After the move

Best Sports Bars in Brooklyn

After the move - November 7, 2023

Are you one of those sports fans who’s moving to Brooklyn? Well, we have great news! There are plenty of ...

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Moving from the City to the Suburbs

After the move - September 27, 2023

Many people dream of moving to a quiet neighborhood that will allow them to have a larger living space and ...

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How to deal with noisy neighbors

After the move - September 26, 2023

Living in NYC can be rather noisy. With the endless construction, the sirens, the bars bustling outside, it can be ...

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Best Places to Eat in Brooklyn

After the move - September 19, 2023

So, you’ve just moved to Brooklyn! Congratulations! Moving to Brooklyn is an exciting adventure full of opportunities and new experiences. ...

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Where to Buy Used Furniture NYC

Uncategorized - September 15, 2023

Have you just moved into a new place? While it may be tempting to go to IKEA to furnish your ...

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NYC Buildings Permits

After the move - September 24, 2019

Renovating our apartment is something we all wish to do, at some point. Perhaps we want to take down a ...

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