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Exciting and promising as the moving process can be, complications during relocation can always happen. This is why you should always use professional help. First, you should find out what your needs are and who will meet them in the best way. This research will lead to JP Urban Moving Brooklyn – a professional moving company New York residents not only employ but praise for its services. Whether you are relocating your household or your offices, somewhere nearby or over longer distances, our Cobble Hill movers are the right choice. We take pride in the fact that so many loyal clients give us their trust in handling their property. Contact us today and experience the extent of our services personally!

What is it that our Cobble Hill movers can do for you?

Great question! No matter how good a moving company is, if it doesn’t meet your needs, you should and will move on. That is why JP Urban Moving Brooklyn has worked hard over the years, to increase the range & quality of our services. Anything you can think of, we have probably done it. And if you surprise us with a request, we will gladly accept and answer it. We always welcome a challenge and meet it head on!

Since it isn’t enough to just transport belongings from point A to point B nowadays, we made sure to satisfy every need you may have in between. So, if you decide on moving to Brooklyn, our Cobble Hill movers most certainly have several fantastic solutions for you. You can rest assured that we will make a personalized moving strategy, specific to your relocation. That way you will know what to expect when to expect it, and how much it’s going to cost you.

How does it all start?

It all starts from contacting us and deciding on your need for our expert packing and unpacking services. People sometimes think that it is best to pack by themselves and to save money. However, if you decide to hire our Cobble Hill movers to help you pack and unpack, you will:

  • save time,
  • reduce unwanted stress,
  • avoid injuries by handling your belongings.

Once you let our professional crew take care of this part for you, you will have more time to handle other important stuff concerning your relocation. Our staff is well-trained and organized, and since we do this every day, we have more experience than most individuals and companies. That means we will need much less time to finish everything. This also saves your nerves, because you can concentrate on other tasks, while you are not stressing about packing.

Things you don’t have to think about

Our staff will provide all the proper packing materials, eco-friendly bins, and tools, so you don’t have to worry about anything. That means that you don’t have to think about how to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, because we’ll do it for you.

We can even take care of your furniture disposal, all you have to do is ask. Not only we will pack and unpack your household or office in a matter of hours, but our Cobble Hill movers will do it safely – for you, your family and your belongings, of course.

What about specialty items and valuables?

When our friendly and helpful Cobble Hill movers say that we take care of everything, we mean it. We make sure that you don’t have to waste energy or hire others to take care of your belongings. Since our motivation comes from satisfying your relocation needs, we will always find a way to safely relocate even the most complicated items.

Who can guarantee the safety of your precious belongings?

Everyone who’s ever owned a piano can relate to this. This is a beautiful, yet huge and heavy instrument with a robust shape. And those are the main reasons why you should never try to move it by yourself or without the assistance of professionals. Something so fragile and expensive deserves to be handled only by the people who are trained. And we can guarantee you that your musical love is safe and sound in our hands and trucks.

An old gramophone


The same goes for your fine art and collectibles. Our staff from Cobble Hill movers had certified art movers to train them how to relocate your valuables and antiques in the safest way. We use only the right packing material, according to the specific item. You can be sure that our fine art movers will use proper equipment to move, load and unload these items. That is why our trucks are equipped with ramps and lift gates, so you don’t have to worry.

Do you have a plan B?

Even if you don’t, don’t worry, we always do. Once you hire our Cobble Hill movers, you can forget about any unwanted surprises. Since every relocation has so many moving parts, there is always a possibility of something unpredictable happening. Your move-in date can be delayed at the last minute, so you might not always have a place to put all your belongings for safe keeping.

But, that can’t happen if you have the support of JP Urban Moving Brooklyn. That is because we offer you some of the best storage solutions in Brooklyn. Whether you need long term or overnight storage, we are at your disposal. Talk to our kind staff and let us help you find out what are your exact needs in terms of size and time. Also, you will be happy to know that our prices are more than fair and affordable.

Cobble Hill is a great choice when moving to Brooklyn

If you are planning to relocate to Brooklyn, you will not be making a mistake with Cobble Hill. This is a small neighborhood, that consists of forty blocks and has one of the most beautiful collections of 19th-century houses.

This beautiful area is home to professionals, so you know that the surroundings will be nice. There are a lot of parks, restaurants, and companies, so it is also a great place to raise a family. So, whether you are looking to move a few blocks away or somewhere completely different, call our Cobble Hill movers, since we know every corner of this beautiful, cozy, neighborhood!

Brooklyn bridge, NYC

Don't wait another minute!


If you need reliable and affordable Cobble Hill movers, contact us today and get your free moving estimate. We from JP Urban Moving Brooklyn are known for professionalism and punctuality, but we also take pride in having such a wide range of services to offer you. Our hardworking staff will meet your residential or commercial needs for local or long distance moving, along with any additional requests along the way. Have your special items safely relocated or stored in our storage facilities and don’t worry about timings and costs, because we are here to meet your every need.

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