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Our NYC commercial moving specialist can help you plan, organize and get things done efficiently

Our New York office movers have experience handling all kinds of office, business and commercial-related moves.

Some of the NYC business we’ve moved include:

  • Real Estate Offices
  • Daycare and Kindergarten Centers
  • Yoga Studios
  • Landscape and Architecture Firms
  • Art and Photography Studios
  • Law Offices
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Events and Trade Shows
  • And a variety of other small and medium sized businesses all over New York City

Our experienced commercial movers can handle your:

  • Computer equipment, CPU’s and computer monitors
  • Copy machines and servers
  • Office furniture – desks, shelving units, filing cabinets and cubicles
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Pool tables
  • Whisky distilleries and casks
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Staging furniture moving


If you are moving your office, commercial space, or equipment, our New York professional business and office movers are ready to serve you.  Our custom business/commercial moving services NYC begin with a free consultation with one of our highly qualified moving specialist. This professional representative will help you design and implement a successful move.

Once the job is scheduled, our friendly and dedicated dispatch becomes your main point of contact, starting with a text confirmation the day before the move. In the hour leading up to the move, a group text from dispatch links you with your driver and foreman. And for good measure, you’ll receive text check-ins throughout the moving process. Dispatch will be with you from the day before the move all the way up until our local movers Brooklyn have left – and after, should any follow-up be necessary. So, you’ll be in good hands every step of the way.

Our New York office movers have experience handling all kinds of office, business and commercial-related moves.

What can you expect from JP Urban Moving Brooklyn business and commercial services:

  • Commercial wrapping and packing – we’re very good at protecting your office property and supplies
  • Excellent communication – we are in contact with you before, during and after your move
  • High-quality work – our commercial movers Brooklyn are timely, professional, fast and efficient
  • Minimal business disruption – We adhere to deadlines, office hours, and elevator schedules
  • Planning and organization – experienced office movers New York that help you with proper labeling if needed
  • And we have trucks with lift gates and ramps – bigger size or smaller size truck, depending on your needs.

We are fully licensed and insured commercial movers Brooklyn, with A+ BBB Accreditation.  Contact us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable moving planners or get your free, no-obligation moving estimate by filling out our online form today!



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The process of relocating your office is a daunting one. As a businessperson, the prosperity of your business is your number one concern. However, what happens when, for one reason or another, you are forced to relocate your entire business, including your offices and your office personnel? How does that process affect the profit of your business? Well, if you act in a timely manner, there need not be any catastrophe in your horizon. If you call JP Urban Moving Brooklyn and hire our renowned commercial movers Brooklyn, you can go through a relocation process that is quick, efficient, and that will waste minimal time. Interested to know more?

Why hire us to handle your business relocation?

JP Urban Moving Brooklyn is a premier moving company that operates primarily in NYC. The fact that we were named Best Moving Company by New York Magazine only testifies to the fact that we are, indeed, the right option for your impending relocation. However, you need to know that the movers you opt for will be able to provide you with the best service. After all, you are entrusting them with not only your money but also with all of your possessions, as well. In this instance, you need to be sure that your commercial movers are capable enough to safely relocate all of your documents of importance. From our residential movers to our team of commercial movers, we have just what you need!

Our commercial movers Brooklyn are always punctual

In the business world, punctuality is one of the most important qualities. As a relocation professional, we make sure that our punctuality matches that of the biggest names in the business world. If we set 9 AM to be the hour of our arrival, you can rest assured that we will park in front of your office at 8.55 AM. Moreover, you needn’t worry whether our commercial movers Brooklyn will arrive with your belongings in due time! We respect both pick-up and delivery dates. With JP Urban Moving Brooklyn, quick and timely relocation is guaranteed!

We have the most capable team of movers

To a regular person, the job of a person employed in a moving company might seem simple. You would think that the physical strength is the only prerequisite for being a mover. However, that is just a stereotype, as the job of a mover is a stressful one.

  • Moving professionals must go through safety training in order to know how to carry out the moving process safely.
  • Commercial movers Brooklyn, in particular, must find the perfect balance between professionalism and a friendly approach to its customers.
  • For a job in the relocation industry, the experience a mover has is important. Only with experience can a person know the best way to handle every type of moving, be it long-distance or local relocation.

Why is knowing all of this important for you and for your office relocation? Well, it is important because you need to find a company that has all the qualities mentioned above. Guess what? JP Urban Moving Brooklyn has gone through a lot of trouble to ensure that every mover in our team has the aforementioned skills. Trust us when we tell you that you will have no complaints about the efficiency of our commercial moving team!

How can we make your relocation process simple?

For JP Urban Moving, your satisfaction is all that matters. Therefore, we will put in our best effort and attempt to make your office relocation as stress-free as possible. And, there are a few steps we will follow.

A relocation plan tailored to your needs

First and foremost, our main goal will be to assess the needs of your relocation. For every customer we have, we strive to make the best relocation plan. One that will suit your personal moving needs. Thus, we will begin by sitting down with you and noting down the details of your moving process. Once we do so, we will create the best plan to meet your specific needs.

Think about our expert moving services

While making a plan, we must take special moving services into consideration. Not only are they useful, but they also cost more. As we always give accurate moving quotes, knowing whether you need us to include any special moving services is important. Speaking of which, some of the moving services we offer include:

Before meeting with us, it is useful to have it cleared up in your mind which services you want to get. Go over your budget, and your needs, and make the best decision for your business and your employees.

We have all the tools

Simply put, our team of commercial movers Brooklyn has everything necessary for carrying out your relocation process. We have years of experience matched with the best equipment and the most versatile types of moving insurance. Seems like JP Urban Moving Brooklyn has it all! To get in touch with us, pick up your mobile phone, and dial our number. Once you get on the phone with our dispatcher, you will be further convinced that hiring us was the best decision!

Moving Services

We are responsive to online estimate requests, during which process questions are answered timely. Once a job is booked, you decide what level of valuation is appropriate for the move, after which all building issues are addressed, including issuance of Certificates of Insurance (COIs), deadlines, elevator windows, floor protection requirements, etc. Finally, the move is put on our schedule.

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What Happy Customers Say

We are so happy we chose JP Urban Moving for our office move. We were asking a lot of our movers, as we needed to move heavy metal file cabinets (full to the brim) and well as lots of other heavy equipment/shelving, etc. from one storage unit to another. These guys were total experts - super organized, very cautious with our fragile items, incredibly hard working, and they still had great attitudes and smiles at the end of a very long day. Couldn't have done a better job. Endless thanks to Axel and his team!

- Anders O. / Brooklyn, NY

I can't say enough good things about these guys. They showed up on time and moved our entire office in less than five hours. During the move, the managers stayed in constant touch with us making sure everything was going along smoothly. I was especially impressed with both their meticulous bubble wrapping and efficiency. It's sometimes hard to find high good service in New York City and their unique level of high quality professionalism isn't lost on me.

- Daniel F. / New York, NY

Not only did I choose to relocate to South Jersey, but I had my home AND a full/separate office to move. I contacted about 15 different companies and they were all a total unethical nightmare. I was starting to despair until I did yet another YELP search and found this company. And I echo every wonderful report that has been offered!

- Sandra C. Chapel Hill, NC

Yes, they are extremely careful; Yes their estimates are really accurate; YES they are super-efficient. I could go on and on … In addition, I'm fairly OCD and John stayed in touch the whole time, connecting and coordinating every detail, which I have to say was so appreciated. I was juggling an awful amount of details (and during the holidays!) so his commitment to excellence gets 20 out of 5 stars for sure!

- Sandra C. Chapel Hill, NC

What do we bring with us?

Packing tape


Mattress bags


Packing supplies

Boxes, plastic wrap,


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