider which you really need to move.

So if you want to pack liquids for moving, you need to avoid: nail polish remover, bleach, cleaning solvents, lighter fluid, paint, fertilizer, pesticides, etc. Long list, huh? Brooklyn movers will not take them, which means that you’ll have to arrange some other type of transport. However, our advice would be that you dispose of them completely. While it might seem like you are throwing money away, reputable movers say it’s better to be safe than sorry!

  • Aerosol cans
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia 
  • Nail polish/remover
  • Paints/varnishes
  • Lighter fluid
  • Chemistry sets
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Darkroom chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fuels/oils (drain equipment of these fluids about three weeks in advance)
  • Kerosene 
  • Pesticides
  • Poisons
  • Pool chemicals 
  • Propane tanks
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Sterno fuel
  • Weedkiller

How to safely pack liquids

If you are moving within your city, packing liquids for moving could be very easy. You can simply place the items in a box and slowly drive to your new abode. Or you can enjoy the benefits of short term storage in Brooklyn. However, when it comes to a cross country move, it is more imperative that you seal and secure your liquid containers. Here are a few tips for how to pack liquids for moving if you need to risk transporting some in your car:

1. Pack liquids for moving in a sturdy plastic or aluminum bin, not a cardboard box.

If the liquid spills, it will seep through the cardboard, whereas a plastic bin will contain it. When something spills in a cardboard box, it creates a big mess! You could have potential leakages through the box and spills on your other items in the car.

2.  Line your bin with garbage bags or towels.

If they do spill or leak, the towels or bags will soak in the liquids and help prevent messes. Make sure the cover of the container is sealed tightly. Place a piece of tape over the top in order to seal it. As an extra precaution, remove the top from each bottle, cover the opening with a plastic bag, screw the top back on the bottle, and after that, you can again tape up the top.

3. You can even wrap it again with plastic and tape it up to make sure it would prevent spills.

Always pack liquids for moving in an upright position. Besides having the containers sealed, placed upright in the bin, try keeping them as close together as possible. Fill wholes in between items with newspaper or towels. Close the lid on the container, and secure it shut with packing tape.

How to pack liquids for moving like this purple gym bottle places on rocks by the river
Most liquids are easily replaced, and it is sometimes less expensive to buy it new than to pay to haul it across the country.

Items containing liquids you can pack and store are:

  • Any bottles of water or juice with both glass and plastic packaging can be transported. Ask your Queens movers to load them up and they will most probably agree. These are non-dangerous liquids and as long as you don’t open them, there is not much at risk for spilling.
  • Wine bottles also fall in this category but are harder to pack. And even though they are not combustible and dangerous, they are definitely fragile. Your movers may even agree to transport your wine crates. But if not, we offer these tips for packing wine bottles and glasses:

1. Use Cell Boxes

Cell boxes are pre-made containers extremely convenient for packing crystal glassware and champagne flutes. They are perfect If you want to pack for storage like a pro. They have neatly separated cardboard pockets that will prevent breakables from bumping against one another, meaning less opportunity for damage.

2. Use white tissue papers, not newspapers

The ink from newspapers will transfer on your bottles, so use white tissue paper instead. One or two sheets will be enough to protect items from scratches or dings!

Move as few liquids as possible

Restrain yourself from buying non-movable liquids as the moving day approaches. Even the ones that are allowed. You don’t want to pack large amounts of liquids for moving. Use up as many bottles of whatever you have as you can, then only pack essential liquids for moving. (Or some really expensive ones). You can throw away any that have expired or if that only have a little liquid left. Of course, you can also give them away. It’s nice to know you can donate unopened cosmetic and personal care products to homeless or women’s shelters.

Pink nail polish is a non-movable item
While it’s not easy to throw out perfectly usable items, remember that safety is worth a lot more than replacing a few bottles of nail polish remover or cans of paint.

After you pack liquids for moving, you’ll need to know how to unpack everything safely

When you unpack your liquids bin, open the top carefully. The items have surely shifted in the bin, so be careful on which surface you open the container. 

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