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Best places to live in - September 29, 2023

Are you planning to relocate soon? Maybe you are coming from a different part of the country and looking for NYC long distance movers? Or perhaps you are just interested in changing the NYC neighborhoods? Whatever is the case, you should do some research on what would be the ideal part of the city for you. There are certainly some differences in taste and needs when you are retiring and when you are a young adult. So you should learn which part of the city has the best attributes for you and your specific needs. We are helping you with a guide for best Brooklyn neighborhoods. Once you get some ideas and tips you will be much closer to a decision. Also, for future, we recommend to read the article about best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for families, it is worth reading. That is, of course, if you even have the opportunity to choose. If not, you are probably going to match your financial abilities, so try to find the best in wherever you are.

Where should you start when looking for the Nicest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn?

The first thing to do, whenever you have to change address, is researching. And we don’t only mean about the research of the market. That will come later. Before that, you should do research on your needs and wishes. Of course, you should be realistic. It is ok to want a pool and a tennis court in your back yard, but how likely is that in NYC? Unless you are a filthy rich person, right? So, mind your wishes, but be realistic with your possibilities.

Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for millennials - people running on a bridge
So many young people are moving to Brooklyn every day

Also, you need to set your priorities straight. You need to set a budget and stick to it. Make a decision if it is more important to you to have a bigger apartment or to live closer to work. If your job is in Manhattan, maybe a better option for you would be moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. However, if you don’t mind commuting to work, continue with the research on best Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Best Brooklyn neighborhoods you should take a look

Once you figure out how big or small your budget is and you have definitely set your mind on Brooklyn, you should dig deeper. These are some suggestions on best Brooklyn neighborhoods, but you will ultimately make a decision according to your specific needs:

  • Williamsburg,
  • Brooklyn Heights,
  • DUMBO,
  • Bushwick,
  • Crown Heights.

You will see that all these neighborhoods have something in common. They have great job opportunities, affordable housing solutions, and possibilities of rich social life. Everything that a young adult could want. Places to make some money and quality places to spend some money. Whether you are looking for best Brooklyn neighborhoods as a single person or a part of a couple, if you decide to relocate and hire Brooklyn Movers, you are bound to have great experiences in these neighborhoods.

Brooklyn Heights

Right across the river from Manhattan, you will find this beautiful neighborhood. If you are tired of the Manhattan crowd, you will definitely enjoy this peaceful and quiet place. It has very romantic wibe, with all the tree-lined streets and side streets paved with cobblestone.

street under the snow
Peaceful street in Brooklyn Heights

Go out on your own or take your family to enjoy the views, parks and public spaces filled with families. Visit the Brooklyn Heights Promenade or New York Transit Museum on a rainy afternoon. And after a hard day at work, enjoy any of numerous bars, restaurants, and taverns. If you are single, you will have many opportunities to meet new people. Have in mind that a large number of people decide to start families here, as opposed to hectic Manhattan. So maybe you could do the same.


If you are someone who considers themselves an artist, you will love Williamsburg. This is a borough that has always been known to set trends. Therefore, you understand why this is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods. You can find hipsters everywhere around you, so if that is your cup of tea, you will blend in just fine. Even though the rent has increased in recent years, it remains one of the favorite places for young adults.

You can choose between the north and south side of Williamsburg, depending on whether you like to feel more like you are on Manhattan or to feel the authentic Brooklyn wibe. However, both parts are different than, for example, Kensington a lot. So if you are tired of living with your parents, but you don’t want to leave too far, consider hiring affordable local movers and relocate to this unique neighborhood. You will be welcome among all the artists, hipsters, and other trendy people.


If you work in Manhattan, you will want to lice as close to it as possible. And DUMBO is a way to do that. You probably already know that it stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass and that it is an NYC hot spot. Besides Williamsburg, this is also a place where you will find a lot of artists.

One of the most famous places in Brooklyn

However, you will find a lot of IT people in this area as well. Why? Because over the last years, many tech industry startups have been born here. That explains why the place is packed even with rather high rents. Aside from having a magnificent, world-wide known view of Manhattan Bridge, you will find here many restaurants and places to hang out any day.


Right outside of Williamsburg, you will find the center of NYC’s art scene. Once full of abandoned warehouses, today is a place where there are numerous galleries and art studios. And since rents in Williamsburg are a bit higher, maybe you can find an affordable place for yourself here. Also full of great restaurants which you can hit up after art shows, you will love this place.

Crown Heights

Crown Heights is relatively affordable, even though there are many high-rise condos and wealthier residents. You can spend your days in a beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden or Brooklyn Museum, and your evenings in some of the best restaurants and bars in NYC. If you are a sports lover, you will be happy to know that Barclays Center is in the walking distance of the area. This is an up-and-coming place, so it’s no surprise why it’s one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods.

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