Choosing The Best Brooklyn Moving Company

Moving guides - January 15, 2020

Everyone dreads moving, but it doesn’t have to be so bad. There are hundreds of reputable moving companies throughout Brooklyn who are incredible at what they do– but not every Brooklyn moving company is the same. Some of them are large and offer nation-wide services to move you across the country. They have many employees and large truck fleets, and are moving hundreds of people a day. Some are far more local, owned by families and are better equipped for doing local, more affordable moves. When using a local mover, you are far more likely to speak with the owner and ensure a well-coordinated move.

Whichever route you choose — finding a good moving company can be crucial to achieving the next step in your life. Here are some tips for finding the best Brooklyn moving company.

Brooklyn Movers
One of our movers transporting re-usable crates

     1. Check reviews

Nowadays, reviews are everywhere. From Yelp, to Google, to Better Business Bureau, there are plenty of resources available to research moving companies and understand which one fits your needs. Other sources for reviewing include Angie’s List and to see what companies they endorse.

     2. Ask for a quote

Moving can be costly. Be sure to ask for a quote before you hire a company to make sure that the move will be in your budget. Be specific with the details of your move and be sure to remember to include a tip in the estimate they give you.

     3. See how responsive they are

A good moving company will be responsive to your needs and be highly competent with communication. Moving can be troublesome, that’s why it’s crucial to make sure that everything goes smoothly and you feel at ease. Some companies will even do a walk-through before the move to verify the needs of the move. If you feel like you are getting a good response from them, choose them!

     4. See how sustainable they are

These days everyone is trying to contribute less waste! Check to see if your moving company has any green-conscious programs. For instance, JP Urban Moving uses crates instead of boxes which is not only sustainable but also convenient because you don’t have to build or break down boxes for the move. 

So, if you are planning a move to or from Brooklyn, or even within Brooklyn, look into these tips when selecting a Brooklyn moving company. It’ll be worth your while to ensure a smooth and efficient move!


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