Antique Movers NYC

When it comes to moving antiques, one misstep can cause serious damage to the value and integrity of the piece. While it is certainly possible to move your antiques on your own, hiring professional antique movers NYC can be your safest bet to ensure a seamless relocation process.

JP Urban Moving provides cost-effective and secure antique moving services for all your prized and precious belongings. From custom crating to cushioning, our professional art movers handle your antiques with extra caution and care.


Why Choose JP Urban Moving as your antique furniture movers?

Our full-service antique moving crews are rife with the knowledge and specialized training needed to safely move fine art, antique furniture and delicate porcelain. Our movers employ meticulous attention and skill to ensure that your rare antique pieces do not lose any of their value.

We know first hand that fine art and antiques can be incredibly difficult, costly, and potentially impossible to repair. That’s why our antique moving services follow a comprehensive set of protocols and safety measures to ensure that each piece remains intact throughout the move.

We offer:

  • Full packing and unpacking services using special packing supplies;
  • Custom crating and uncrating (correct dimensions subject to item size);
  • Local and long-distance transportation;
  • Temporary and long-term storage with pickups and deliveries.

Our expert antique furniture movers are the best in the business thanks to:

  • Years of Professional Experience. Over the past decade and a half, our antique moving company has perfected a secure shipping process for valuable goods.
  • Precise Attention to Detail. We carefully label and store components so your antiques can be reassembled without missing parts.
  • Meticulous Planning. Our efficient logistics team ensures your belongings are moved carefully and quickly into their new space.
  • Cost-Efficiency. Our services are competitively priced with your unique antique needs in mind. To save additional money on your move, we can move your antiques as part of a bigger move.

Whether you are moving across the country or just a few blocks away, count on our highly-trained and experienced crews to deliver your valuable belongings to the intended destination in their original condition.


The Most Advanced Materials and Methods For Antique Moving

JP Urban Moving invests in high quality materials and failproof methods so that your valuables are properly protected during every stage of the relocation process. As a result, we have earned the trust of some of the most discerning collectors and institutions in the city and country. To guarantee that your cherished possessions arrive at their new home in pristine condition, we use the following materials for art and antique moving:

  • Glassine Paper

Glassine Paper is a type of acid-free paper that’s often used to wrap collectibles and other delicate items. Glassine Paper helps protect the surface of your antiques from scratches and other damage.

  • Corner Protectors

To prevent damage to your antiques and/or your walls, we put cardboard and foam onto the corners of your furniture to cushion them against potential impact.

  • Picture Boxes or Telescoping Boxes (Cardboard)

We use sturdy cardboard boxes that are specifically designed for moving pictures and paintings. They’re a great way to keep your artwork safe during a move.

  • Padded Moving Blankets

When moving antiques, we use padded moving blankets to wrap and protect large pieces of furniture from scratches or bumps. We also use moving blankets as an additional barrier to protect your walls and floors.

  • Wooden Crates

To keep antiques and other fragile items safe during a move, we craft custom wooden crates to act as a protective shell. These crates are built according to the exact dimensions of any piece of furniture or art.

  • Furniture Dollies

Last, but not least, we use sturdy and stable furniture dollies to move heavy pieces of furniture without damaging the floor.


Antique and Vintage Furniture Movers NYC

Eliminate any potential risks associated with moving antiques and vintage furniture by hiring JP Urban Moving, a licensed and fully-insured specialty moving company. We have a well-trained team of experts versed in the nuances of handling delicate, unique, and high-value items that include a wide range of art and furniture pieces:

  • Paintings

When transporting paintings and delicate fine art, we pad and cushion each item into custom wooden crates. Our movers package everything tightly using top quality materials to guarantee safe transportation and exceptional care throughout all steps of the moving process.

  • Oriental Rugs

First, we thoroughly inspect all rugs before we roll them up, to ensure they won’t crack or rip in transit. Then, we secure all rugs in protective plastic to safeguard against damage.

  • Antique Pianos

Moving antique pianos involves serious skill and professional moving equipment. At JP Urban Moving, we use a range of covers, straps, and trolleys that, combined with our crew’s expertise, allow us to move antique pianos up or down a flight of stairs and even over balconies with ease.

  • Sculptures

We provide in-house custom crating services to accommodate the weight, size, and unique physical properties of sculptures. Our robust crates ensure the safety and stability of these fragile artworks during transit.

  • Antique Furniture Moving

If our team deems it necessary, we will carefully disassemble and reassemble furniture before wrapping, boxing, or crating. With over a decade of moving experience, we provide the most secure solutions uniquely tailored to every item of furniture.

  • Other Fine Art & Antique Items

JP Urban Moving arrives at your doorstep with the tools, supplies, and attention to detail needed to get your antiques safely moved into your new home.


Contact us today for your vintage item relocation!


COI (Certificate of Insurance)

If you’re moving in or out of an apartment building, your building may require your moving company to submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) before the movers can even step inside it.

COI legacy protects buildings in case of any damages. Often, a building’s management team may require documentation and proof of insurance to ensure moving company is properly covered.

The COI is included in our rates and all you have to do is send us a sample/COI request from the building’s management.


Hire Antique Movers Near You

Our antiques movers serve the following locations:

Brooklyn Manhattan Bronx Westchester Queens Tri State East Coast New Jersey Connecticut Florida

Our Antique Moving Process

  • Moving Estimate

First, we identify your belongings’ unique handling needs and then provide upfront and transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Our estimate considers the appropriate method of handling and packing, as well as the size of the team needed for hauling your belongings to their new destination.

  • Planning

An assigned project manager will assess the specific requirements of your move to plan a seamless relocation. Narrow or awkward spaces influence whether large antique items need to be disassembled and reassembled, and the size of the crew required. Our careful planning ensures there are no unnecessary delays.

  • Packing and Transportation

When it comes to antique moving, we use premium packing materials to secure and cushion antiques and specialty items in custom boxes and crates. From packing to pick up to drop off, our fine art movers ensure your prized possessions are given the care they deserve.


Fine Art, Antique & Piano Movers

Our skilled team of movers are not only experts at moving antiques and fine art, but are also virtuosos when it comes to moving all kinds of pianos. From Uprights to Grand Pianos, we are able to move any type of piano with professionalism and ease. We know firsthand how valuable instruments can be and treat every item with unparalleled care and respect to ensure that your piano arrives at your new home, intact.

We offer piano moving and fine art moving services in NYC and throughout the East Coast.


Make Space With Our Flexible Short and Long Term Storage

All your possessions are valuable and we understand that. To keep them safe, our partner ExtraSpace provides a safe & convenient storage solution that includes climate control, video security, fire sprinklers for safety, customer storage insurance, and computer-controlled entry.

Extra Space solutions deal with both long term and short term depositing. To us, it doesn’t matter if you want to keep your belongings in the warehouse for a month or a day. Our storage partners will provide you with excellent service regardless of the size of the storage unit and length of the storage term.

No need to worry about where to store your stuff once your apartment is all cleaned out, Extra Space is here to help! Their modern warehouses will help you keep your belongings safe for however long you want.

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Moving Antique Furniture NYC?

JP Urban Moving is a professional antique moving company that provides local and long distance moving services. If you are considering a move in the near future, do not hesitate to reach out to our team and request a free quote. Though we can handle last minute jobs, we suggest booking movers at least 1 month before your desired moving day. That way you will have enough time to do some research and find the movers that suit you best.