Moving from the City to the Suburbs

After the move - September 27, 2023

Many people dream of moving to a quiet neighborhood that will allow them to have a larger living space and a healthier family lifestyle. Even though just thinking about having a cup of coffee on your own porch sounds dreamy, people often find it challenging to adjust to life in the suburbs after being used to a big city’s downtown amenities. However, with a few lifestyle adjustments and a positive attitude, you might end up wondering how could you stand all the traffic and noise in the city.

a home
Find the perfect new neighborhood and adapt easily

Why are people moving to the suburbs from the city?

Even though suburbs have always been most popular with families, things are changing. More and more Millenials are starting to be fed up with the stress of living in overcrowded city areas. Therefore, as they started to get older a significant percentage of them started migrating to the suburban area. And by time suburban areas have changed and added amenities that used be found only in larger city center areas before.

Let’s take a quick look at the most important reasons why you should consider moving to a suburban area:

  • More living and working space.
  • Nature and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Sence of a community.
  • Safety and privacy.

Tired of living in a small apartment

When it comes to finding ways to adjust to life in the suburbs, here is one of the benefits almost no one has troubles getting used to. Having a larger living space is a great perk of moving to a suburban area both for families or young couples.

Relocating for suburbs will probably allow you to get a better price per square foot. And people are willing to compromise their commute time to work for having an opportunity to enjoy their weekends in a large backyard.

Working from home

woman working from home
Turn your backyard garden into your cozy home workspace

Many young people nowadays are either self-employed or have jobs that don’t require them to spend 8 hours a day in a cubicle downtown. Therefore, some of them decide to hire reliable commercial movers NYC and trade their work desk in a small apartment for a comfortable chair on a large patio.

Enjoy nature

Yes, Central Park is amazing. And it can make you forget the busy streets surrounding it and allow you to enjoy nature and relax. However, if you want to be able to enjoy more green space just outside your home, it won’t be so difficult for you to adjust to a suburban lifestyle.

This benefit will be most crucial for your children and pets. Being able to enjoy fun outdoor activities will improve your family lifestyle. Therefore, if you are moving with a family. Prepare your kids for the move by highlighting upsides of your new neighborhood. This way they will have an opportunity to adjust to the change in advance and will more easily come on board.

Have privacy while being a part of a community

Knowing all of your neighbors by the first name may sound horrific for many young New Yorkers. However, being a part of a suburban community will allow you to meet new friends. All while having enough privacy in your own home.

Moving to the Suburbs from the City Easily

Even though moving to a larger home may be a dream come true, adjusting to new surroundings can take time and patience. As moving can be quite stressful, you should use the time after the move to relax and get to know your neighborhood. Here are a few ideas on how to adjust to life in the suburbs after the move:

  • Settle in your new home.
  • Make friends. – Get to know your neighbors!
  • Adjust to life in the suburbs by exploring the area.

Improve and redecorate your new home

After moving to the suburbs you will finally have the perfect place for that chandelier you have been window shopping for years. Or maybe you would enjoy painting your own walls and making small home improvements?

Home sign
Turn your new house into a cozy home

By redecorating your new house you will be able to create a cozy home. A place that will be your own oasis and comfort zone. With a larger home, you will have the opportunity to finally create the perfect living space that will fit your lifestyle and taste. Haven’t you have been dreaming about it secretly for years?

Not only that the changes you make after the move will make your home look amazing. This will, also, allow you to adjust to the new living space.

In order to make the settling in process easier, make sure you have a packing plan prior to the move.  Research on how to pack your clothes and household items. Making a packing checklist and investing in supplies will pay off in the long run. Labeled boxes and properly packed items will speed up and unpacking process and protect your belongings.

How about throwing a house warming backyard party?

Suburban areas are usually closely connected communities. And getting to know your neighbors will not only help your adjustment to the change. But it can also allow you to get to know the area better. Having a few friends next door will definitely improve your lifestyle. Also, locals can be a great source of valuable information on shopping, commuting and area surroundings. Therefore, we suggest you turn on the grill and invite the people over for a drink.

Adjust to life in the suburbs by exploring the area

people adjust to life in the suburbs by walking their dog
Get to know your neighborhood

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, taking long walks in nature and around your neighborhood will easily turn into a routine. Not only that this will allow you to improve your lifestyle. But it will also let you get to know the area and get around much easier.

Prepare for the move to the suburbs

Moving can be stressful and time-consuming. Ensure you avoid any moving trouble. In order to prepare for the move, you need to start planning in advance. Find reliable movers like, Staten Island Movers, and get a free moving estimate. Therefore, you will be able to plan all of your expenses ahead. And be ready for the moving day on time.

By hiring Brooklyn Movers to help you relocate your home, you will be able to relax while being sure your belongings will arrive quickly and safely. Therefore, why your movers do the heavy lifting you can focus on improving your home and find ways to adjust to life in the suburbs.

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