How To Make Moving With Kids Easy

Family Guides - November 14, 2021

Moving to a new house can put a lot of strain on family routines and day-to-day relationships. While it is not extremely stressful for every family, it is still a time-consuming task that takes away from everyday communication for a while. Although your kids don’t have to worry about relocating paperwork, budgeting, or paying the mortgage, they can feel overwhelmed and uprooted. Kids usually feel powerless during the process of moving. The feeling of powerlessness originates from the fact they usually don’t part take in the decision of changing homes. So if you involve them in as many other aspects of the move, you’ll be able to ease the stress and make moving with kids easy. Just follow our simple steps.

Tell your kids that you are moving as soon as you decide

If you want to make moving with kids easy, tell them about the move as soon as possible. Especially if you are a single parent moving. Your kid will be your partner through this life change. That way they can emotionally prepare themselves for the change. If you don’t know how to explain the transition to your kids, describe it as a fun adventure or even a game. Well, it is kind of what it is, so tell them the whole story about this journey you are going on together. Explain to them how excited you are about a new job or facts about your new neighborhood. Help them understand that you’re happy to start this new adventure together.

Moving with kids
Everyone fears what they don’t know or don’t understand. Together moving can become a great adventure.

Let your kids know what to expect

  • When you’re looking at homes and making this life-changing decision, it’s easy to forget to take your kids with you on that adventure. Wouldn’t you refuse to move into a place you’d never seen before? Wouldn’t you say it’s scary and unwise? Well, that is how your kids feel even though they can’t phrase it like that. 
  • House-hunt together if possible. Make moving with kids easy by preparing your children for the transition. Take them with you so that they can see some houses with you. If you’re conducting an online search, show your favorites to your kids and ask them which ones they like.
  • If the prospective house is far away, take pictures of it and show them to your kids. Then talk to them about all the things they will be able to experience in their new neighborhood. This will make moving with kids easy and fun rather than scary. It’s because they will be mentally prepared and excited before the relocation.

Stay on track with your family routines

Never lose sight of your kids’ routines even though a move is hectic. Straying from a steady routine simply adds to stress and uncertainty. If you go for a walk every day at a certain time, keep that habit no matter how busy or distracted you get while planning a move. If they are used to getting your help with homework, keep helping them, and don’t skip a day. Holding fast to routines help kids feel protected. They thrive if you can keep the rhythms of everyday life.

Make time for goodbyes to make moving with kids easy

Goodbyes are hard, but you mustn’t avoid them. A lot of people shy away from saying goodbye and regret it later. Goodbyes are a crucial part of moving because they give a sense of closure for both kids and adults. On the last day of school, your kids can say goodbye to their teachers and friends by bringing a cake to school or making a similar kind of goodbye gesture.

Mother and daughter walking through neighborhood
Set aside the last week of packing to say goodbye to your home.

Drive them around the neighborhood on your last day so they can wave bye to friends and neighbors. You can all walk through the house and say farewell to each room as well. It is beneficial to the adults as much as it is for the kids. Is moving with kids easy as you want it to be? Maybe not, but if you use these occasions to create a memory book that your kids can fill with photos of their old room and dear friends, it can get a bit easier.

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