How to move during bad weather

Before The Move - November 27, 2021

It’s no secret that bad weather can affect our mood and wellbeing. However, bad weather can also seriously disrupt our lives, especially if we are planning a move. The moving process can be strenuous as it is, which is why we should try and avoid moving in bad weather. However, there are some situations where it is not possible to reschedule or postpone the move. If a circumstance arises where you really can’t avoid bad weather, we have prepared a short guide to help you come moving day. Below, you can find some info about how to move during bad weather!

How to avoid moving in bad weather?

Unfortunately, we all know that the weather can be pretty unpredictable. The forecast could say it is going to be great or optimal weather, but that could change in a few hours, let alone days. Nevertheless, there are some periods over the year, when the possibility of bad weather is greater than some other periods.

avoid moving in bad weather - rain in the city
Sometimes you can adjust to bad weather, and other times you might need to postpone moving.

A serious moving company like JP Urban is aware that most moves take place over the summer. While the summer months can be rainy, you generally have better odds when it comes to the weather. So, in order to try to avoid moving in bad weather, plan to move from May to October. Depending on where you live, you should check the weather forecast to see the general weather patterns in the area.

What are your options if you can’t avoid moving in bad weather?

What should you do if it is absolutely necessary for you to move on a specific day?

If it is not possible to postpone the move, then your movers should make you feel confident that you are in good hands. Most reliable residential or commercial movers will know when it is possible to do the job. They will take all the necessary precautions in order to protect your belongings from bad weather particularly in the event of:

  • light or heavy rain,
  • snow and blizzard,
  • probable storms,
  • heavy sunshine.

If you can’t avoid moving in bad weather, you should make sure to do everything you can to protect yourself, your belongings and everyone around you.

Light or heavy rain

Unlike rain on your wedding day, rain on your moving day does not equal catastrophe! Whether you are hiring local or long distance movers, your movers will tell you that a bit of rain is no big deal.  Moving boxes are actually sturdy enough to handle light rain, so your stuff inside will stay dry. As long as you don’t keep boxes outside for a long time, of course.

Make sure to avoid putting boxes directly on the ground, because of the puddles and the moisture.

rainy day in nyc - moving in the rain
If there is a case of light rain, you can proceed with moving as planned.

You can protect your belongings by quickly carrying the boxes to the truck and then wiping them off. You can also use moving blankets or plastic bags. Although light rain is not a reason to avoid moving in bad weather, you should still take special care of your electronic devices and appliances. See if you can opt for waterproof moving crates. If not, use additional plastic wrap, tarps or rubber padding for added protection against the rain.

However, in the case of heavy rain, there are two options. First, talk to your moving company to see if you could start loading the truck before the rain starts (if the forecast predicts rain). Or, ask the movers if they can show up after the downpour.  If changing the hour of the move is not possible, make sure to have enough packing materials to cover all of your belongings. Umbrellas are not a bad idea if you want to protect your stuff, especially valuable items. See if you can park the truck in an area that is covered.

Snow and blizzard

Snow isn’t as dangerous to your belongings as the rain. However, indirectly snow can be a huge moving hazard. Since snow is bound to be slippery, there is a high risk of tripping, falling, hurting, and damaging your stuff. If it’s not snowing too badly, you can clear out the driveway and walkways. But make sure to put a lot of salt on the ground in order to avoid slips and falls.

A car in the snow
Blizzards could easily paralyze the whole city.

If there is a blizzard, perhaps you should avoid moving until it passes. A blizzard can create difficulties when it comes to loading and unloading your furniture. A blizzard can also result in dangerous driving conditions and delays, so it is often better to postpone your move and stay off the road.

However, if you have no choice but to proceed with your move, talk to your moving company. They will probably offer you a storage service to help you. That way you can vacate the residence but can avoid moving until the blizzard clears.

Probable storms

Here we are not talking about the usual summer storms that come and go in one hour. We are talking about more serious storms. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, heavy gusts of wind, and rain.

new york thunderstorm
Thunderstorms can be extremely dangerous for people and personal belongings

If you hear on the weather forecast, that there is a hurricane coming, you should postpone your move. In fact, the moving company will most likely inform you that move will be canceled until the weather improves. Nobody wants to risk injuries and damages to their moving staff or your belongings.

Heavy sunshine

Believe it or not, even heavy sunshine can cause problems while moving. Although this is not the situation where you have to avoid moving in bad weather, you should still prepare properly. First of all, start your day early. Try to do as much as possible before the sun is the strongest. Make sure to avoid leaving your stuff directly in the sunlight, and find some shade if possible. Also, use packing blankets to decrease the overheating of your electronic devices and appliances. And, don’t forget to prepare lots of water and refreshing beverages for you, your family and the workers from a moving company. Excessive heat can be dangerous if you are unprepared! There are risks of heat stroke and dehydration.

Ready to move?

Planning a move is a big and demanding process, even without inclement weather as a factor. Moving can be dangerous and unpredictable, which is why we recommend hiring professionals who know what they are doing. If you are planning a move in the NYC metro area, reach out to our team and request a free quote. 

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