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Moving guides - April 23, 2020

Looking for reliable NYC Movers during the COVID-19 pandemic? Not all NYC moving companies offer the same safety procedures and levels of protection. Our number one priority is putting your health and safety first while providing you with the best possible moving service. Learn more about our Safety Moving Procedures for COVID-19.

We know that these are challenging times to navigate. However, as we continue to operate, we are constantly improving and modifying our process to serve your needs best. In addition to social distancing moves, we have been performing no-contact moves, including no-contact packing & unpacking with much success. 

What makes no contact moves so great? If for some reason you can’t be present for your move, there is no compromise on the quality of service you will receive. We’ll go the extra mile to meet your needs and keep you safe. You can send us photos, videos, floor plans, hand-drawn images, and instructions necessary for your job. In essence, we’ll work with any information you have. You can also send us your keys or arrange access to your space, and we’ll handle the rest. And finally, if we have any questions during the move, we will contact you via phone or video to discuss. 

No Contact Moves – A Safe and Stress-free Moving Experience

Because no contact moves require a higher level of service and attention to details, you’ll find working with us to be easy, convenient, and stress-free. We can conduct video walkthroughs to evaluate your home and offer full-service moving with packing, unpacking, disassembly, reassembly, and disposal as needed. Our experience has shown that contactless moves works really well for both the customers and the movers and helps keep everyone safe. Here’s what a recent customer had to say:

My partner and I found ourselves stuck outside the country and needing to pack and move our entire apartment into storage in a little over a month, thanks to COVID-19. We were completely overwhelmed, but after seeing all the great reviews for JP Urban, we decided to get an estimate, which was emailed to us quickly, courteously, and proved to be extremely affordable. We were absolutely sure that it was going to be a nightmare to try to move out of our Brooklyn apartment during this crisis, but JP Urban made the process completely stress free. Thanks for everything JP Urban!


As a small business, we can give personalized attention to your job, and oversee all the necessary details for your move. 

Our team works closely with you every step of the way. We take the time to get to know your job and provide you with a customized quote for the most efficient and cost-effective move

Our crews are super experienced and seriously some of the best NYC movers you’ll meet! Every crew consists of highly-trained movers who have been working together for a long time. They can easily tackle assembly, disassembly, packing, unpacking, piano moves and other specialized moving jobs. 

We are COVID-19 prepared therefore our movers wear gloves and masks on every job, and booties upon requests. Learn more about all our Safety Moving Procedures for COVID-19.

You’ll have a dedicated dispatcher on the day of the move coordinating the efforts and keeping in touch along the way to ensure all the moving parts go well. 

We are accessible by phone, text, or email to answer your questions along the way. You’ll interact with a real person who cares – your moving matters. 

Quality service is at the heart of what we do:

Because we’re a small NYC moving company, it allows us to take an even more personalized, detailed oriented approach to our work. Thanks to our fantastic team and some of the best NYC movers, drivers, and foremen on the front lines, we can continue to provide you with quality service, excellent care, and stress-free moving experience. 

Ready to get moving? Start by filling out this 1-minute form, and let us know your basic information, and we’ll take it from there.


If you are planning to do any personal travel during this time, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with information about the areas where infection rates are high, and the chance for transmission is risky. You can find information on the CDC’s Coronavirus Disease Travel Page HERE

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