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Home Improvements - September 28, 2023

Are you living in a mobile home? Do you think it’s ready for it to change a little bit? Maybe you went out and bought yourself a mobile property, but you need to touch it up just a bit in order to sell it. This can be anything – from a leaky roof to the walls just needed a fresh coat of paint. Even if you are worried about it – there is no need to be! There are many mobile home remodeling ideas that can make your home look brand new! In this article, Brooklyn Moving Company prepared what exactly you can cut the costs, and get inspired to do a brand new home remodel!

Remodeling a Mobile Home on a Budget

You can touch upon a lot of topics when you talk about mobile home remodeling. However, since we are working with a limited budget, creating a good plan is always a priority. This way, you can easily see just how much you have to spend – and how much money you can dedicate to which task. In general, you can focus on four areas of your home:

  • fixing the roofs;
  • getting the walls in order;
  • mobile home remodeling cannot pass without touching up on the bathroom;
  • make your floors shine!

These four areas and tips we offer can apply to any home in any area. Doesn’t matter if you are moving from NYC to Philly or from New York to LA, you will find these tips just as useful.

Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas Start with the Roof

As you probably already know from investing in a mobile home, they are usually cheaper than regular houses. This is because a lot of them are built from cheaper, low-grade materials. However, because of this, the area that suffers the most is the roof. After many, many years of dealing with the New York weather, the roofs deteriorate and get damaged easily. So, what can you do to repair a damaged roof?

a roof covered with green
Cleaning up the roof is important.

Well, you can start your mobile home remodeling by cleaning up the roof. There are a lot of things that our roofs collets over the years. This can be big branches, but also twigs and leaves. Make sure you clean these regularly. This is not only so that your roof looks nicer. If there is a blockage to the flow of water off your roof, then damp spots can appear. After that, it’s only a matter of time before the roof thins out. The same thing can apply to the gutters, too.

If holes do appear, then you don’t need to immediately replace the whole roof. Instead, you can get a liquid sealant. This substance can bind the metal surface and create a surface which will not absorb any more water. What’s more, pick a color that will reflect the heat so that your rooms are cool during summer.

Remodeling Mobile Homes continues with the walls

After you are done with the roofs, the next big area you can work during your mobile home remodeling is the walls. They usually dictate the atmosphere of the home. Luckily, even just a fresh coat of paint can turn a drab home to a modern, wonderful one! What else can you do?

woman carrying a plywood panel
Find plywood walls with cool patterns to give your rooms a breath of fresh air.

Well, instead of painting them, you can also look into paneling your walls with plywood. This might seem unattractive for some people – but fear not! There are many designer plywood panels that you can look into. You can also find a cool pattern that will make your walls stand out. Installing plywood walls is often cheaper than sheetrock and painted ones, so you can also rearrange the room layout in your home this way.

How to Remodel a Mobile Home Bathroom

After you are done with the roof and the walls, it’s time to remodel your bathroom. This is a room people often overlook when talking about mobile home remodeling – but it’s a mistake. Getting brand new fixtures, for example, means installing a completely new look and life into your mobile home.

Then, you can replace the ceramic tiles in the shower area with fiberglass panels. This is an alternative that is pretty easy to set up – and it’s quite an efficient solution, too! Then, you can change up the layout of the bathroom, or some furniture items. Replacing the countertops, for example, changes the mood of the bathroom completely. You can also figure out other ways to change up the storage space – and change the bathroom that way.

A faucet
Painting the faucets can go a long way.

What’s more, just giving the bathroom “hardware” a fresh coat of paint can go a long way! Paint the faucets, the handles, towel holders and similar items in a fresh coat of paint and you will see for yourself!

Finish up your mobile home remodeling with the floors

Manhattan Movers advice you  finishing touch to your mobile home remodeling is dealing with the floors. Now that you have set up the new roof, walls and the bathroom, fixing up the floors will bring you a whole new home! First, clean up your floors thoroughly. Use floor strippers or pressure washers – and even employ steam carpet cleaners if you need to! This way, you will figure out just how hard you need to work on your flooring. From there, you can either replace the floors or repaint them. Replacements can be vinyl or laminate, but a fresh color and some polishing can also do the trick!

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