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Moving is great – it leads to new places, people and opportunities. However, the process isn’t exactly simple to execute. Moreover, it can be pretty complicated. That is why you need the help of professionals. JP Urban Moving Brooklyn is not here to just transport your belongings from point A to point B. We are professional full-service Downtown Brooklyn movers who offer a wide range of moving services in Brooklyn. Anything from packing to moving of special items, to furniture disposal – we can handle safely and for affordable prices. Nearby or long-distance relocation can be our concern even on short notice. Call us and see for yourself why we are the best!

Downtown Brooklyn – new hit place to be in!

If you are thinking about Downtown Brooklyn as your new place of residence, you will not make a mistake. This is the new center of business events, but also a big cultural and art center. Not to mention the great opportunities for entertainment, which doesn’t come as a surprise when you consider that there are several college campuses in the area. If you are looking for performances and exhibits, MetroTech Commons is the place to visit. And if you are tired of working all day, you will be happy to know that you can find some beautiful bars and restaurants in Downtown Brooklyn. All these amenities are making the area more and more popular place for living. So it’s no wonder our Downtown Brooklyn movers have more work every day.

Why do you need help from expert Downtown Brooklyn movers?

Being productive and cost-effective doesn’t imply you doing everything by yourself. On the contrary, you should know your strengths and focus on them. Let professionals take care of things that are not your specialty. That way, the job will be done faster and safer. That especially goes for relocation. Whether you have moved before or not, the expertise and resources of our Downtown Brooklyn movers can be of great help.


Our capable, kind and professional staff has many years of experience under their belt. We organize serious training and make sure everyone knows the best and safest ways to handle your belongings. That doesn’t only apply to our top-rated packing and unpacking services, but also to the disassembling and reassembling of your furniture, loading, unloading, and taking care of your special items, of course. So, we can guarantee you a fast and efficient relocation, no matter if you need to move several blocks or to another state. Also, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to protect your belongings from damages and delays.

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Where are you going?

Whether you are relocating somewhere nearby or further away, JP Urban Moving Brooklyn is here for you. Is your new address anywhere within 500 miles of NYC? Then you can be sure that the same kind staff that packed your belongings will be on the finish line to help you unpack.

However, if you are moving long distance somewhere farther than 500 miles of NYC, our Downtown Brooklyn movers will make arrangements with other reliable companies to deliver your belongings. But don’t worry, we choose our partners strategically and carefully, to make sure you get the same, top-quality service. In case there are any delays, whether during a local or long-distance relocation, you don’t have to worry. JP Urban Moving Brooklyn has a solution for you. You have our climate-controlled and clean storage spaces at your disposal. So, give us a call and let us take care of everything.

What about your business?

Our Downtown Brooklyn movers are experts in all kinds of relocations. That, of course, includes the relocation of your business. And don’t think that we only work with offices. Are you running a daycare center or a yoga studio? You don’t have to worry whether we will accept the job, because there is no job too small for us. Any small and medium business in New York City can count on the professional assistance of our commercial movers Brooklyn to handle the relocation.

No matter if you want to relocate stuff from law offices, architecture firms, art, and photography studios. Our diligent workers know how to carefully handle any piece of furniture or equipment. You can even hire us to move your belongings to and from different trade shows and events. And the best part is that your work won’t suffer. Because we take pride in delivering it all at the agreed time. So you can forget about any unplanned delays if you let us help you.

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What can we relocate for you?

If we are talking about your business, you can stay calm, no matter what business are you in. Do you own a bar, restaurant or a bakery? Great, our Downtown Brooklyn movers will have no problem packing and transporting your commercial kitchen and appliances. While we are on the subject, you don’t have to look for another company to relocate your piano from the restaurant. Because our piano moving Brooklyn experts can safely move any bulky, yet fragile and expensive stuff. The same goes for pool tables, furniture, appliances, etc.

You can probably assume that we can relocate computer equipment and copy machines from your offices. Also, all types of desks, cubicles, and shelving cabinets are something we work with every day. But, don’t let that discourage you to call us if you want your manufacturing equipment relocated. Because, we can easily manage that, along with the staging furniture moving.

Don’t wait, act!

With all the pros JP Urban Moving Brooklyn offers you, it’s hard not to choose us for a stress-free relocation. All you need now are our reliable Downtown Brooklyn movers, who will make your local or long-distance relocation smooth and easy. And we will do so for more than reasonable prices. You will be thankful for that no matter if you are relocating a household or your business. We are more than ready to prove that, so contact our moving company, get your free moving estimate and let us take care of your relocation. You will quickly join our long list of loyal customers, for sure!

Moving Services

We are responsive to online estimate requests, during which process questions are answered timely. Once a job is booked, you decide what level of valuation is appropriate for the move, after which all building issues are addressed, including issuance of Certificates of Insurance (COIs), deadlines, elevator windows, floor protection requirements, etc. Finally, the move is put on our schedule.

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