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Relocation should be a joyous occasion. You are moving to a new home, meeting new people, exploring new places – what’s not to love about it? For most people, the answer to this question is – the moving process. Just the thought of packing and relocating your entire household or office can be difficult and unwanted. Even having to go through the moving companies Suffolk County NY offers and choosing the right one can be vexing. This is why JP Urban Moving Brooklyn is here – your easy solution to any relocation problem! Contact us today and stop worrying about any moving needs you might have.

What makes people want to move to Suffolk County?

Do you want to live somewhere balanced? Are you tired of jostling with millions of other people in downtown Manhattan yet you like the draw of NYC too much to adjust to the suburbs? Consider moving to Suffolk County! Located in Long Island, it’s the perfect measure of “quaint, despite being in NYC“. It’s not a suburban hick-ville, but it’s not as crowded as bustling Downtown. With the center of the city getting more and more stifling, and more importantly expensive, many people are ringing up moving companies in Suffolk County NY to help relocate them somewhere nice. Located near Brooklyn and Queens, Suffolk County offers a pleasing, and cheaper, alternative to Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Why is hiring professional Suffolk County NY movers the right call?

Moving is a pretty taxing job. There’s a reason people are hiring moving companies Suffolk County NY instead of doing all the work themselves. After all, the moving industry is steadily blossoming, and it’s just because moving is that much work. You can’t possibly expect to do everything on your own while maintaining a job or other obligations.

And if you sacrifice your valuable paid time off, you’ve refused yourself a vacation at best. At worst, you’ve doomed yourself to coming to work sick, because you wasted your PTO hauling boxes across Long Island.

Plus, there are a lot of things that people tend to forget when moving. Things that professional moving crews know and always remember. Moving has a lot of logistics problems. Not all of them are easily solved without proper moving assistance.

What if you have a piano that you need to relocate? Would you be able to handle it by yourself? Or would you rather have expert Brooklyn piano movers take care of it for you? Keep in mind that, if you mess up, you’re looking at a very expensive mistake – damaged or ruined pianos cost money. The same goes for any kind of antique or unusual item, like a pool table, paintings, fine china, etc.

Just think for a moment. Is hiring professional moving companies Suffolk County NY less expensive than your valuables being damaged by personal lack of experience or equipment? And, making expensive mistakes leads to even more expensive mistakes. It’s like a chain reaction! Additionally, your nerves are going to get tested, and you’ll have to deal with it all while moving. Wouldn’t it simply be easier to hire professionals and be calm and stress-free the whole time?

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What do you need out of your moving company in Suffolk County NY?

A person trying to move fine art is going to have different needs than a person moving a collection of vintage snow globes. Therefore, your choice of movers should tailor what you’re looking for to fit your move. You shouldn’t have to settle for moving companies Suffolk County NY just lobbying pre-made moving plans at you!

Each move is unique and requires equal preparation and absolute devotion, no matter the size or distance. You should seek out a custom moving plan, and a company that’s willing to work with you to get you the best moving experience. Here at JP Urban Moving Brooklyn, we can assess your move. Are you moving something fragile or valuable? Do you want a packing and unpacking service, or do you want to do that on your own? Think about all this when you’re researching potential moving companies in Suffolk County.

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You can hire packing and unpacking services for a surprisingly affordable price. Of course, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people like packing on their own because then they know for sure where everything is. Others clear away unneeded items while they’re packing and not before. No matter the reason, you have to have the right moving supplies NYC in order to pack successfully. If you get the wrong packing supplies and pack poorly, it can reflect badly on your move.

What if you overpack your boxes and they burst? What if you drop your box and it falls into a puddle and your things get wet? And, more commonly, what if your things get damaged in transport because of a lack of protective padding? Our team of packers and movers takes all this into consideration and prepares accordingly.

What can our moving company Suffolk County NY do for you?

You might be wondering what makes us the cream of the crop. What separates us from other moving companies Suffolk County NY recommends? After all, we are considered one of the best moving companies Brooklyn around for a reason. Well, we’ll let you in on our secret – we’re truly passionate about what we do for a living.

Moving is more than just carrying things around to us – it’s a source of devotion and pride. We enjoy constantly helping people! Moving is this complicated, stressful thing that weighs on people. However, we help our customers have the best possible move they can get! You won’t have to worry about stress with us in your corner! 

We strive to put a smile on all our customers' faces

  • You don’t have to worry about hidden fees and surprise payments. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent, so our customers have nothing to fear. No matter what kind of valuation, no matter if you pick a binding or non-binding moving quote, we won’t spring unpleasantness on you. We honor our contract to the letter.
  • Our crew has honed their craft through many a move. It’s practically impossible to surprise us. No matter what kind of oddities you have to move, odds are we’ve seen it before and know the best way to handle it.
  • Our equipment is top notch – you don’t have to worry about faulty equipment breaking all your stuff!
  • You don’t have to worry about our crew being untrustworthy – we select our workers very carefully. After all, these are the people that will have your current address, because they’re driving your things to it. It’s important to ensure we’re staffing only individuals with good character.

All it takes is a single phone call to our company and your relocation needs are as good as taken care of. You can get a free moving estimate within minutes or consult directly with our representatives for any questions you might have. JP Urban Moving Brooklyn is eager to help and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Moving Services

We are responsive to online estimate requests, during which process questions are answered timely. Once a job is booked, you decide what level of valuation is appropriate for the move, after which all building issues are addressed, including issuance of Certificates of Insurance (COIs), deadlines, elevator windows, floor protection requirements, etc. Finally, the move is put on our schedule.

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