Best Public Schools in Brooklyn

Raising Kids In NYC - October 8, 2023

Did you know that the neighborhood you live in can affect the quality of your child’s education? 

Though New York City is filled with hundreds of great public schools, entry to New York City public schools is largely dependent upon the zip code you live in— which means that moving to the right zip code can be the key to finding the right school. In fact, admittance to some of these public schools can come down to the block you live on. Therefore, it is not unheard of for families to move neighborhoods to qualify for a better public school district.

Brooklyn has many amazing public schools– many of which are pioneering innovative and progressive styles of teaching. Some schools are even facilitating programs to assist kids with disabilities and kids who come from bilingual backgrounds. Also, affordable local movers have prepared the article about Best Charter Schools in Brooklyn.

It can be overwhelming to decide which public school is right for your child. That’s why Brooklyn Movers have compiled a list of the best Public Schools in Brooklyn.

Best Public Schools Brooklyn

In Bushwick, P.S. 147 The Isaac Remsen School notably received a grant from the first lady of Japan to start a dual-language program that would provide instruction in both English and Japanese, the first of its kind offered in New York City. The school was also recently gifted a brand new library and is working with ECOstation to foster a curriculum focused on sustainability and healthy eating. Through this initiative, kids can learn to cook nutritious meals and attend workshops taught by representatives from the Bushwick Farmers Market.

Students grow plants for food (Photo Courtesy of Inside Schools)

In South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Arbor School (also known as PS 414) offers dual-language classes, where students are instructed in both English and Spanish, with the language of instruction rotating each day. The school attempts to find a balance between supporting progressive education ideals and helping students prepare for NYS standardized exams, providing for a warm and friendly environment, without sacrificing any academic rigor. 

Students playing outside the Brooklyn Arbor School (Photo Courtesy of Inside Schools)

Located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Community Roots Charter School strives to incorporate students from all backgrounds, reserving 40% of kindergarten seats for kids from neighboring housing projects.  The school has a community oriented ethos that encourages students to collaborate and parents to participate at school events. Students have science class twice a week where they can play with animals like turtles, pigs and baby chickens. They also have music and dance classes offered at the school.

Live Animals in the Science Classroom (Photo Courtesy of Inside Schools)

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn at P.S 110 (The Monitor School), students can enroll in a dual-language program where they can receive instruction in both French and English. Furthermore, The Monitor School offers music classes where students can learn how to play the keyboard, guitar, or recorder among other instruments. Though the school has a small gym, the school has its own dance studio, where students can take dance classes.

 Ballet Studio at P.S 110 (Photo courtesy of Inside Schools)

P.S 307 Daniel Hale Williams, a school located in DUMBO, is also making strides with their unique Chinese immersion program, teaching kids as early as Pre-K, Mandarin Chinese. The school has a community garden where students can take care of plants. The school also boasts a dynamic science program, where students can dissect squids once they get to 4th grade. Additionally, P.S 307 stands out for its renowned ASD program dedicated to those who are on the autism spectrum.

Students in their Science Class at P.S 307 (Photo Courtesy of Inside Schools)

These are just some of Brooklyn’s best public schools worth considering when planning a move to Brooklyn and looking for the Best neighborhoods in Brooklyn. All of these schools have been reviewed by Inside Schools and also NYC Long Distance Movers, one of the city’s top resources for discovering great public schools in Brooklyn and the greater New York City area. 



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