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Before The Move - February 13, 2024

When moving apartments in NYC, chances are that you’ll have a few pieces of furniture that won’t fit comfortably in your new place. Or, maybe you have some old appliances, carpets and mattresses that simply need to go. Though it may seem like you can just leave everything outside on the curb, there are actually many laws and regulations in place surrounding furniture disposal in NYC.

There are several reliable resources and organizations in NYC that can help you repurpose, donate, or safely dispose of your furniture in NYC. And while you can go about disposing everything yourself, you can also count on licensed and professional NYC movers, like JP Urban Moving, to help with any furniture removal. We, at JP Urban Moving, strive to make the moving process as seamless as possible. We can drop off your unwanted furniture to local charities or dispose of it safely. Inform your movers in advance if you’ll need furniture disposal services. 


If you need to dispose of any furniture and electronics, you should get familiarized with the policies for large item pickup in NYC. You’ll need to follow all of the Department of Sanitation’s directions to ensure that your old furniture gets picked up and recycled. 

Furniture left curbside should not block traffic or obstruct private property.  And, if your items are not left in the correct place, the DSNY will deem them “unserviceable” and be unable to collect them. You may also be issued a fine of up to $100

Currently, NYC does not offer large item pickup by appointment and requests that you leave the furniture curbside according to their collection schedule. As 311 states online,


“Place your bulk items curbside between 6 PM and midnight the night before your collection day:

Non-recyclable items must be placed out the night before your bulk trash (“large item”) collection day (not your recycling day).

Metal and rigid plastic items must be placed out the night before your recycling collection day.”


Make sure to look up your local collection schedule so that whatever you leave curbside gets taken care of properly. Enter your address into the search bar to see when you should leave out regular garbage, large items (like furniture) and recycling. 

When it comes to recyclable items, the DSNY can collect and recycle

  • Air purifiers
  • Auto parts
  • Aluminum lawn furniture
  • Barbecue grills
  • Bedsprings/metal bed frames
  • Bicycles
  • Boilers
  • Buckets
  • Cabinets and appliances
  • Clothes dryers
  • Crates
  • Dishwashers
  • Generators
  • Large plastic toys
  • Large radio
  • Lawnmower
  • Ovens
  • Pails
  • Paper shredders
  • Pipes
  • Porcelain-coated metal bathtubs and sinks
  • Radiators
  • Snowblowers
  • Washing machines
  • Water heaters

*For a full list of what the DSNY will collect and recycle, consult their website.


When it comes to bulk item disposal, the NYC Department of Sanitation has specific rules for how to prepare certain specialty items like mattresses, electronics, lumber, debris and appliances. A bulk item is defined as something that doesn’t fit in a regular trash can or trash bag. In NYC, you are allowed to dispose of 6 bulk items per collection day. 

  • NYC Mattress Disposal: Mattresses & box springs can be left curbside, but must be sealed in a plastic bag to avoid bed bug contamination
  • NYC Carpets and Rugs Disposal: Carpets and rugs can be left curbside, but must be bundled and securely tied up.
  • NYC Wood and Lumber Disposal: Certain types of lumber & wood can be left curbside, but must comply with DSNY guidelines.
  • NYC Refrigerators and  A/C Unit Disposal: Any appliance containing CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) cannot be disposed of without a scheduled CFC and Freon Removal appointment.
  • NYC Construction Debris Disposal: The DSNY does not deal with construction debris; Construction debris must be disposed of by a private company.
  • NYC Electronics Disposal: The following electronic items must be disposed of according to DSNY e-waste guidelines:


  • Monitors
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Small servers
  • Printers/scanners
  • Tablets/e-readers
  • MP3 players
  • /DVDs/DVR players
  • Fax machines
  • Video game consoles
  • Cable/satellite boxes
  • Computer mice
  • Keyboards
  • TVs


The DSNY also provides an interactive map where you can find local businesses that accept electronic donations. 



Where to sell furniture in NYC?

If you have some time, make sure to take good quality photographs on your furniture and post them to Offerup, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Often, people will come and pick up the furniture from you, leaving you with fewer things to move and some extra cash. 

If you are short on time, you can also make a sign and hang it in your building’s lobby to see if any of your neighbors are interested in buying your furniture. 

Furniture donation NYC: donation pickup services

If you wish to donate your furniture, plenty of NYC thrift stores and donation centers offer a pickup service including The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and Housing Works. Most donation-based charities will offer a free pickup service, while others like Housing Works may charge a fee. 

Make sure to inquire with each charity to see what donations they can accept. For example, Goodwill cannot take many baby-related items like cribs, strollers, high-chairs and carseats. For a more comprehensive list of NYC based charities and donation centers, check out our donation list

Where to donate mattress in NYC?

Due to the risk of bedbugs and other infections, many charities do NOT accept mattresses. Salvation Army remains the only thrift store in NYC that will take used mattresses. 

In case you don’t want to throw away your mattress, you can post to your local FreeCycle or Buy Nothing to give your mattress away. 

Give New Life to Furniture and Update It

There are many creative ways to repurpose old furniture. For instance, you can sand down and restain an old coffee table, or re-upholster an old sofa. You can also try painting a basic Ikea dresser or add some wooden moldings for extra character. 

For some more creative furniture ways to DIY your furniture, check out Pinterest, YouTube and Tiktok.

Hire NYC moving company for furniture removal services

At JP Urban Moving, we offer a furniture disposal service to help make the moving process easier for our clients. Whether or not you plan to move in the near future, JP Urban Moving can come pick up any unwanted furniture or appliances and take them off your hands. We do our best to donate and recycle old furniture pieces and make sure that they stay out of landfills. 

If you’d like for us to drop off your belongings to your charity of choice, let your movers know in advance. Be sure to contact the charity ahead of time, to make sure they will accept the donation. If instead, you prefer a ‘Bulk Pickup’ option, we can take your belongings to a local dump. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. 

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