Reasons for moving to Brooklyn

Best places to live in - March 10, 2020

Are all of your friends moving to Brooklyn?  Are you trying to decide if Brooklyn life is for you? For those who find themselves looking to shake things up and get out of the chaos of the city, why not try Brooklyn?

  1. You can see the sky (and the skyline!)

Much of Brooklyn is filled with 2-3 story homes, which means not only do you get a view of the sky, but you can also see the NYC skyline. Moreover, in Brooklyn, you also get better sunlight in your apartments since there aren’t huge skyscrapers blocking the sun. Also, living in a small brownstone usually means you have rooftop access which is especially nice during the summer. Depending on where you live in Brooklyn, you can hang out with wine and watch the sunset over the NYC skyline.

       2. Breweries

There are lots of fun activities throughout Brooklyn, including visiting the dozens of local breweries housed in BK. Local Breweries can be a fun weekend activity or place to go for a birthday. We suggest checking out Other Half, Folksbier KCBC, Threes Brewing and so on. Head there to taste of some of their delicious craft beers. If you don’t like Beer, try the Brooklyn Cider house!

      3. Local businesses

Manhattan retail prices have gotten out of hand, which means that a lot of local Manhattan businesses have trouble staying open. Lots of areas of Manhattan have turned into streets full of empty retail or chains like Sweetgreen. Brooklyn, on the other hand, has hundreds of locally owned coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Neighborhoods like Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill are known to have a bunch of old school businesses still open. These areas you can find Italian butchers and even CD stores, for nostalgia’s sake.

        4. Waterfront

Brooklyn, like Manhattan, is surrounded by water! This means that there are plenty of beautiful waterfront places to enjoy. In the summer you can go Kayaking at Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse. Waterfront views can be enjoyed in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Red Hook, and other neighborhoods that surround the Belt Parkway.

       5. Close to the beach

Summer is coming, which means plenty of weekend trips to the beach. Many of New York’s famous beaches (Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Rockaway Beach, Jacob Riis) are easy to get to from Brooklyn. Some can be only a 30 min train ride away!

         6. Can be cheaper

Brooklyn is a rather big borough which means that prices can be all over the map. Obviously some parts of Brooklyn like DUMBO can be quite expensive, but neighborhoods like Bushwick and Williamsburg can be affordable if you are savvy!

        7. More Pleasant and laid-back

Life in Brooklyn is rather pleasant. Unlike central Manhattan, where the energy is to go, go, go, the energy in Brooklyn is a little more relaxed and family-oriented. Lots of people in Brooklyn have outdoor spaces (whether that be rooftops, or porches!). Moreover, there are beautiful parks like Prospect Park which can be really pleasant.

        8. Strong sense of community 

Brooklyn has a reputation of being more neighborly than Manhattan. There are many cute local happenings that help foster a more community feel. For instance, there are many farmer’s and community markets that exist like the P.S 321 Flea Market and the Brooklyn Flea. Moreover, there are many food co-ops throughout Brooklyn that create a more community-oriented grocery experience.

How to move to Brooklyn?

  1. Either sublet an apartment, or sign a lease. A good place for finding apartments in NYC is Streeteasy and Zumper.
  2. Hire a local Brooklyn moving company! There are plenty of established and reliable Brooklyn movers that will help you get to Brooklyn!

Many dream of moving to Manhattan, but if we’re being honest, moving to Brooklyn can be far more rewarding and enjoyable.

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