How to pack glassware for storage

Storage guide - September 24, 2023

Most of the people went through the moving process at least one time in their life. We all know that the moving process can be difficult, exhausting and stressful. Therefore, preparing in advance is necessary if you are planning to arrive at your new destination smoothly and without complications. So, first of all, you should organize, make a plan and create an ultimate checklist. Hiring Brooklyn Moving Company is also highly recommended. However, packing glassware will also bring you a headache, especially if you possess plenty. Today, we will help you to pack your glassware for storage!

How to Pack Glassware

If you have plenty of glassware you will need a step-by-step procedure to execute, packing properly. Everything that requires care, such as glassware and other fragile items, should be prepared and packed carefully. That’s why we are here to provide a guide with simple steps on how to pack your glassware for storage without a problem and sweat! You should know that packing glassware takes time. However, if you pack everything properly, your glassware won’t suffer any damage during the transport and storing. If you also possess a piano, and you need someone to relocate it safely, you should consider hiring piano movers Brooklyn. Let’s get back to glassware! How to pack your glassware for storage! Follow these steps:

  • Make An Inventory List
  • Gather Packing Materials
  • Wash and Dry Your Glassware
  • Wrap and Carefully Place Your Glassware In Storage Boxes
  • Label Each Box and Place them in the Moving Truck
  • Place Glassware In the Storage Unit
bubble wrap, packing tape and scissors
Protect your glassware! Get a lot of bubble wrap, packing paper, and high quality moving boxes!

Pack your glassware for storage – make an inventory list

Before you start packing, you should decide which pieces of glassware you want to save and store. If you have a lot of old and broken glassware items, you should throw them away! When you finish decluttering, and you realize how much items do you want to store, you will know what kind and size of the storage unit you should rent. If you want to rent a storage unit for a long time, you should know what are the benefits of the long-term storage rental. After that, make an inventory list of all the items you are planning to place in the storage unit! Make sure that every piece of glassware you wrap and pack ends up back in your possession.

Gather packing materials

Using old shoe boxes and newspaper for packing and protecting your glassware is not a bad idea, but not a good one neither! If you want to be sure that your glassware is protected and packed properly, you should invest in some higher quality packing materials. At a minimum, you will have to invest in:

  1. New storage boxes, double corrugated if possible
  2. Bubble wrap and packing paper
  3. Packing tape and tape cutter
  4. Colored markers and labels

Wash and dry before you pack your glassware for storage

Yes, maybe it sounds like a time-wasting process, but cleaning and drying your glassware before storing is a smart idea! Why? Since your glassware will be sitting in the moving boxes for a long period of time, if you pack them wet they will be moldy when you get them out of the storage. If your glassware is also dirty, the dirt will spread and it will be impossible to remove after a long period of time. So, before you start packing, wash and dry every glass and cup. Do this at least 24 hours before packing to be sure that everything is completely dry.

three cups
Wash and dry your glassware at least 24 hours before packing!

How to store glassware in boxes

You will need to follow this specific procedure in order to wrap all of your glassware properly. This is how you should start:

  • Lay a sheet of bubble wrap on a clean, flat surface
  • Use packing paper to stuff the hollow sections in order to avoid any residual moisture
  • Wrap the bubble wrap around each glass and mug
  • Sections such as stems and handles should have a thicker layer of bubble wrap applied
  • Secure the entire package with the packing tape

Now, placing your glassware in the storage boxes. Follow this procedure:

  • Use cardboard inserts to separate fragile items such as wine glasses and flutes
  • Coffee mugs and tumblers are sturdier and they can be stacked (placing smaller cups into bigger ones)
  • Fill the empty space inside of the box with the bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Do not overfill the boxes!

Label each box and place them in the moving truck

Get labels and different color markers before you start packing. You should know how to label moving boxes properly. When you seal the box, label it and be specific when you do that. For example, instead of writing “cups” on the box, you should write “Tea Cups and Saucers” or “Coffee Mugs” etc. This process of labeling will make the unpacking process easier when the time comes!

Be sure to protect your glassware during transport too! Place glassware boxes somewhere where they can not be damaged by a toppling object or another box. A particularly fragile object should be placed on the front seat and secured with a seat belt.

The storage unit is not the dumping place! Keep it clean and neat! First of all, you should keep your boxes away from the floor and walls. Therefore, you should use wooden pallets to create a base on the floor. Place all your boxes filled with glassware away from other objects that can fall over. Be careful and try not to stack anything heavy on top of them!

cardboad boxes, packing tape
Label each box and place them carefully in the moving truck!

Hire professionals

If you have no time to deal with the glassware packing process, you should hire Staten Island Movers and get their professional packing and unpacking services. A professional mover has plenty of experience in the moving industry and packing process is something that they can finish fast, carefully and safely. They will pack all of your glassware and relocate everything in no time. A professional mover also provides a lot of moving services, such as local and long-distance moving, storage solutions, professional packing services, fine art movers, special services such as piano and home safe move, etc.

These were the tips you should follow if you want to pack your glassware for storage like a pro! However, packing process takes a lot of time, actually the most of the time, so, if you think you can’t manage, you should definitely hire a professional moving company to assist you with your moving process and all necessary packing! Have a good trip and all the best!

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