Moving Estimate NYC

Once you start planning your relocation, you’ll be faced with one of the most important decisions right away – hiring a moving company. It’s really important to find the best movers right away – so start searching for your moving estimate NYC as soon as you can! And once you’re done, you’ll see that there’s no better moving company for your relocation needs than New York moving company! So if you want to get the best moving estimate right away, there’s no need to wait – just contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What kinds of NYC moving estimate are there?

Here at JP Urban Moving, we like our customers to have all of the information they need before making any decisions. That’s why many people turn to us for a NYC moving estimate once they have to move. So, in order for you to understand what a good moving estimate is, we’d like you to know what kinds of moving estimate there are out there:

  • A non-binding estimate:  This NYC moving estimate estimates the cost of the job based on our educated guess as to how long the job will take. The actual cost will be determined by time, materials and several other factors which will be clearly detailed in the estimate.
  • A binding estimate:  Just as the name implies, this estimate is fixed, and unless there is a deviation from the accompanying inventory or circumstances, the price will not change.  The binding estimate
  • A binding-not-to-exceed estimate:  The best of both worlds, this estimate is just like a non-binding estimate with a cap which the cost cannot exceed.  If the move proceeds more quickly than anticipated, the cost will be less than the cap. And unless there is a deviation from the accompanying inventory or circumstances, the cost cannot exceed the cap.

Why go with JP Urban Moving

NYC moving companiesWith literally  hundreds of NYC moving companies to select from, why choose JP Urban Moving? There are two ways of answering that question.  First is what JP Urban are: Top shelf movers, highly skilled with great work ethics and super friendly. Efficient and communicative estimators and dispatchers, all backed up by a state-of-the-art back office. Second, is what is conspicuously missing from a JP Urban Moving experience:  Stress – because we are so good at what we do! You will never find so much of the former and so little of the latter at any price, much less our competitive prices.

What to expect of JP Urban Moving:

  • Thorough, accurate estimates
  • Friendly, expert movers
  • Communicative dispatching
  • An array of excellent moving services
  • Value at a great price

Our movers are highly skilled professionals

Furniture movers BrooklynIf you’ve already lived in New York and the surrounding area, you know how tough it can be getting around the city. Now imagine how much of a hassle this is when you’ve got a truck that has everything you own! And this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are quite a few obstacles to overcome during a relocation.

That’s why you want to get NYC moving estimate from people with expertize. You want movers that will make everything much easier and simpler. In other words, people with skill and experience. And that’s just what we’re offering you here at JP Urban Moving! Our movers are more than ready to handle any relocation challenge around the Big Apple. So don’t think twice about contacting us, no matter what moving service you require.

We’ve got a moving service for your every need

An art piece depicting a gray mask, transported after getting moving quotes Brooklyn.
We’ve got specialized services, such as fine art moving!

Here at JP Urban Moving, we believe in learning from the best. And think about it – what do all of the world’s greatest brands have in common? No matter what market we’re talking about, customers want two things: simplicity, and a streamlined process. And that’s just the core creed we’ve built our company around as well. We want to make moving as simple for you as possible.

So, that’s why we’ve built up a great range of moving services for you, all available here at JP Urban Moving. Getting a moving estimate NYC from us means getting access to everything you need during a relocation. From moving supplies to fine art moving, we’ve got it all here, so you don’t have to run around town. Our goal is to become the home for moving homes – and we believe we’re already well on our way.

You’ll find your NYC moving estimate here

Speaking of keeping things streamlined – that also goes for pricing. We are known for our transparent and open pricing system, which is something our customers appreciate. You won’t find any hidden fees or shady additional costs here at JP Urban Moving – our moving estimate are as easy to understand as they are comprehensive.

GREAT SERVICE + GREAT PRICE = GREAT VALUE.  You can search New York from top to bottom and you will never find  find a moving company with such stellar service at such reasonable prices. For the level of quality we offer,   the prices are more than affordable – even for specialized services like commercial moving. So what are you waiting for? Call JP Urban Moving as soon as you need help with your move!