Best Charter Schools in Brooklyn

Raising Kids In NYC - October 9, 2023

Charter Schools come in all shapes and sizes. Some Charter Schools are parts of large Education Networks and others are run by local community organizations. Some schools have strict discipline policies, others have more relaxed methods of teaching. To better understand the differences between Charter Schools and Public Schools, read our blog post about Best public schools in Brooklyn . Either way, if you are looking to send your kid to one of the Best Charter Schools in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Movers prepared some things you should know.

Charter School in Brooklyn:

These large network schools typically require that students wear uniforms and have strict models for teaching. Many of these schools implement a “no excuses” policy that disciplines students for improper uniform, and rewards students for good behaviors. Despite the strict rigor, some students actually benefit from this type of teaching. For instance, Charter Schools often yield higher test scores than neighborhood public schools and higher college readiness scores. Moreover, many Charter Schools have high attrition rates, meaning that students of these schools are less likely to transfer out than their peers in their neighborhood public schools. One of the reasons that Charter Schools are so successful is because students are put under pressure to produce good academic results in order for the schools to keep their Charters.

Here are some of the big-network charter schools in Brooklyn.

  • Ascend Charter Schools
  • Uncommon Schools
  • Success Academy
  • Democracy Prep
  • KIPP
  • Approach Schools
  • Explore Schools
  • Icahn

Not all of these schools are the same. For instance, Icahn’s schedule goes way into July. Nonetheless, students with learning disabilities at Icahn can seek additional teaching on Saturdays and outside class time.

In addition to these large charter school networks, Inside Schools recommends these small Mom n’ Pop locally run Charter Schools in Brooklyn. We are sure that you are already thinking about moving closer to such schools, affordable local movers can always help you in this matter, it doesn’t even matter if you live far away, NYC long distance movers will always be happy to help.

Locally Run Charter Schools in Brooklyn:

  • Community Roots
  • Brooklyn Prospect Charter
  • Hebrew Language Charter School
  • Hellenic Classical Charter School

These schools offer different styles of learning. For instance the Hellenic Classical and Hebrew Language Charter Schools offer classes in Greek and Hebrew, respectively. Meanwhile, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School offers an IB Program, and Community Roots is a progressive close-knit school with a unique vision. Nonetheless, no matter which type of school you choose, you will be sending your kid to one of the Best Charter Schools in Brooklyn, that is why, you need to prepare in advance, we recommend to read our article about Best neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

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