Best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for families

Best places to live in - October 2, 2023

Are you starting a family in Brooklyn? First off, congratulations! Moving to Brooklyn is a big step! Plenty of Brooklyn neighborhoods will give you the things your family needs to thrive. But, in order to figure out where exactly you’re gonna move, you have to know the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families. And you have to figure out what it is your family wants. What does your growing family need? What’s your budget? What kind of house or apartment would you like to live in? Is being close to a bodega important to you? What about public transit? Where are you commuting to? How important are all these things to you? Is there something you’d sacrifice, or is everything non-negotiable? Also, it is very important to think about the safety, we prepared an article about the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. These are all things you need a very clear answer to before you start looking.

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How big do you want your home to be? What do your kids need?

Of course, your specific circumstances and budget will determine what the best neighborhood for you is. Someone who needs to commute to Manhattan easily won’t be moving to Suffolk County. If your budget can’t handle Park Slope prices, you won’t move to Park Slope. It’s why deciding on the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families is highly subjective! That’s why there’s a lot more research than you’d think, especially if you’re also going to buy your first home! Your family deserves a neighborhood that fits all of its needs. So, why not look around to see which neighborhood you prefer? Take all the time you need – you deserve a well-fitting neighborhood.

A redheaded woman and her two babies, in one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families.
You might find the apartment of your dreams – but before signing a lengthy lease, think about if you’ll be cramped when your kids get older!

Park Slope is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families

Everyone knows moving to Park Slope is a great start for your family. In fact, Park Slope is practically infamous as the one place in NYC where you can’t escape strollers! This charming neighborhood is known for its excellent schools, playgrounds, and eateries. You won’t go wrong with Park Slope. After all, there is a reason it’s known as the NYC neighborhood where everyone’s raising kids! Of course, an important facet of Park Slope is it’s wide green spaces, perfect for relaxing after class and after work. And, while the community isn’t what you’d call tight-knit, it’s still a very loving atmosphere. After all, most of your neighbors will be families with young kids. That’s plenty of people your kids can befriend! However, Park Slope is a victim of gentrifying – it’s not cheap!

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Green spaces are important for the well-being of your kids!

Of course, if you’re going to move to Park Slope, you have to be careful. After all, we did mention how very expensive it is. Ideally, you would move with a cash cushion while you found your way around. Of course, that means you shouldn’t make moving mistakes, because they’ll cost you. Even though you might think it’s cheaper to DIY a move, hiring Brooklyn movers and packers Brooklyn will actually cost less in the long run.

Is Bay Ridge the family neighborhood for you?

There’s a reason families are moving to Bay Ridge with Brooklyn local movers. The excellent atmosphere and location definitely have something to do with it. The neighborhood has witnessed a housing boom, and there are several types of housing available for your new family. And, more importantly, the price isn’t as high as it is in Park Slope! The thing about finding the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families is that many of them will be expensive by nature. The rent prices are rising everywhere. And as people are priced out of Manhattan, they’ll crowd around neighboring neighborhoods, which increases their price in turn. This isn’t happening in Bay Ridge on the scale of Park Slope, so you can still easily score a good apartment without selling your left lung. It’s a bit of travel, but this chili pepper shaped neighborhood might have exactly what you need!

Is Williamsburg one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families?

Of course, everyone knows Williamsburg as a place with great parties. But there is more hiding in this surprising artistic neighborhood, that’s not visible under the surface. Did you know it’s actually really family friendly? It’s got the McCarren Park, drawing kids from all over the neighborhood out after a hard day at school, and it has surprisingly high ranking schools. Because of it’s location, parents can commute to basically any part of NYC from Williamsburg. Due to it’s partying tendencies, no one will get bored. And, of course, the artistic side of this neighborhood is very soothing – despite it’s hustle and bustle, the neighborhood is calm and accepting. And, because the residents are diverse in every way, you won’t have to worry about a lack of acceptance.

What are some key things to pay attention to?

Of course, the title of ‘best’ is highly subjective. However, there are a few crucial points. After all, this is a place where you’ll raise your children. Ideally, you should stick around for a while – so why not make sure it can support your family through every stage? After all, babies need different things than middle-schoolers, and they need different things than high schoolers. You nedd to think about children’s education, that is why we recommend to read our article about Best charter schools in Brooklyn, you definetely find it interesting!

  • You have to think about schools. Maybe it slipped your mind, especially if you’re busy preparing a child for moving, but if you plan on remaining in one spot for years, the school quality is important. Are the schools good? How well are they ranked? And, a question you have to ask in this day and age – are the schools safe?
  • What is the neighborhood like when it comes to crime? This is a potentially scary thing to look up, but you can never be too safe.
  • Are there parks? Green spaces are very important to the development of your child. The best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families have plenty of parks and recreation available!
  • Can you see yourself living here for years? Moving with children is very difficult, so of course, you should do it as little as possible. Is this a stopgap location until you find your next place or a more permanent one? If you own a business, would you hire office movers New York to move it to that neighborhood, or will you commute?

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